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Although Canada does not enjoy the reputation of having the sun-and-sand thing, yet this country has a profusion of shorelines, which stretches farther than any other nation in the world. These beaches in Canada extend to thousands of miles with incredible beauty, which promises not just a soothing time but remains a visual treat to our eyes.

Top 6 Beaches in Canada

Beaches in Canada offer pristine waterfront scene to enjoy, which can take lots of time to explore. These water shores have fresh and warm water, the golden sand, a hotbed for adventure, water activities and the aquatic wonder expedition

  • Brady’s Beach
  • Singing Sands
  • Long Beach
  • Ingonish Beach
  • Grand Beach Provincial Park
  • Skaha Beach

1. Brady’s Beach

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It is located at the 130 km south of Tofino and 174 km west of Nanaimo, and it remains a secluded space over the Pacific Ocean. It remains accessible only through the ferry or float plane, and if these two do not work, try to tread the unpaved logging roads. It is surrounded by the most intimate community in the country apart from having the fresh water and rugged coastline perfect for scuba diving. It is popular with aquatic animals like sea lions and bald eagles that can be easily viewed in your scuba diving expedition, which makes it be among the top 10 beaches of Canada.

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2. Singing Sands


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This beach is located 93 Kms towards the east of Charlottetown and is known for making a strange kind of swishing sound the moment the wind flows over it. The scientists are still to found out the real reason behind this interesting sound and often suggest that it’s the consistency and the texture of the quartz sand that is responsible for making this sound. Nonetheless, this sound is considered to be the unique feature of this beach. It has warmest waters apart from a play zone with all the amenities to enjoy for any beach lover thus turning out to be one of the best beaches in Canada.

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3. Long Beach

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It is located 189 km towards the west of Nanaimo on Highway 4. One of the interesting facts about this beach is that every summer and springs 20,000 grey whales migrate to this place, which gives the tourists ample amount of opportunities to catch the whale watching tours. These tours are available near Ucluelet and Tofino. However, when it comes to visiting this beach, the best time is in between July to September as it rains a lot in the rest of the months making this place to be a temperate rainforest. You can catch several thrills at this beach which includes storm watching apart from whale watching. It has 16.6 km of the coastal area thus giving you the stunning view for the tourists and making it one of the beautiful beaches in Canada.

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4. Ingonish Beach

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It is located towards 127 km of North of Sydney over the Island called Cape Breton in Canada. It offers the tourist ample of scenic rides over the mighty cruise and offers even the whale watching tours as well. Besides, one can find a wide range of swimming options, while the Cabot Trail promises the tourists to enjoy both the fresh and salt-water fishing expedition. The beach has a natural barrier, which divides the freshwater stream and salt water from the Atlantic Ocean, thus giving options to the swimmers to enjoy two different types of swimming experience. Due to its warm water and the spaciousness, Ingonish Beach remains the most popular among the beach lovers.

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5. Grand Beach Provincial Park

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It is located in Manitoba, 100 km to the northern areas of Winnipeg over the Highway 59. This beach is known for enjoying the long and cool hike amidst the mesmerizing landscape surrounding the water. You can easily pick the number of berries coming in your way while you take a stroll over this cool sandy beach. If you want to enjoy the ripening berries, try visiting at the end of June, while the Blueberries and Chokecherries can be easily found during August. It has everything which your family can enjoy, with rides, beach ball, and a cool sunset during the nice stroll over the beach.

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6. Skaha Beach

Skaha Beach in Canada

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It is located in British Columbia, 97 km to the head south of Penticton. It is regarded as the family-friendly beaches in Canada. Thus, people from any age group can easily enjoy over this beach with loads of activities, like taking a ride over the freshwater, kids playing beach ball, teenagers enjoying picnic tables, elders enjoying the water splash park and many more similar things.

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The above are some of the beaches in Canada that remain the best source of enjoyment and adventure for Canadians and other tourists. Make sure you visit a few of these pristine beaches with your family friends on your vacation in Canada.

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