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Tips for traveling abroad first time; is this what you are looking for? If yes, then this article is for you. Keep scrolling! No matter how much you have travelled in your home country, there is something equally exciting and thrilling about taking your first trip to overseas countries. Travelling abroad can be intimidating and an eye-opener, but at the same time can be stressful and challenging, especially for first-timers.

Before stepping out of your comfort zone and visiting an entirely different place you have never explored before needs proper research and planning. Regardless of what type of trip you are on, there are certain international travel tips you need to learn to ease your overseas journey. Here, in this article we have tried our best to cover some of the best international travel tips for you to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

9 International Travel Tips For A Hassle-Free Overseas Trip

Travelling is always an excellent idea to get rid of your daily routine and explore new places, get yourself immersed within a new culture and savour different cuisines. The beauty of travel always lies in not knowing everything; it’s a continuous learning process. But, if you know the basics of travelling, you will have plenty of room to grow, learn and build some confidence for your next overseas vacation.

To help anyone booking their first international holiday, we have outlined a few suggestions and tips for traveling abroad for the first time:

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1. Passport

Carry Your Passport Everywhere

This is one of the most important international travel tips for newbies flying for the first time outside your home country. If you are applying for a passport for the first time, make sure you apply at least 2 months before your trip. This is because of the fact that the normal processing time for getting a passport ranges between 4 to 6 weeks. Also, if for any reason your passport gets rejected due to some missing documents, you will have plenty of time to arrange the documents and reapply for a passport.

On the other hand, if you already have a passport, check for the expiration date. There are a few countries who have mandatory rule saying that the expiration date should not be less than 6 months.

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2. Visa

Visa On Arrival

Visa is yet another important document which needs to be taken care off while travelling to foreign countries. Because, there are only a few countries that offer visas on arrival. Additionally, depending on your nationality, each country might need different specific requirements as well. The processing time for getting a visa can take a month or more, so make it a point to submit your visa application early and ensure that your visa is valid for your travel journey on the foriegn land.

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3. Check for travel advisories

Employment Visa

Safety should always be your top priority while travelling overseas. Different countries have their own set of rules and regulations for international travellers and tourists. Furthermore, besides passport and visa, some countries may also have very specific document requirements depending on your nationality.

For example, those travelling to Cuba are required to purchase a travel medical insurance. People travelling to European countries would require a health insurance plan covering minimum 30,000 Euros.

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4. Check the weather

Beautiful Place View

Before planning your vacation and booking your flight tickets, it is always a good idea to check the typical weather of the destination you are planning to visit. Checking the weather forecast of your international destination before you pack your bags and leave is extremely crucial to ensure that you are carrying appropriate clothes with you. Don’t just assume and pack the wrong clothes. Always check!

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5. Packing tips for international travel


We request you to bookmark all these international travel tips as it can be handy to refer as your trip gets closer. Forgetting any essential item will leave you struggling to find the nearest store in your planned destination land. Also, packing too many things will cost you to pay heavy airline baggage fees. Thats why its always important to make a packing list and keep yourself organised. We thought of drafting a few fundamental bag packing tips for international travel.

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6. Roll your clothes

Packing Essentials

Probably one of the best bag packing tips for international travel is to simply roll your clothes instead of folding them. After rolling you can place them in vacuum compression bags which squeezes the air out, saving lots of space for you to pack other items. Packing cubes is also a good option to stay organized and it also saves more space in your suitcase.

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7. Fill the dead space

Packing Essentials

When it comes to packing, ensure that every inch of suitcase space is utilised and there is no empty space. Some of the things like underwear, socks and other tiny items can be rolled and stuffed in the dead space. Use ziplock bags to stuff all your electronic things like a phone charger, camera charger, adaptors, headphones, etc. Carry extra plastic bags with you for storing other essentials like medications and some important keys like car keys and house keys.

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8. Know your airline’s baggage fee

heavy stuff at the bottom of the luggage

Make sure you weigh your suitcase after all the things have been stuffed in. Since, baggage allowance is different for different airlines. With a quick research on Google, you can learn the baggage limits of various airlines to avoid last minute paying of hefty charges at the gate. It is always good to buy a light-weight suitcase instead of using a hardshell suitcase. And, if you have a connecting flight during your international trip, do check the luggage rules and fees for those airlines as well.

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9. Jet Lag

t Cambodia Visa For Indians On Arrival

Often, when people travel across different time zones in a matter of hours, their body’s internal clock finds it difficult to get in sync with the new time at their destination. They start feeling irritability, nausea, fatigue, headache, and upset stomach. This is called jet lag. Here’s how to overcome it:

  • Get a good night’s sleep before you fly
  • Opt for a flight that arrives in daylight
  • While on board, try not to sleep too much
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and tobacco before you fly
  • Sleeping pills the night before your travel should be avoided
  • Avoid heavy beverages such as coffee, cola, and energy drinks
  • As soon as your board the flight, reset your watch for the new time zone

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Safety tips for international travel

Cambodia Visa For Indians On Arrival
  • Just to be on the safe side and avoid paying incremental fees, buy tickets for places you know you want to explore in advance through online sites
  • Also, you can download different travel apps before leaving your home country to avoid heavy downloading charges from your Wi-Fi in foriegn destinations
  • Some foriegn countries require travellers to pay entry/exit charges ranging from USD 25 to 200, besides their flight ticket price. Always check!
  • Inform your bank/credit card provider about your travel plans to avoid any kind of fraud transactions while you are not in your own country
  • Also, gather enough information about the usage of credit card in your planned destination. Know what are the card transaction charges abroad
  • Do carry some local cash with you as most of the places, especially smaller towns do not accept card payments. Even important places like buses or trains in some countries need cash
  • Make use of credit card instead of a debit card, as most of the abroad countries will incur heavy foreign transaction fees
  • You might also take a photocopy of your credit card; this will come handy in case you have lost your credit card or is stolen while travelling
  • Carry a copy of your medical prescription and if you are undergoing any kind of special medical treatment, it is advisable to carry a scanned copy of your medical records
  • Learning a few local common words or phrases of the specific country ahead of traveling is a good idea. Also learning the local norms and traditions can help you get the feel of the culture of the country

Quick Suggestions Before Traveling International

Uzbekistan Visa
  • Leave an extra copy of your passport and visa at home with someone your trust
  • Also, remember to carry an electronic copy of your documents in your email account
  • If possible, try registering with your embassy, this will it easier of your home country government to contact you in case of any problems in the foriegen land
  • Make sure that you have sound knowledge what is the existing conversion rate of the forigen nation’s currency you have booked ticket for
  • Do a bit of research of the country you’re visiting like what the local dishes to try and what are the festivals and events taking place during your visit
  • Carry a universal charger or converter as most countries have different size plugs and voltage
  • Remember to activate your phone SIM’s international calling facilities to stay in touch with your friends and family
  • Look for mandatory vaccinations of the country you are travelling to. For example, if you are travelling to the USA, hepatitis A, measles, hepatitis B and a few other vaccinations are recommended
  • Dress appropriately so that you are totally comfortable throughout your flight journey
  • There are different travel apps that give you information about your airline arrival/departure time, translate different languages and myriad other tasks. So, make sure you download one app on your phone
  • Apart from the necessary electronic items, do not carry any other valuables with you like expensive jewellery

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The world is an amazing place blessed with incredible places that have bountiful offerings in its store to see, explore and cherish for a lifetime. So, if you have decided to embark on your first international trip we wish you a happy and safe journey. Plan the best and choose the best location as per your budget and surprise yourself with a life-changing experience. With some good research and all these international travel tips, you are bound to enjoy a hassle-free vacation!

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Frequently Asked Questions About International Travel Tips

How long should you arrive before an international flight?

It is advised to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before your scheduled departure time. Additionally, if you are checking your luggage then you need to arrive at least 90 minutes before.

Is passport enough for international travel?

Besides passport, you also need visa for international travel, as most of the foreign countries do not offer on arrival visas.

How do you make the most out of traveling?

To make the most out of traveling do book your accommodation in advance, keep your documents handy and explore as much as you can.

How do you travel internationally for the first time?

If you are travelling internationally for the first time keep these things in mind. Check your passport for expiration date, find out if you need a visa or no, check all the immigration requirements and do make photocopies of all your documents.

What countries are not safe to travel to?

Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Afghanistan and South Sudan are some of the countries you should avoid travelling to. The crime rates, terrorist attacks and armed conflicts are high in these countries.

What items are not allowed in checked luggage?

Some of the items you are not allowed in checked luggage are: lighters, matches, and other flammable items. You are also not allowed to carry any kind of explosive items and certain aerosol items.

Can I bring snacks on the plane?

One can carry any kind of food like chocolates, fruits, chips, etc., as long as it is not more than 3.4 ounces of liquid.

Can I take water on a plane?

You cannot bring a bottle of water through the security checkpoint, but you can carry an empty bottle and fill it once you are through security.

What items are prohibited in hand luggage?

liquid or semi-liquid foods like honey, soup, jams and syrups are prohibited to carry in your hand luggage. Sprays of all kinds, toothpaste, face creams, lotions, oils, perfumes and other cosmetic items like mascara and lip gloss are also prohibited.

Can I put phone charger in checked luggage?

You are not allowed to put a phone charger in checked luggage, but has to be taken into the cabin in your hand luggage.

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