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The commercial center of Dubai, Deira is one of the most populous parts of Dubai. Deira is visited by a lot of visitors throughout the year. Some come over to spend a vacation, some for business trips while other come here for employment purpose. Whatever be the reason, everyone needs to have proper accommodation within the budget.For a family trip or newbies searching for jobs and employment purposes, budget matters a lot.Keeping in mind all these aspects, the hotels have limited their budgets so that visitors can spend their vacation or time in Deira without worrying about the budget. There are many budget hotels in Deira Dubai which one can find easily through online sites or offline sources. These hotels are no doubt known for their budget-friendly rooms, but apart from that, these hotels are even known for their fantastic room services and facilities.

Special Experiences

The budget hotels in Deira Dubai even provide some extra services or facilities that can be availed by the customers during their stay. All these special facilities can be availed within the budget. In the Carlton Tower hotel, one can expect an excellent fitness center along with Spa and wellness center, sauna and massage facilities too. The hotel even has outdoor pools that are available throughout the year. While in Landmark Grand hotel one can play a game of billiards and get a therapeutic spa during the stay. There is even a rooftop pool in the Landmark Grand Hotel, and the hotel also comes with swimming pools, beauty services, and many more such facilities. If one is staying in the Summit hotel, then one can get an excellent fitness center with all the equipment and also a free sauna along with outdoor pool and billiards center. All these facilities can be accessed by the customers during their stay and that too without spending much. One can easily spend a day in leisure in these budget hotels in Deira Dubai.


The budget hotels in Deira Dubai are also known for their high-quality services that are expected of any good hotels. The rooms are spacious and come with king-sized beds with air conditioner. The Carlton Tower Hotel is known for its spacious rooms with 24*7 room services. The cheapest hotels in Deira Dubai even provide free Wi-Fi so that the visitors can remain connected with their beloved. There are many free services too which one can get. The bathrooms are up to the sterile mark and the accessories provided are of good quality. The rooms are cleaned every day. The hotels even offer telephone services, TVs and in-room refrigerators and bar. The hotels also have laundry services for the comfort of the customers. The hotel staff is friendly, and room service is available 24*7. The hotels here also provide free parking for the customers who have hired private transport. Many of the budget hotels in Deira Dubai have the facility of babysitting and baby centers too. There are even small gift shops in most of the hotels. Many hotels also have the facility of airport shuttle and cab services too.


The budget hotels in Deira Dubai are even known for the type of cuisine that is served. Top chefs are allocated by the hotels so that the customers can get good food and enjoy their stay. One can expect cuisine of all kind. The Summit hotel is known for providing various kind of cuisine to its customers. One can get Indian, Chinese, European and even continental cuisine while in here. Most of the hotels even provide dishes on the special request of the customers. The hotels even provide local cuisine to the customers who should not be missed at any cost. The local delicacies would enhance the taste buds and would make the trip even more memorable.


Q1. What is the currency accepted and did the hotels have currency exchange facility?
A. The currency accepted in Dubai in United Arab Emirates Dirham, and most of the hotels have currency exchange facility.

Q2. Are the hotels pet-friendly?
A. Most of the hotels are pet-friendly.

Q3. What are the free services that one can avail?
A. Free Wi-Fi, fitness center, room services, and bathroom accessories are some of the free services.

Q4 . Do the hotels entertain special request such as babysitting?
A. Yes, the hotels do have babysitting facilities.

Q5. When is the best time to book the rooms?
A. It is advised to book the rooms in a month’s advance before the trip.

The budget hotels in Deira Dubai are also rated as some of the excellent hotels. These hotels are therefore preferred over other hotels due to budget-friendly and excellent facilities. One can get a comfortable stay while in Deira in these hotels without burning a hole in the pocket. Apart from that, the staff here are friendly and make sure to provide the best services to their customers. Overall, the budget hotels in Deira Dubai do try their best to make the stay of the customers a comfortable and memorable one. The hotel staff is friendly, and the facilities provided are of esteem quality. One can enjoy the stay in Dubai with having perfect accommodation in any of the hotels as mentioned earlier. No doubt the budget is low, but the facilities provided would make the travelers want to come back for more.

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