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Never in your wildest dreams would you’ve ever thought of staying in a bird nest set on a riverside but thanks to a collaboration between Segera and NAY PALAD, your dream can come true now.

NAY PALAD Bird Nest Kenya

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The NAY PALAD Bird Nest offers a unique staycation where you can nest and sleep like a bird. Set above the ground, one can experience a 360 degree view of the surrounding wilderness and enjoy the sweet life of a bird.

NAY PALAD Bird Nest in Kenya

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  • Location: Segera Retreat, 60,000-acre wildlife reservation in the Laikipia Plains (Kenya)
  • Tariff: $1500 per night
  • Architecture: Segera and NAY PALAD along with architect Daniel Pouzet

How is the experience like?

After a game drive, the guests are taken to the NAY PALAD Bird Nest just before sunset. The nest is lantern lit and has culinary delights and champagne laid out in the open area on the top. Guests can choose to get their beds arranged outside in the open or in the shelter on the first floor. Decked with precious linens and hot water bottles, guests have the comfort of falling asleep under the open sky or in the cozy shelter.

Inside view of NAY PALAD Bird Nest

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In the morning, you are woken up to the sounds of animals and nature and are served a picnic breakfast. Dining in the company of giraffes, elephants, and other wild animals is truly a treat to the senses and an experience you won’t forget in a long long time.

Accompanied by a fully equipped bathroom, the NAY PALAD Bird Nest is technically designed to hold two members but can also accommodate a family if the members agree on sleeping under the stars and also in the shelter.

NAY PALAD Bird Nest holiday

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Staying here is truly a once in a lifetime experience and the intimate connection that one can find with nature here will stay in your heart forever.

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