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    New Year In Canada Cover

    You might be wondering, why would one collect coal from the hearth during new years eve? Well, it is what Canada is made of, rich cultural diversity and traditional customs. Ringing in the new year in Canada traditions is the flavour of the season. This year too, Canada is gearing up for a range of thematic and fun parties. It includes ski parties to street parties. So, this year if you will be here as a tourist or a regular, get ready to have the best New Year’s Eve.

    10 Best Places To Party This New Year’s Eve In Canada

    With such diverse and influential traditions and customs that make this country so amazing, it sure has its own, amazing ways to make New Year’s Eve memorable for visitors. Cities in Canada are known to host various types of New Year’s Eve parties throughout the country. Well, let’s not wait but give you the list of best new year parties in Canada, that are a must visit during New Year’s Eve.

    1. Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls

    Image Source

    Surprised? The events that are held here are the best for its great location. Give us one reason why one wouldn’t want to celebrate New Year’s Eve by the grand Niagara Falls? Exactly. This is where people get a free pass to almost every concert that takes place, drawing around 40,000 at least, every year. At the Queen Victoria Park, you can enjoy fireworks, a great lineup of musical guests and the stunning sight of the Niagara Falls lit up in their best colours. It is one of the best places to go for new years in Canada.
    Location: Ontario

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    2. The Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights

    Image Source

    Imagine camping in the wilderness of Yukon, lying below the Northern Lights and the clock strikes midnight. Well, it is any day better than a love story. For, nothing can come near to comparison when it comes to the Northern Lights. It is a rare sight, and lucky are they who get to see it. New Year’s cannot get better than this, with the mind-boggling sights of the Northern Lights. This is the best place for nature lovers and probably makes it to the bucket list of maximum population of people on earth.
    Location: Yukon

    3. Skiing: Northwest Territories


    Image Source

    Every now and then, we enjoy an adrenaline rush that overwhelms us. However, if it were to be during the New Year’s Eve and you have the snow-clad mountain at your behest, the adrenaline rush you would get from skiing down is unmatchable and unprecedented. It is a one of a kind, an unparalleled experience that will give way to your best memories. The path is lit with lanterns and one can opt to snowmobile or ski down while watching the fireworks lit up the sky above. It does take your breath away, literally.
    Location: Northwest Territories

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    4. L’Olympia de Montreal

    L’Olympia de Montreal

    Image Source

    The party that is held in L’Olympia de in Montreal is famous all over the world. Every December 2500 people come together to dance their minds off to the vibrant music here. from cocktails to good food, the place has it all. with a crowd that vibes to positivity and lets their hair loose to the music and fireworks sure make beautiful memories here.
    Location: Montreal

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    5. Waterfront Festival

    Waterfront Festival

    Image Source

    If you are in Vancouver this year end, gear up for there is a lot to do. The first thing you need to do is visit the gorgeous VanDusen Botanical Garden, which holds the Festival of Lights. The highlight of the event is the dancing light show at Livingston Lake. Also, you can join the Waterfront Gala Ball which is Vancouver’s flagship New Year’s Eve street party. There are fireworks, food trucks, cocktails and beer, live music and many more delights that will keep your company way past midnight.
    Location: Vancouver

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    6. The Old City

    The Old City

    Image Source

    It is not a hotel or a club, but a place, a beautiful city in its own right who knows how to ring in New Year’s Eve with food and fireworks. This city has something for everything, from exploring the historic walled city to embarking on adventures like snow tubing and skiing, The Old City is a great place for the year-end. They are known to celebrate the new years in a French-styled manner, every building is lit up and looks very picturesque.
    Location: Old City, Quebec

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    7. TD Hogmanay Scottish New Year’s Party

    TD Hogmanay Scottish New Year’s Party

    Image Source

    People say that visitors have a chance to skate to Celtic music, scotch flavours and ice sculpt among many other delights when at the TD Hogmanay party. There is a range of activities for every age groups, kids and adults can have their share of fun. The party is complete with lights, fireworks, magicians and face painters among others.
    Location: Ottawa

    8. The Forks Family Celebration

    The Forks Family Celebration

    Image Source

    If the buzz is right, it is being said that this year will see the biggest and grandest New Year’s Eve celebration. It is expected to host around 30000 people who will be flocking the Forks on the 31st of December to attend the eagerly awaited party of the year, The Forks Family New Years Eve Party. There is a range of brilliant activities for people to indulge in. visitors can pursue outdoor skating, sledding and snow sculpting festivals apart from the amazing party that is held here every year. The highlight of the night is the three-time fireworks display, that you wouldn’t want to let go off or miss out on, at all.
    Location: Winnipeg

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    9. Olympic Park

    Olympic Park

    Image Source

    Olympic Park is a renowned destination in Canada. If you have absolutely no plans this New Year’s Eve then head to the medal winner, Olympic Park for spending your hours with friends and family amongst the brilliant music and grand fireworks that they have for the public’s recreation among many other activities. This adventure rode, the themed park is a fun place to be at during the year-end. With lights, food and fun activities to indulge in, New Year’s Eve is really eventful here.
    Location: Calgary

    10. Dancing Sasquatch

    Dancing Sasquatch

    Image Source

    If you are visiting Alberta then the Dancing Sasquatch is the ultimate party you would want to attend. With a resident DJ known for dishing out amazing beats and a range of beverages that keep you dancing all night, this party is the main attraction of this region during the end of the year. There is a light show, party favours and mainly, there is champagne for everyone attending. This mountain themed club is among the best places to party when in Canada for all the good reasons.
    Location: Banff

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    To conclude, Canada is a place where the wild hearts refer to the wilderness and the chaos refers to the amazing beats that fill your heart while you dance it out. So if you have some exciting new year plans, then plan and customize your Canada holiday with TravelTriangle and bring the new year with a bang!

    Frequently Asked Questions About New Year Parties In Canada


    Q. Where should I go on New Year’s Eve in Toronto?

    A. Toronto is Canada’s largest and most populated city. It is also the most happening one which is why the New Year’s Eve celebration is something that the whole country looks forward to. Some of the best places for New Year’s Eve party in Toronto that you just can’t miss on 31st December are here:
    – Bravissimo!- Start the evening of 31st December by experiencing world-class opera with complete chorus and symphony
    – Join the celebration in the city Squares. These are huge free public events held in at Nathan Phillips Square or Square in Mississauga.
    – Take part in the Annual New Year’s Eve Mystery Dinner at Chelsea Hotel.
    – New Year’s Eve party at the Ripley’s Aquarium

    Q. How do people celebrate New Year’s Day In Canada?

    A. New Year’s Eve is without a doubt the biggest party of the year in Canada. But the Canadians sure love to follow traditions when it comes to this day. So, here are some of the typical ways to celebrate New Year’s Day in Canada, the Canadian way:
    – Go on an ice fishing trip with your family & friends
    – Join the revelers at the Nathan Phillip Square in Toronto for ice skating
    – Catch a glimpse of Northern Lights at Yukon & Alberta
    – Take a polar bear swim for charity (more about it below)

    Q. Where should I go on New Years Eve in Vancouver?

    A. Vancouver is a bustling city in Canada that boasts of a lively party scene and come New Year’s Eve the city will celebration mode. The city has a huge number of options for people to have a blast on 31st December. Here are a few options for you to check out:
    – The Vancouver Polar Bear swim is an event that has been followed since the 1920s. It involves a number of people jumping into the icy cold waters of the English Bay Beach in quirky costumes if you prefer.
    – Join in the free ice skating fest at the Robson square
    – The best Vancouver holiday attraction is the Bright Night Christmas train where you can see three million twinkling lights
    – Other than that, you can go pub hopping with every night club offering different kinds of events for the night

    Q. Is New Year’s day a holiday in Canada?

    A. Yes, 1st of January is included in the statutory holidays list of Canada.

    Q. Is January 2nd a holiday in Canada?

    A. 2nd January is an annual public holiday for many banks and Government offices in Canada.

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