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    Portugal is a country of many riches – be it the breathtaking scenery, the exotic beaches or the rich culture of the people. There are cities like Lisbon and Aveiro, where you can sunbathe on their golden beaches or indulge in some traditional wine drinking, but not many people actually tend to explore Portugal beyond the mainland. Waiting beyond the mainland is a number of stunningly beautiful Portuguese islands, each one unique in its own way, but all equally amazing. We’ve made a list of the list of islands of Portugal that need to be on your itinerary when you plan to visit Portugal.

    Top 10 Portuguese Islands

    Move beyond the Portugal mainland. Make sure you also check out these heavenly islands nearby to fully explore this unmatched paradise in Europe. The weather at Portuguese islands is tropical throughout the year, so make the most of your time:

    1. Sao Miguel Island

    Sao Miguel Island

    Image Source

    This island is a part of the popular group of Azores Portuguese islands and the largest one of all the islands of this group. This island is known for its volcanic calderas, and the abundance of mineral hot springs, a perfect place to relax in after a long tiring day of sightseeing. This island is also known for its whale and dolphin watching tours which are easily available at any of the beaches. Portuguese island in Mozambique are known for their amazing sights.

    Location: Azores
    How to get there: João Paulo II Airport

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    2. Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

    Image Source

    This Portuguese island in Mozambique has the driest and favorable weather for tourists. It rarely gets too hot or too cold, therefore making for the perfect environment to relax by the shore. Overall this is one of the most culturally dynamic islands in all of Portugal, where you can indulge in some water sports activities like surfing, boating, and much more. This is one of the largest Portuguese islands off the coast of Africa, and Santiago, located in the capital city, Praia, is said to be the best island in this region. Make sure to drop by here to pursue adrenaline-inducing adventure activities.

    Location: Praia
    How to get there: There are plenty of domestic and international airports in Cape Verde.

    3. Ilha De Armona

    Ilha de Armona

    Image Source

    For those visiting the Algarve region and looking for a more secluded Portuguese island in Mozambique far away from the tourist chaos, head over to the Armona Island. It’s located not far off from the coast and is completely free from cars, people, and all in all feels like a different world altogether. Apart from the pleasantly warm sun and the crystal blue waters, Armona also offers some exemplary architecture on its streets, which only adds to the charm of this island. Book a trip to lha De Armona with your beau for some downtime.

    Location: Algarve
    How to get there: Ferry from Algarve

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    4. Madeira Island

    Madeira Island

    Image Source

    This island is definitely one of the most popular and sought after Portuguese islands in the North Atlantic region by tourists, and has millions of visitors every year. It’s also blessed with probably the most pleasant weather of the Portuguese islands. Unlike other islands, the Madeira island has not only beaches but also lush green dense forests that you can explore for hours. Apart from all these great things about the island, you can do some other exciting activities on this island like horse riding, kayaking, golf, paragliding and fishing. Portuguese islands holidays will remain incomplete if you don’t cross this place off you list, so make you sure you do that.

    Location: Madeira
    How to get there: Madeira Airport

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    5. Pico


    Image Source

    The Pico island is famous for the volcano after which the island takes its name, and if you are thinking of holidays in Portuguese islands you definitely can’t miss out on this gem of a place. Ponta do Pico, the highest mountain in Portugal is the main point of attraction that can be seen from any point of the island. One of the best activities to do on this island during Portuguese islands holidays is hiking along the summit, which would make a day’s trip, and one of the most popular things done by tourists who visit this region.

    Location: Azores
    How to get there: Pico Airport

    6. Flores


    Image Source

    You’ll be amazed at the spectacular beauty of this island among all the Portuguese islands, the name of which translates to ‘flower’. The beauty of the nature of this island is so treasured, by the locals and the tourists, that it has been declared as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 2009. The beauty of this island lies in the many volcanic craters, which have been turned naturally into lakes, the green mountain sides, and the abundance of beautiful flowers on this island. Make sure to stop by here for some Instagram worthy shots.

    Location: Azores Platform
    How to get there: Flores Airport

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    7. Ilha Da Tavira

    Ilha da Tavira

    Image Source

    This is one of those Portuguese islands in the Atlantic that is perfect to visit for a day trip, among the many other places in Europe. The weather is very pleasant, and on the warmer days, the beach gets more crowded, and you have to go further if you want to find a secluded spot. The best part of this island is the many restaurants and cafes serving delicious fresh seafood and chilled mugs of beer, and the many water sports activities available at the beach. Make your Portuguese islands holidays memorable.

    Location: Tavira
    How to get there: Boat from Tavira

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    8. Terceira Island

    Terceira Island

    Image Source

    The third largest of the Azores groups of islands may not be the most developed of agriculturally advanced ones, but the beauty of it lies in the beautiful outdoor sights and activities, as well as the warmth and hospitality of the local people. This island is even home to an island known as the Castelo de São João Batista, which was once where the Portuguese fought against the Spanish. When on this island, don’t miss out on tasting a glass of green wine, a local specialty. You’ll be amazed at how fresh it is.

    Location: Azores Platform
    How to get there: Lajes Airport

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    9. Porto Santo Island

    Porto Santo Island

    Image Source

    This island, located north of Madeira, boasts of some of the best beaches in Portugal, covering a stretch of 4 miles of sandy white shores. Apart from the sandy beaches, this island is also known for its many historic landmarks such as the former house of the great explorer Christopher Columbus, a 15th century Matriz Church, the 16th-century Paços do Concelho and a town hall. Golfing and hiking are two other popular time pass activities on this island. You’ll be amazed by the plethora of avenues for entertainment here.

    Location: Madeira
    How to get there: Porto Santo Airport

    10. Faial Island

    Faial Island

    Image Source

    Otherwise known as the ‘Blue island’, this gorgeous island lies in the center of the Azores group of islands and has three main attractions for tourists to see: the sandy white beach shores, the magical volcanic craters, and the town of Horta. Some of the best activities on this island include exploring the Caldeira do Faial, relishing the delicious local cuisine, and watching the ships sail from a distance. Why would you want to miss that?

    Location: Azores Platform
    How to get there: Horta Airport

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    Now that you know all about the best Portuguese islands, it’s time to pack your swimsuits and sunscreen and book your tickets for your next vacation to Portugal. Contact us at Travel Triangle and let us plan your dream vacation for you in the best way possible. Make the most of the weather at Portuguese islands now!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Portuguese Islands

    Q. What are the islands off Portugal called?

    A. The islands off Portugal are Madeira Islands. They are 360 miles off the coast of north Africa. They are a cluster of islands but only two, Madeira and Porto Santo, are inhabited by humans.

    Q. Do you need a visa for Portuguese islands?

    A. Yes, you need a visa for Portuguese islands.

    Q. Which Island has the highest point of Portugal?

    A. Mount Pico (2351 m) at Pico Island is the highest point of Portugal.

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