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Also known as the ‘City of Hundred Spires’, Prague is the historic capital of the Czech Republic and is famous for accommodating the river Vltava and the cultural Old Town Square. One can witness colourful buildings and gothic monumental landmarks sprawled across the capital. The winter season in Prague lays out many opportunities for the visitors to be a part of the major celebrations in the capital. The whole city brightens up and gets wonderfully decorated with lights and other adornments. Read further to know how one can enjoy exploring Prague in Winter.

Weather In Prague In Winter

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The winter season in Prague is at its peak during the months of November to February. The temperature during winter in Prague can go as low as -15°C. The coldest month is generally January with the temperature during the day around 0°C and the nights being even colder. Extensive snow in Prague is experienced during the winter season and the whole landscape of Prague looks magical during this time.

It is one of the best seasons to visit as the number of tourists in this region during winters are generally less and as a result of this, the ticket prices and the hotel stay prices dip drastically. With the streets and other tourist attractions being less crowded one will be able to explore the city leisurely.

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5 Places To Visit In Prague During Winter

Prague houses some of the most beautiful monumental structures and buildings which depict the rich cultural history of this city. These landmarks look even more beautiful when one is visiting Prague in winter.

1. Prague Zoo

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Prague Zoo has been awarded the position of being the 4th best zoo in the world as it is incredibly well-maintained. During the winter season, it hosts many interesting public events in which one can participate. It is the perfect place to be for an animal lover. It has a list of activities scheduled for the Christmas program. One can relax in the zoo premises and make traditional Czech goodies and cards for Christmas. There is even an option of bringing some gifts for the zoo animals and making their Christmas special.

Location: U Trojského zámku 3/120, 171 00, Prague
Opening Hours: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Entry Fee: INR 650/-

2. Cafe Slavia


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This small but perfect cafe is located near the famous landmark of the city, the National Theatre. This cafe is completely old school with all the interiors and architectural designs giving out a rustic vibe and feel to the entire place. One can witness men in tuxedos throughout the cafe premise and the melodies from the piano playing in the background. This cafe has witnessed the presence of many well-known visitors like the famous human rights activist Vaclav Havel. One can even taste the famous drink of this region, absinthe in this cafe.

Location: Smetanovo nábř. 1012/2, 110 00, Prague
Opening Hours: 09:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Average Cost For Two: INR 1200/-

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3. Kafka Museum

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Prague is home to many museums which depict the culture, art, and architecture of this capital beautifully. One of the famous museums is the Kafka Museum which is dedicated to the well known writer Franz Kafka. His work is spread throughout the capital but more concentrated in this museum. Kafka’s original letters, manuscripts, diaries, and photographs with the writer’s personal belongings are wonderfully displayed in this museum.

Location: Cihelná 635/2b, 118 00, Prague
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Entry Fee: INR 650/-

4. Prague Castle

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Prague Castle is considered to be one of the largest complexes in the world. It is a must visit tourist attraction which also houses the Czech president. The complex of this castle accommodates many tourist attractions including the Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, Powder Tower, and St. George’s Basilica. One can easily spend an entire day exploring the Prague Castle complex. The complex also houses small and pretty cottages which were earlier built for the castle guards, and now has been converted into gift and souvenir shops.

Location: 119 08, Prague
Opening Hours: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Entry Fee: INR 1200/-

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5. Old Town Square

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This is the most famous location in the capital which offers many opportunities to explore the various exciting experiences which the city has to offer. Many winter festivals in Prague and Christmas markets are hosted in this area. The well-known Astronomical Clock can also be witnessed here which is one of Prague’s most famous attractions. This clock is famous as it indicates the hours, phases of the moon, seasons, days, and equinoxes all at the same time. The twelve zodiac signs are also depicted in this astronomical clock. One should definitely visit the Old Town Square to check out this wondrous piece of art.

Location: Staroměstské nám., 110 00, Prague
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Entry Fee: Free

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5 Things To Do In Prague In Winter

During the winter season, this region in Czech offers several fun-filled adventurous activities which one can experience. One might wonder what to do in Prague during winter, so some of the interesting things to do in Prague during winter are given below.

1. Visit the Christmas markets

Christmas markets

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The Christmas market at the Old Town Square also known as winter wonderland in Prague is the most well known and the largest market in the capital. It is enjoyed by both tourists as well as the locals and expats. There are various food stalls here offering lip-smacking local cuisine dishes which are definitely worth trying. The mulled wine must be tried which is a unique and famous Czech wine. It tastes pretty sour but a little bit of extra sweetness if required can be added to it. Some other local markets offer many traditional handicrafts at much lower rates which can be taken home as souvenirs or gifts for loved ones.

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2. Try ice-skating

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Ice-skating is common during the winter season in Prague. Many ice-skating arenas open up as soon as winter approaches. The ice-skating rinks are set up in spectacular locations which offer picturesque views of the surrounding areas. Prague is the most visited ice-skating rink where one can witness many locals trying out this sport. Whether a beginner or an expert, ice-skating is one activity which must be given a shot when visiting Prague in winter.

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3. Witness the Mikuláš Celebration

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This is an event which takes place on the 5th of December. If one is in Prague on this date one should not miss out on witnessing this well known local tradition. A group of Mikuláš with devils and angels can be seen strolling through the streets of the city. The kids can be seen reciting poems and singing carols on this day. The celebration of this unique event can be seen at the many popular Christmas markets from around 5:00 PM in the evening.

4. Enjoy skiing

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One can rent out skis and snowboards and head to the nearby location Moninec, which is just one hour drive away from the capital. This area offers a similar skiing experience like the one in the Swiss Alps. The high-quality skiing resort experiences many locals, expats, and tourists throughout the winter months. Regular snowfall can also be witnessed in this region which makes for a wonderful view and experience. The skiing equipment can be rented out at affordable prices and therefore the wonderful skiing experience can be enjoyed at a much affordable price.

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5. Experience the festivities

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Winter season in Prague marks the beginning of major festivities in this region. Experience celebrating Christmas in the traditional Czech way by visiting the Old Town Square and participating in singing carols with the local groups. One can even try out the different delicacies which are made during the festive season which include Praska Sunka which is a ham dish, Klobasa which are grilled sausages, Langos which are a form of flatbreads, and Palacinky among the many others.

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Winter holidays at Prague can be best enjoyed by visiting the many historic places housed by the city and also through the many activities offered here. Plan to visit Prague in winter by booking a trip there through Travel Triangle.

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