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    A view of Charles Bridge in Prague at the sunrise

    Prague in the Czech Republic is an admirer’s fancy! Almost every place in the city looks so fictitious. With all its colorful baroque buildings, clobbered street, and sapphire evenings adorning the warm lit streets, Prague looks nothing less than a fine poetry that must be read by every discerning traveler! So, when you are around, there are plenty of things to do in Prague that would make you so engrossed that you’d lose the track of time!

    Walk the Wenceslas Square at dawn or dusk, and watch the domes of buildings along the street emerge in the soft light, prettified by the orange or catch the panoramic city view from the top of Prague Castle. Explore a souvenir shop, grab a Fruit Tea for your beloved ones, or drink the traditional Hot Wine/ Honey wine; the experiences offered by Prague are countless. So, it’s better to begin with the number one, and who knows while indulging yourself in these activities you can actually stumble upon something entirely new, unlisted!

    This guide on things to do in Prague will help you explore the city like a local, more efficiently!

    1. Walk through the Old Town Square & admire the best of medieval architecture

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (3)

    2. Wait by the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square till it strikes an hour

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    3. Take a leisure stroll across the Charles Bridge

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (5)

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    4. Watch the Old Jewish Ghetto

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (7)


    5. Get stunned by the mystical charm of Prague Castle

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (10)

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    6. Explore the Wenceslas Square on foot

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (9)


    7. Take the romantic Vltava River cruise


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    8. Capture the fervent charm of St. Vitus Cathedral in one frame

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (1)

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    9. Climb the Cathedral & catch the panoramic view of Prague (a lot of people don’t know about it)

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    10. Walk across the Golden Lane

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (11)

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    11. Munch on the Czech Donut Ice Cream Cone

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (19)

    Image Source

    12. Ride a vintage car in the scenic streets of Czech


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    13. Spot the artists & musicians on the Charles Bridge

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (12)

    Image Source

    14. Catch the view of a Seven Foot Tall Sigmund Freud


    Image Source

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    15. Pay a visit to some of the weirdest & most peculiar museums in the world

    i) Museum of Torture

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (16)

    Image Source

    ii) Museum of Sex Machines

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (18)

    Image Source

    iii) Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (2)

    iv) Magic Cave

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (14)

    Image Source

    v) Museum of the Czech Police

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (13)

    Image Source

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    16. Explore a Hash outlet, located on almost every street in the city center. It’s completely legal in Prague!

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    17. Pose in front of the Lennon Wall

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (4)

    18. Watch a puppet show, or buy one from a shop

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (15)

    Image Source

    19. Ride the Prague Metro to reach popular hotspots in the Old Town

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (17)

    Image Source

    20. Watch the enchanting view of the Dancing House

    acj-0304-things-to-do-in-prague (8)

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    All of these wonderful things to do in Prague would only add to your mesmerizing experience of the city. Make sure that you capture the best that this historic place has to offer.



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