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Attracting tourists from around the globe, Goa is an outstanding holiday destination with sun-kissed beaches, bright skies, and lengthy coastlines. Encompassing over 60 beautiful beaches, Goa is flanked by hippie vibe of North Goa while the tranquillity of South Goa will leave you spellbound. Other than this, Goa has impressive flea markets and sizzling nightlife, promising amazing to all kinds of avid travelers. Moreover, it is an outstanding honeymoon spot for all newly married couples who want a mix of adventure and romance. However, if not even the best of travel plans if not made with care and proper research can end up in a disaster, something you wouldn’t want on your Goa trip. So, here is a checklist of some Goa travel tips to make your vacation safe and blissful.

13 Essential Goa Travel Tips

Below are a few useful tips for your Goa trip that you can glance at before you book your final trip. Abiding by these will surely make your Goa trip a memorable and hassle-free affair.

1. Respect The Culture And Religion

world's most famous religious places

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Goa is home to the world’s most famous religious places and tourists from across the world come here to observe its elegance. Also, famous churches and temples are a few of the most sacred destinations to be explored here. However, proper etiquette and due respect should be showcased while visiting these religious places. Shoes and slippers should be removed before you enter any place of worship. Also, you have to switch off your mobile phones or turn them on silent mode, if you are visiting any churches, temples, or museums in Goa.

It is highly recommended to cover your heads and dress decently while visiting these holy places. No matter which religion you dwell from, treat all the holy places with utmost respect and faith. This is among the foremost tips for any Goa trip.

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2. Keep Your Essential Documents Safe

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While traveling to Goa, all the important documents like driving license, passport and visa should be kept in a hotel locker room. For safety, you should carry soft copies of your passport, driving license, as well as your visa on your phone while you’re out about and exploring Goa. Also, make sure these travel documents have been uploaded online on your personal email ID as well so that you can access them in case you lose your phone too. This is one of the most important Goa travel tips.

3. Avoid Carrying Too Much Cash

Carry Cash

Popular places are often the targets of pickpockets and thefts. You may get robbed or lose your money if you are carrying a huge sum of cash and not taking proper care of it. To avoid this misfortune, you can use plastic money which is more convenient. One of the important tips for first-time visitors to Goa is that cash or any valuables should not be kept in hotel rooms.

Have a keen look at all your bills of the hotel and restaurants you visit to ensure there is no misunderstanding. As it’s a holiday destination, do not wear and show off large sums of money or jewelry. If you are visiting from outside India, don’t exchange money in the black market. All Goa tour tips suggest people to always demand a receipt while exchanging money from a certified money exchange center. Carry change and tips for public transport. This is undoubtedly amongst the most important tips for Goa trip.

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4. Think Before You Click

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Goa is a gem for all photography freaks out there. Many pre-wedding shoots are carried out in this mind-blowing location and also it serves as an ideal spot for a destination wedding. However, before flashing your camera, look out for signs that say “No Pictures” or “Photography Restricted”, and respect that request. Moreover, there are many museums in Goa where photography is banned, along with many temples, churches, caves, and forts. There may also be locations where signboards read “No Flash”, so make sure you turn off your camera flash in those places. If you’re clicking a person, ask for their permission first. Don’t forget these photography tips for Goa in order to capture beautiful memories here and not get into trouble.

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5. Keep A Check Of What You Eat

mouth-watering Goan cuisine

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Popular Konkani proverb states that “You can’t think until you’ve eaten well”. If you’re a foodie, then the mouth-watering Goan cuisine has a lot to offer right from classic Goan curry to the delicious prawns! But even foodies need to follow some Goa travel tips to avoid unnecessary hassles. Avoid street food if you have a sensitive stomach and don’t like spicy food. Meat-based dishes in Goa aren’t only restricted to fish, prawns, and chicken. Confirm the contents of your order before you place that order so that you do not regret what lands on your plate.

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6. Shopaholics, Stay Alert!

Market in Goa

Goa houses one of the best shopping destinations and is a shopaholic’s dream place as well. Apart from night bazaars and flea markets, there are designer boutiques and studios that particularly sell beachwear and tees. Jazz up your wardrobe with a collection of Goan attire and jewelry, but follow these Goa travel tips before you do so. Bargain well, but not stubbornly. These handmade goods are the sole means of livelihood for many vendors and sellers in the cheap markets. Check the quality of the product before finalizing any deal. Keep an eye on your belongings at all times, especially in crowded Goan markets.

7. Packing Essentials


Make sure you have all the things in your bag before heading to Goa. Abide by the packing tips for Goa for a comfortable trip. Flip flops will be your best buddies throughout the journey so make sure you have a pair of them in your bag. If you are planning to swim, then carry a proper beachwear. Wear light-colored cotton tees and hot pants. Sunglasses are a must, accompanied with a hat or a scarf to avoid the harsh sun rays. Don’t forget to apply generous amounts of sunscreen before you step out. And don’t leave your mosquito repellent behind. Also, one of the most essential packing tips for Goa is that you carry a first aid box for a safe journey.

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8. Say No To Drugs!

consumption of drugs is banned

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Consumption of drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor) is banned in India and is a non-bailable offense in every part of the country. While Goa is the center of many happening rave parties, it is advisable to avoid the same so that you do not land into legal trouble or end up harming yourself. Although enjoyment is at the peak in Goa, one can only have a safe and happy vacation by abiding by all these Goa travel tips.

9. Enjoy The Nightlife, But With Caution

Nightlife in Goa

You are bound to get hooked to the nightlife in Goa. Once the sun sets, Goa transforms into a party hub with lit nightclubs, beach clubs, bars, pubs, beach parties, and much more. They say where fun exists, danger prevails. So you must take additional care while partying in Goa to ensure your safety at all times and of those around you. Be extra vigilant and don’t accept drinks from strangers. One should avoid walking alone in the remote and deserted areas of Goa.

10. Be Aware About The Right Season


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The best time of visit in Goa is between the months of October and March. If you are visiting the holiday destination during off-season, then you won’t be able to experience all the water sports and many interesting tourist attractions too are closed during that time. Moreover, you may not like the hot weather here. However, if you want to spend your vacation here amidst a lesser crowd, then visiting in off season would be just the right choice.

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11. Choose The Right Place To Stay


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If you want to experience the beach vibes at all times, make sure you choose a place of stay from where you can enjoy a splendid beach view. There are various homestays, hostels, hotels, and beach resorts in Goa where you can unwind after a long day. Choose the type of place of stay according to your preferences to make sure you don’t have to face any inconvenience. Consider this as one of the most crucial Goa travel tips.

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12. Renting A Scooter Is Highly Recommended


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This has to be one of the best tips for Goa trip. Renting a scooter is something every tourist prefers doing in order to explore Goa as per their own convenience and preferences. It is also proves to be one of the most interesting ways to enjoy the Goa culture. So, don’t forget to rent the scooter of your choice for the memorable rides in Goa.

13. Be Cautious About Where To Swim

people swimming in sea

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There are some of the beaches in Goa where swimming is not really allowed. It is because of the frequent high waves in the sea. Moreover, you have to be cautious when facing high waves for safety reasons. Don’t forget to check the signboards and be cautious about the lifeguards’ whistle sound.

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Whether you are on a holiday in Goa to enjoy the exuberant nightlife with your friends or indulge yourself in a fun-filled vacation with your family, this city will surely surpass all your expectations. With all these Goa travel tips in mind, we assure you that you will have an unforgettable vacation of your life in the Party Capital of India!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Goa Travel Tips

What should we carry to Goa?

Here is a list of few important things to be carried to Goa:
1. Flip flops
2. Sunglasses
3. Sunscreen
4. Hats
5. Beachwear
6. Light linen or cotton clothing
7. Insect repellent

Can we sleep on the beaches in Goa?

It is unsecured and not advisable to sleep on the beaches in Goa due to the unpredictable fluctuations of the waves and the presence of crabs.

Is Goa safe for females?

Goa is completely safe for female travelers as people here are quite welcoming and hospitable. Females need not worry much as it is a secure place to explore.

What should girls wear in Goa?

Cover-up dresses are entertained when you leave the land. To comfortably play on the beach, girls can wear sarongs, tank tops and shorts, loose-fitting trousers, and sundresses. While visiting historical places and monuments, one must strictly follow a proper dress code by covering their heads and wearing full attires.

Is Goa safe at night?

Yes, Goa is completely safe to explore at night. You will be thrilled with the late-night parties on the beaches and water sports. But there are certain do’s and don’t, one must be aware of. Also, one should avoid traveling to narrow streets and empty beaches alone at night.

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