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Move over the cliched ‘eat healthy’, ‘exercise more’, ‘help the needy’ kind of new year resolutions that you’ll not stick to anyway. Turn the tide this year and strive for more meaningful, realistic, and enjoyable travel resolutions to make for 2023 that will let you explore and experience the world like never before.

This year, don’t just dream it, discover it.

Abide By These Travel Resolutions To Make For 2023

Every year we list down 50 new places and experiences on our bucket list, but end up fulfilling only 5 of them by the end of the year. Not anymore! Pledge by the following travel resolutions to make sure you have a fun-packed year unlike any you’ve ever had before!

1. Less Social Media, More Socialising

travel resolutions for 2018: Less Social Media, More Socialising

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“First, lemme take a selfie”. Well, don’t. In fact, try and leave your phone back in the hotel room if possible. Travel because you want to, and not so that you can appear cool on social media and tell the world you’re a ‘traveler’! You Facebook check-ins, Snapchat stories, and Instagram feeds can wait. More often than not, people are so lost in their gadgets and technology while holidaying that they end up seeing them only through gadget screens, and not with their own eyes.

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2. Map Over Itinerary

travel resolutions for 2018: Carry A Map Instead Of An Itinerary

Probably the best travel resolutions to make for 2023 will be to travel more than you did last year. And when you do, don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track. Make spontaneous plans and go where the road takes you. Challenge yourself to go off road and you’ll be surprised by the amount of courage you possess and the myriad things you’ll discover about the world. It may seem scary to venture into the unknown, but trust me, you’ll be just fine!

3. No More A ‘Strike-Off-The-List’ Tourist

travel resolutions for 2018: Be Less Of A ‘Strike-Off-The-List’ Tourist

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Don’t travel like it’s a project. Holidaying has to be a fun affair where you’re not running from one tourist attraction to another. What’s the use of a vacation that tires you out more than your job does? As Deepika Padukone put in our favourite Bollywood flick ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, no matter how hard you try you’ll definitely end up missing something or the other in life. So, make the most of where you are and live in the moment!

4. Trying New Things And Experiences

travel resolutions for 2018: Try New Things And Experiences

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It’s no use going to a foreign land and looking only for Indian food and Indian supermarkets. Get a taste of the culture, cuisines, and local experiences like festivals and social gatherings. Explore those crowded flea markets than fancy shopping malls. Eat at roadside cafes than lavish restaurants. Dive into the nightlife, or rise before the sun to witness its beauty in a different corner of the world.

5. Less Hotels, More Hostels

travel resolutions for 2018: Less Hotels, More Hostels

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Hostels will give you double the experience of the destination in less than half the price. With new ones cropping up in almost every city across the world, finding a good one in your dream destination won’t be a problem. This will allow you not just to experience the place fully and save money, but also meet people from different countries, nationalities, religions, and walks of life. Hostels are a blessing for solo travelers and group vacationers alike.

6. Getting Travel Insurance

travel resolutions for 2018: Get Travel Insurance

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Action-packed gigs like skydiving, cliff jumping, skiing, rock climbing, paragliding, and scuba diving are taking over the travel scene like anything. With such adventure oriented travel becoming more popular, it is imperative to get your travel insurance in place. Depending on the company, your travel insurance shall cover flight cancellations, damage or loss of baggage and personal items, emergency medical needs, and even accidental death and dismemberment. A good travel insurance will account for only 5% of your ticket price, which is a very small price to pay for your safety while on the road.

7. Blending In With The Locals

travel resolutions for 2018: Blend In With The Locals

Travelers are usually skeptical of meeting new people in a foreign land. “What if he’s a thug?” “What if he robs me?” “What if he’s not friendly?” Get over your assumptions on what people might be. Instead, take a step forward and find out! You’ll be surprised as to how friendly and welcoming people can be in other parts of the world. Got invited to a party or dinner? Don’t hesitate to join in!

8. More Road Trips

Car ride on the extensive motorway and widespread coastal roads of Mauritius

Road trips are a great way of exploring not just the destination you plan to visit, but all the ones falling in between. Though more time consuming, road journeys are a more enjoyable way of travel than flights and trains. It lets you explore more places en route, meet new people, bond with your friends and family, experience the changing landscapes, and the best part – go wherever you want to go!

9. Making Use Of Long Weekends

travel resolutions for 2018: Make Use Of All Long Weekends

Short of leaves and holidays for long vacations? No worries. There are plenty of long weekends in 2023 that you can use to head out. Explore nearby places and witness how different cities and states celebrate major festivals. Short getaways are the best way to refresh yourselves and charge up your energy.

10. Traveling Responsibly

travel resolutions for 2018: Travel Responsibly

The reason many beach destinations are now being tagged as ‘polluted’ is only because of us travelers. We take home happy memories and pretty souvenirs and leave behind a pile of broken bottles and plastic bags for others to cut themselves over. This year, say no to polluting the destination you’re visiting, and stick to local laws enforced to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.


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With these travel resolutions to make for 2023, you’re guaranteed to turn this year around and explore more of this world than you ever did! So, take a pledge to abide by these and kickstart this year with some frenzy and a lot of fun! Know of any more travel resolutions for 2023? Pop them in the comments below.

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