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Coffee has a strange influence to make you feel upscale and sophisticated. It is also the best drink to bond over, talk, and chit chat with friends. And it’s no secret that Canadians love their coffee (it’s their most consumed drink if you don’t count water), so it’s only appropriate that they also have some of the best coffee shops, where you can spend some amazing time with your friends or alone. If you are visiting Canada, then you should definitely spend some time at the amazing cafes there. Check out the list of some chic cafes in Canada.

Must Try Cafes In Canada

From Toronto to Whitehorse, these independent Canadian cafes serve lush lattes, desirable cappuccinos and faultless pour-overs with an unbelievable décor. Just try to resist their aroma, we dare you.

1. Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge

Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge

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Dine at Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge North York which brings uptown Toronto its great dining concept. A short stroll from the North York Civic Center and the Ford Centre, Symposium Cafe North York offers a wide range of dining options in this vibrant neighborhood of North York. There is something for everyone at the Symposium Restaurants: eggs benedict brunches, late night steaks, burgers, cappuccinos, invigorating beer, gluttonous desserts, and light salads.

Location: 6021 Yonge Street Unit 475 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact: 1-416-449-3611
Signature dish: The egg benedict is a must, if you want to pamper your taste buds.
Cost for two: 70 to 100 dollars.
Cuisines: Diner, burger, desserts

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2. Cafe Crepe

Cafe crepe

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A love affair started with the crêpe for the founding father of Café Crêpe when he studied in Paris, France, a few years ago. When he returned to Canada, he called his close friend, an expert Parisian crêpe chef, to aid him in opening a unique international café with conventional Parisian crêpe dishes. Cafe Crepe was thus born. Café Crêpe, with Parisian crêpes, French baguette sandwiches, and exemplary Lavazza coffee, imports the ethos of the classic European café to North America and it would soon to the entire world.

Location: 874 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2C9
Contact: +1 (604) 806-0845
Signature dish: Lemon and butter crepe is a treat to the senses.
Cuisines: Desserts, European, Canadian

3. Balzac’s Coffee

Balzac’s Coffee

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As the renowned story goes, the abundant consumption of black coffee by Honoré de Balzac has generated incessant nights of great literature. But his shrewd statement, “The café is the parliament of the people,” identifies the essence of the Coffee Roasters of Balzac. Head to this cafe to sip on some amazing coffee. Do not forget to get your friends along to this cafe in Canada.

Location: 1 Trinity Street, Toronto
Contact: +1 (416) 207-1709
Signature item: macchiato in a cone cup
Cuisines: Cafe
Cost for two: 25 -30 dollars

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4. Le Pétit Dejeuner

Le Pétit Dejeuner

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Situated in the Lawrence Market area for more than ten years, Le Pétit Dejeuner serves comfort food in Belgian classic style for the entire family. From eggs benny to steak fries, it has your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, when are you heading to this amazing cafe in Canada? Do try the egg dishes along with your choice of coffee here!

Location: 191 King Street East, Toronto M5A 1J5
Contact: +1 (416) 703-1560
Signature dish: Try a plate of the Pea meal Bacon without smacking your lips.
Cuisines: Canadian, Belgian
Cost for two: 70-100 dollars

5. The Dineen Coffee Co.

The Dineen Coffee Co.

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The Dineen Coffee opened at the crook of the renowned Yonge Street and Temperance Street in downtown Toronto in the spring of 2013. The original café was constructed in the historic Dineen building, also once home to the famous W. and F. Dineen Co., which used to make fur clothes. The building is one of the oldest structures in Toronto and is a heritage property in Toronto. Enjoy the surroundings whenever you head here for a sip of coffee.

Location: 140 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5C1X6
Contact: +1 (416) 900-0949
Signature item: Cranberry Scone
Cuisine: Café, Desserts
Cost for two: 20-30 dollars

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6. Fahrenheit Coffee


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Are you weary of North American watered coffee? It definitely pays to make your way to this incredible coffee house. Choose your coffee style and then choose one of the three beans from different countries. They even have a clandestine menu and it would be surprising if they can not make a style of coffee you preferred. Make coffee your way here!

Location: 120 Lombard Street, Toronto
Contact: +1 (647) 896-1774
Signature item: Iced Latte
Cuisines: Cafe
Cost for two: 20-30 dollars

7. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

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Tim Hortons is tucked away at 207 Queens Quay, Toronto, and is the ideal place to relish immaculately brewed coffee. The coffee is actually made from 100% Arabica beans from one of the most noted growing areas of the world. They also proffer specialty drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, hot chocolate, and tea. You can stop at any time of the day for a tasty treat or a delectable meal. Try one of those scrumptious baked goods, like donuts, cookies, muffins; if you are searching for a snack. They also deliver a variety of sandwiches, grilled Panini and rolls here.

Location: 171 East Liberty Street, Toronto
Contact: +1 (416) 530-5959
Signature item: Coffee made from authentic Arabic beans
Cuisines: Cafe, Bakery
Cost for two: 20-25 dollars

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8. Fika


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This tiny and snug café is quite exceptional in the Kensington market area. Based on the Swedish word “coffee break” (Fika), it really looks and feels like one is entering Sweden and offers a pleasant change from the omnipresent Starbucks throughout the city. It also serves many lovely pastries, sandwiches, and has an amazing breakfast menu. One can also enjoy a variety of drinks all day long at this cafe.

Location: 28 Kensington Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T2J9
Signature item: The cinnamon buns are a delight
Cuisines: Cafe, Bakery
Cost for two: 20-25 dollars

9. Our Spot

Our Spot

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You can dive into this rustic and laid-back breakfast joint in the picturesque and trendy region of Kensington. The menu is very large and varied. One can enjoy some Greek fusion dishes. And also order an English and North American breakfast. The food here is well served and a great value for money. If you prefer conventional western style breakfast and want to dodge restaurant chains, this cafe in Canada is totally worth it!

Location: 180 Baldwin Street, Toronto M5T
Contact: +1 (647) 349-7767
Signature dish: Spinach and Feta Omelette
Cuisines: Cafe, Breakfast
Cost for two: 20-25 dollars

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10. What A Bagel

What A Bagel

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For more than 16 years, What a Bagel is a family run restaurant franchise that is proud of its immaculately baked goods and impressive delicacies. The novel element of the business is that “What a bagel” is the only establishment of its persuasion that specifically provides the customer hot, from the oven bagels. This basically means that the customer really can take a pair of tongs and take a bagel directly from the end of the conveyor belt.

Location: 130 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5V 2L4
Contact: +1 (647) 347-7222
Signature dish: Make your own bagel!
Cuisines: Cafe, Bakery
Cost for two: 20-25 dollars

11. Wanda’s Pie In The Sky

Wanda’s Pie In The Sky

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Wanda's Pie in the Sky is a beautiful bakery. It could easily be overlooked as it is on the edge of the market in Kensington. Wanda's notorious pies are famed for their flavor and the fact that every baked good is made by hand with love. But this place is more than just pies. Wanda’s actually serves a regular dose of home-cooked food. The café offers some delicious food options and brews some of Toronto's best coffee. Try it out for yourself!

Location: 287 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2M2
Contact:+1 (416) 236-0018
Signature dish: homemade Croissants
Cuisines: Cafe, Bakery, desserts
Cost for two: 25-30 dollars

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Cafés, bistros, and little bakery shops are those slices of heaven tucked away in the crooks and alleyways of the city. Finding them can be a challenge, so we hope this list comes in handy for when you hop off next on a new adventure for those roasted, aromatic coffee beans, and scrumptious croissants. Bon Appétit! Book a trip with TravelTriangle and check out these amazing cafes in Canada.

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