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    Monsoon In Delhi

    Delhi isn’t always super cold and hot; the city has its fair share of romantic rainy days, too. Minus the traffic jams, the brief monsoon in Delhi is nothing short of a celebration – kids are on the streets getting drenched in rain, couples are seen spending time sitting in cafes, friends make plans to reconnect, and families have a good time at popular picnic spots like India Gate. The city has so much to offer in monsoons that you don’t have to really worry about places to visit in Delhi in rainy season

    The Delhi rains bring a whiff of cold and fresh air with tiny, fat raindrops from the northern hills. It is the perfect time to be in Delhi and do what Delhiites do – smell the wet soil, pick your umbrellas, go out, get drenched, and gorge on the lip-smacking street food of Delhi.

    There are some really awesome things to do in the Delhi monsoon that make you wait for the rains every year. Let’s go through a brief about city’s monsoon weather and the best rain experiences you can have here.

    Monsoon in Delhi – Average temperature & weather

    people walking carrying umbrellas during rain

    Image Source

    The average temperature in Delhi from July to September, the monsoon months, ranges between 30 degrees and 35 degrees. However, the showers tend to bring it down for a while. Delhi has an extreme climate which makes it suitable for those who enjoy the versatile weather. July marks the onset of monsoon and this is the time when you can enjoy the city’s rain-washed grandeur.

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    Most popular things to do during monsoon in Delhi

    Enjoying quietude with a book in a snuggly corner of your room or sipping a hot cup of coffee in a cozy cafe during Delhi rains, we all have different ways to welcome monsoon in Delhi. But if you are the kinds who hate staying indoors, here are the things that you simply can’t miss during Delhi monsoon; these experiences are a must for natives as well as guests and tourists in the city.

    1. On a fab rooftop cafe with friends & coffee

    Mia Bella

    Image Source

    Delhi boasts of some of the coziest and colorful cafes that become even more irresistible during monsoon. Out Of The Box, Amour, Warehouse Cafe Connaught Place, Mia Bella, Sky Bar Vasant Kunj, Imperfecto, and Lodhi-The Garden Restaurant are some of the cafes where you can sit by a glass window with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite book to enjoy the rain. Be ready for the mesmerizing views of Hauz Khas lake from the rooftop restaurants on a rainy day.
    Cafe timings:

    • Out Of The Box: 12pm – 1am
    • Amour: 8am – 11.30pm
    • Warehouse Cafe Connaught Place: 12pm – 12.30am
    • Mia Bella: 12pm – 11.45pm
    • Sky Bar Vasant Kunj: 12pm – 12am
    • Imperfecto: 12pm – 1am
    • Lodhi -The Garden Restaurant: 12pm – 12.30am

    2. Food expedition with your gang

    street food of Delhi

    Ask a Delhiite about places to visit in Delhi in rainy season, and they would never miss out to name atleast one street-food corner. This city’s love for street food, especially during rains is quite difficult for anyone to explain in words. From chaat, samosa, and chhole bhature to shawarma, momos, and kebabs, street food is everyone’s favorite here.

    Some of the most popular food joints with their timings:

    • Lala Babu Chaat Bhandaar in Chandni Chowk – For its gobhi matar samosa
    • Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandaar in Chandni Chowk (12pm – 10pm) – For its lip-smacking papri chaat
    • Salim’s Kebabs in Defence Colony Market (11am – 12am) – For the Kakori kebabs
    • Sitaram Diwan Chand in Paharganj (8am – 5pm) – For chhole bhature
    • Kulcha King in Sarojini Nagar (8.30am – 10pm) – For Amritsari kulcha and chhole
    • Al-Bake in New Friends Colony Market (9am – 11pm) – For Shawarma rolls
    • Dilli Haat in INA (11am – 9pm) – For authentic Hyderabad, Kashmir, Maharashtra, Orissa, Bengal cuisines
    • Khan Chacha in Khan Market (12am-11pm) – For the most delicious non-vegetarian food

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    3. Road-trip to Murthal for yummy paranthas

    a man riding bike

    Image Source

    Just about 50 km from Delhi, Murthal is a place for food junkies. You’ll fall in love with the ride as the wide and dark sky pours cool, little droplets down on you. Nothing can beat a bike ride to Murthal during monsoon with friends or your significant other. The Parathas at the dhabas in Murthal are made with different types of vegetables and are eaten with gusto.

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    4. Capture the wet city on your camera

    Humayun’s Tomb after rainSS13042017

    Image Source

    Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, Deer Park, Safdarjung’s Tomb, India Gate, Chandni Chowk, Lodhi Gardens, and Red Fort are some of the places that turn into incredibly wonderful sights to shoot after getting drenched.

    If you have been waiting for a chance to take out your camera, then this is the time. Spend an evening strolling around and capturing the best of Delhi. This historic site is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Delhi in monsoon. The lush green gardens and blue sky frame the monument picture-perfectly.

    Timings of these major hangout zones in Delhi:

    • Humayun’s Tomb: 6am – 6pm
    • Qutub Minar: 7am – 5pm
    • Deer Park: 5am – 8pm
    • Safdarjung’s Tomb: 7am – 5pm
    • India Gate: 12am – 12am
    • Chandni Chowk: 9.30am – 8pm
    • Lodhi Gardens: 6am – 7.30pm
    • Red Fort: 9.30am – 4.30pm

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    5. City tour on a Ho-Ho Bus

    blue colour hoho bus on Delhi roadsSS13042017

    Image Source

    Whether you’re new to Delhi or you live in the city, you must try the Ho-Ho bus (a hop-on-hop-off tourist bus by Delhi Tourism) during Delhi’s rain. You can enjoy the most spectacular sights while riding on the bus. And the best part is you don’t have to plan your trip, you just have to choose a stop from which you want to board the bus and then roam around as long as you want. This is also a smart way to get the best of Delhi monsoon season without having to get wet during the travel. The bus will take you to all your desired tourist spots.

    Offbeat experiences of monsoon in Delhi

    6. Delhi-walk through the beautiful roads & trails

    a drenched road in Delhi

    Image Source

    If you are one of those who waits for Delhi rains so that you can take those long, lazy walks, then here are some absolutely romantic places in and around Delhi for you to make the most Delhi’s monsoon. Kamla Nehru Ridge, JNU Parthasarathy Rocks area, Delhi Zoo, and India Gate are some of the places that are treat to your eyes and mind during the rainy season. You will often find couples walking hand in hand admiring the beauty and peace of the place under the refreshing showers of Delhi rains.

    7. Binge-read your favorite author in city’s cutest bookshop

    a man sitting in a cafe

    Image Source

    When Delhi’s sky turns black & grey and the clouds hang low, a cup of coffee and your favorite author’s book feel like great friends chilling together. Although anytime is a good time to read a book, but monsoon is a perfect weather to spend some special time with the book you’re planning to read for a long long time. So find that perfect corner for yourself and step into an entirely different world.

    Popular book cafes in Delhi with timings:

    • Ivy & Bean: 11am – 11pm
    • Kunzum Travel Café: 11am – 7.30pm
    • Another Fine Day: 10am – 11pm
    • Café Wanderlust: 9.30am – 10.30pm
    • Barista Lavazza: 11am – 11pm
    • Café Turtle: 9.30am – 8.30pm

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    8. Picturesque art galleries & their cozy cafes

    Triveni Tea Terrace

    Image Source

    The scent of rain on parched earth does something to art lovers and artists. Rain inspires innovative art exhibition in Delhi and every art lover must attend at least one. One can pay a visit to art galleries like Healing Monsoon at Lokayata Art Gallery and monsoon art festivals that are inspired by monsoon season. Spend the day admiring the works and in the evening relax with some tea and snacks at famous cafes and chai points near the gallery area.

    Some of the most popular art galleries in Delhi with timings:

    • Delhi Art Gallery: 11am – 7pm
    • Nature Morte: 10am – 6pm
    • Exhibit 320: 10am – 6.30pm
    • Talwar Gallery: 11am – 7pm
    • Dhoomimal Gallery: 11am – 7pm
    • Vadehra Art Gallery: 11am – 7pm

    9. Attend Red Earth’s The Monsoon Festival

    a lady wearing saree looking in mirror

    Image Source

    The monsoon festival redefines art and culture; it is a unique festival to renew the disappearing traditions and cultural practices. This is the place for all the die-hard fans of handmade products, Indian craft, music, theater, fashion, and art. This well-celebrated monsoon fest involves visual art, workshops, markets, theater, photography walks.

    10. Paddle through the lakes in & around Delhi

    people boating in Nauka Vihar of Old Fort

    Image Source

    Just imagine riding a boat on a lake during a light rain shower! It’s more romantic than it sounds. You can see Delhiites riding at boating points, including Boat Club at India Gate, Nauka Vihar at Old Fort, Sanjay Lake, Bhalswa Lake, Surajkund Lake and Damdama Lake during monsoon. Delhi rains re-fill the ponds and lakes in the city making it the ideal site to spend your leisure time.


    •  Boat Club at India Gate: 2pm – 9pm
    • Nauka Vihar at Old Fort: 12pm – 7pm
    • Sanjay Lake: 6am – 8pm
    • Bhalswa Lake: 1pm – 8pm
    • Surajkund Lake: 10.30am – 8.30pm
    • Damdama Lake: 9.30am – 6pm

    Safety tips to enjoy the monsoon in Delhi

    • Always carry an umbrella or a raincoat with you.
    • Wear rubber footwear.
    • Stay away from flooded streets.
    • Don’t eat from unhygienic food stalls.
    • Be careful of what you drink. Avoid drinking water from a source you’re not sure about.
    • Carry an extra plastic bag to keep your electronic devices safe.

    So we’ve put in our two cents worth on how you can make the most of your monsoon in Delhi. Although rain lovers don’t need a reason to go out and feel it, these experiences will certainly make them fall in love with the city once again.

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