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Prague is the cultural capital of the Czech Republic and it is known for the various historic monumental buildings it houses. But, there is much more to Prague than just this. It has become a popular destination for partying with friends in the past few years. Bachelor parties in Prague offer everything for a wholesome party experience with friends. Listed below are a few things the bachelor party groups can indulge in for a Prague trip.

Let’s plan your bachelor parties in Prague

The bachelor parties in Prague are best enjoyed during the winter months that fall between October and February, as moving around the city is a lot easier and comfortable. During summers it becomes quite difficult to carry out many activities as the hot atmosphere makes it really uncomfortable. The list of things to do during a bachelor party in Prague is endless as there a number of varied and exciting opportunities which this city offers for the young crowd:

1. Prague: Take A Guided Night Club Crawl

Take A Guided Night Club Crawl

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When one plans for a bachelor party in the Prague Czech Republic, they are surely going to want to enjoy the varied nightclubs of the city. If new, the whole bachelor party group may not know which are the best bars and nightclubs around and the fastest ways to reach these places and other such information. In such a case, a guided nightclub crawl comes to the rescue. In this guided tour, the whole bachelor party group will be taken to the bars by a charming guide.

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2. Prague: Take A Beer Bike Tour

Take A Beer Bike Tour

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If one wants to enjoy seeing all the wonderful views of the city along with a mug of beer in hand, the beer bike tour is the right choice. Beer Bike tour is one of the best bachelor party activities in Prague. This tour is guided by a sober chauffeur who would guide the whole group throughout the city streets. The groups can enjoy paddling and drinking beer alongside from the onboard beer barrel. Many beer bikes have an onboard speaker as well.

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3. Prague: Go Karting

Go Karting

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Go Karting is a popular activity among the young crowd. The extreme outdoor weather conditions in Prague might limit the opportunities to enjoy this exhilarating sport. There are many indoor go-karting arenas where one can spend hours along with their friends irrespective of how the outside weather is. The members of the group can have fun competing with each other on the interesting tracks housed by these indoor arenas.

4. Prague: Tour The Shooting Range

Tour The Shooting Range

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If one wants to let loose and forget about the pre-wedding stress, the shooting range is the place to be. Various private shooting ranges are available for trying out by the bachelor party groups and it makes for a stress-relieving experience. There are experts present on site who would guide each member of the group and utmost safety is maintained while carrying out the shooting activities. Take major precautionary measures and safety instructions.

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5. Prague: Raft


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What’s a bachelor party tour without a little bit of adventure sports activities. When one is out with their close-knit bunch of friends, a white water rafting experience must be tried in Prague. It makes the group come even closer as rafting is a team effort and paddling and maneuvering the raft in the rapids will show that the group can work together and that in turn increases the bonding. Supervisors will be guiding the whole group throughout the white water rafting.

6. Prague: Take A Tour Of The Brewery

Take A Tour Of The Brewery

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There are many brewery tours offered in Prague during which the bachelor party group can visit a few breweries of their choice and get to know more about this refreshing summer drink. A variety of options will be laid out and one can choose from it and head there with a supervisor who would give out interesting beer brewing facts and trivia. One can even try out the different flavored beer which is freshly brewed. Generally, the entire tour in one particular place lasts for an hour.

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7. Prague: Opt For A River Cruise

Opt For A River Cruise

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With a day filled with roaming here and there around the whole city, one would want to relax in the evening along with their buddies with a drink in hand. A private river cruise offers a perfect place for involving in this interactive activity. A guide would take the whole group to the cruise vessel from a decided central meeting point. Mesmerising views of the city along with the finest drinks while cruising over the river makes for a rejuvenating experience.

8. Prague: Go Bobsleighing

Go Bobsleighing

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Bobsleighing is an exciting activity not limited to Olympic athletes. In Europe, there are many private groups offering bobsleighing activity on the variety of tracks. Its is a fun-filled activity which involves speeding down the tracks which make for a thrilling experience. One can feel their heart rate rising and adrenaline pumping during the bobsleighing session. The traditional bobsleighs will be provided at the various bobsleighing centers.

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9. Prague: Visit A Casino

Visit A Casino

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Gambling is a fun and exciting activity which can be enjoyed by the Prague bachelor party groups in the various popular casinos in the city. If one is feeling lucky, they should definitely head to some of the classiest casinos in the city. The high rated casinos in Prague are well equipped with world-class games like the roulette table, blackjack, poker etc which are sure to make anybody’s evening a memorable one. One may come out of the casino much richer than before if lucky.

10. Prague: Enjoy Partying At The Ice Bar

Enjoy Partying At The Ice Bar

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The Ice Bar in Prague offers an amazing layout and locale for enjoying a glass of booze with friends. Inside the bar, everything from furniture to the glass in which one will be drinking is made of ice. The temperatures inside the bar are kept low so as to maintain the carefully curated furnishings and fixtures. One wouldn’t need ice in their drink as it will already be cold and will be served in ice glasses. Drinking in this bar is sure to make the evening memorable.

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The wonderful weather and the infinite activities make the bachelor parties in Prague the best experience. Don’t miss this opportunity. Book a trip to Europe along with your friends and have the best time in Prague. Let’s get this party rolling!

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