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    Honeymoon in Andaman

    If a Port Blair honeymoon has been on your mind for some time now, but with the constant worry of it becoming a cliche’ Andaman holiday, it’s time you take a back seat and relax. Because apart from a perfect atmosphere to make your romantic vacay better, Port Blair offers experiences that would make your trip as unique as your love story! All you need to do is scroll through this guide before you book your honeymoon trip to Andaman!

    Best Time To Visit Port Blair For Your Honeymoon

    Irrespective of when you get hitched, it’s only better to plan your honeymoon in Port Blair between October and May. The weather during this time is pleasant and perfect for exploring the city, and even indulging in all kinds of water sports activities.

    Honeymoon couple in Andaman

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    Whereas the city usually experiences heavy winds, rain, and thunderstorms from June to September, which make sightseeing and indulging in water sports a little bit challenging.

    Ideal Duration For Honeymoon In Port Blair

    While many tourists prefer spending mostly two days in Port Blair, the ideal duration for a honeymoon is five days and four nights. You can explore the island at your own pace, indulge in experiences you wish to, whilst getting enough time to spend with each other in the comfort of your cozy suite.

    Average Budget Per Day Per Couple

    Average budget per couple for honeymoon in Port Blair

    Average Price For A 3-Star Hotel: INR 5,000
    Meals (without drinks): INR 1,000
    Sightseeing & Activities: INR 4,000
    Local Transfers: INR 1,000
    Miscellaneous: INR 500
    Average Spend Per Day: INR 11,500

    Please Note:

    • The prices for the flight have not been included in the above budget since it may vary from city to city and flight to flight.
    • The cost of the meal for two doesn’t include breakfast as it is complimentary mostly in all the hotels.
    • This is an average budget and the prices for everything may differ depending on the season & the places you visit.

    Andaman Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

    Book a memorable honeymoon trip to Andaman. Stay in a romantic room, enjoy candle light dinner, and get rejuvenated at a spa. Packages inclusive of hotel, cab, airport transfers, and sightseeing.

    What To Pack For Your Honeymoon In Port Blair?

    packing list for honeymoon in Port Blair

    Image Source

    • A sunscreen, insect repellant, and extra towels
    • Sunglasses, hat, and flip flops
    • Comfortable beachwear and some warm outfits
    • A windcheater
    • Cash
    • A raincoat and umbrella
    • A camera
    • All the travel related documents

    How To Reach Port Blair

    Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman can be reached majorly by air and sea. While traveling to Port Blair via ship is cheaper and more adventurous, taking a flight only helps you in reaching faster.

    how to reach Port Blair

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    By Air

    To reach Port Blair by air, you can take connecting flights from your city, which would have a layover at Chennai or Kolkata.

    By Sea

    If you’re aiming for an absolutely unique kind of experience, you can get on board any regular ship from cities like Chennai, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam.

    Getting Around In Port Blair

    You can hire or rent a car for getting around the city during your honeymoon. If a budget-friendly option is what you’d prefer more, consider taking an auto or renting a scooter. However, to experience the city like a local, buses are also available, but not advisable since they are mostly crowded.

    Must-Have Experiences For A One-Of-Its-Kind Port Blair Honeymoon

    While there are innumerable things to do in Port Blair, these five experiences are what would make your honeymoon more romantic, unique, and unforgettable!

    1. Munda Pahad Beach: Enjoy The Gorgeous Sunset

    Driving through tropical forests with gorgeous views en route, and endemic birds around, a sunset tour is something you two should definitely take on your honeymoon! You can take a romantic walk on the famous Munda Pahar Beach which is one of the best places to visit in Port Blair for honeymoon, and admire the golden hues in the sky as the sun goes down.

    honeymoon in Port Blair

    Image Courtesy: J.F. Marrero

    Timings: 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
    Duration: 3 Hours
    Cost: INR 1,200 (approximately)
    Location: Port Blair, South Andaman Island

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    2. Sinclairs: Experience A Romantic Oceanfront Dinner

    Going on a candlelight dinner is one of the most romantic things to do in Port Blair with your loved one. With the views of the ocean in front and the stars above, your evening will surely get special here! You can book a completely arranged and managed dinner by the staff at Sinclairs Bayview Hotel in advance before you head for your date!

    Port Blair Honeymoon

    Image Source

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    Cost: INR 4,000 to INR 5,000
    Location: South Point, Port Blair, South Andaman Island

    3. North Bay Island: Take A Walk Along The Beach

    Underwater sea walking is one of the most unique experiences to have, especially for the non-divers. The sea walk begins after reaching the North Bay Island which is one of the popular Port Blair honeymoon places which can be visited via a boat, stopping by at the sea walk pontoon, where one is assisted and guided by expert professionals. You wouldn’t just get to witness the rich and beautiful marine life during the walk, but also make memories for a lifetime.

    honeymoon in Port Blair

    Image Source

    Timings: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
    Cost: INR 3,000 to INR 4,000
    Location: Port Blair, South Andaman Island

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    4. Jolly Buoy Island: Enjoy The Glass Bottom Boat Ride

    Even if you love being in the waters, there’s nothing that can beat the sweet thrill a glass bottom boat ride offers. Sailing through the blue waters, this ride lets you watch the live corals from a completely different perspective. If you two are in for it, try and take a ride with Andaman Dolphin, which offers a high speed glass boat ride with absolute safety.

    Glass bottom boat ride, Andaman

    Image Source

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    Duration: 30 to 60 minutes
    Cost: INR 2,500 to INR 3,500
    Location: The ride starts from the Andaman water sports complex and takes you to the Jolly Buoy Island.

    5. Ross Island: Witness The Light And Sound Show

    While you’re out exploring the city during your honeymoon in Port Blair, make sure you stop by at the Ross Island to witness the beautiful ruins of the past. Apart from the ruins and the museum, the light and sound show here is a must watch since it highlights the past of the island in the words of Gulzar. So, even if you’re not a history buff, you can still consider visiting here for it’s absolutely worth the money and time.

    Light and sound show in Andaman

    Image Source

    Timings: 5:30 PM
    Cost: The entry charges are INR 50, whereas the ticket for the show costs INR 100. (The tickets need to be bought three days in advance from the ticket counter in Port Blair.)
    Location: Ross Island, Port Blair, South Andaman Island

    6. Kayak Tour: Indulge In Adventure With Your Partner

    Kayaking is a great water sport and the pleasure multiplies when you experience it with your loved ones. Port Blair is a great place to go on a romantic kayak tour with you partner. Kayaking involves coordination, effort and energy which are also the traits that you need for a happy marriage.

    Couples kayaking

    Planning your honeymoon in Andaman but confused about what to do? These Andaman honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

    Real honeymooners. Real stays. Real opinions to help you make the right choice.

    Shopping In Port Blair

    Shopping in Port Blair

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    No honeymoon is ever complete without shopping one’s heart out in the city, so you must explore what Port Blair has in store for you. While it’s mostly dotted with local shops, some popular places you can visit are Aberdeen Bazaar, Sagarika Government Emporium, and Queen Sea Shell Craft. The pearl and shell jewelry, wooden bowls and tables, and other handicrafts are a must buy here!

    Most Romantic Honeymoon Hotels In Port Blair

    While there are a number of hotels in the city, these three are the most romantic ones to consider for your stay since their ambience, locale, and amenities would add a spark to your romance!

    1. SeaShell Port Blair

    Situated on the top of Marine Hill, SeaShell is a famous 5-star luxury hotel. It offers scenic views of the sea as well as the city, and has elegantly styled rooms with modern day amenities. The rooftop restaurant – Amaya here is the perfect place to have a dinner date with your loved one!

    SeaShell Hotel Port Blair

    Image Source

    SeaShell Hotel Port Blair

    Image Source

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    Price: INR 9,000 to INR 11,000
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
    Location: Marine Hill, Port Blair, South Andaman Island
    Website | Reviews

    2. Sinclairs Bayview Port Blair

    If you’re looking for hotels in Port Blair near beach, Sinclairs is the best hotel to pick. Located on the waterfront, this hotel offers captivating views of the Bay of Bengal from almost all of its rooms, and is only a few minutes walk to the beach.

    Sinclairs Bayview Port Blair

    Image Source

    Sinclairs Bayview Port Blair

    Image Source

    Price: INR 9,000 to INR 12,000
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
    Location: South Point, Port Blair, South Andaman Island
    Website | Reviews

    3. Hotel Sentinel

    With premier elegant rooms to royal suites bigger than most in the city, a swimming pool, a restaurant that serves good Indian food, and an excellent location close to attractions like Cellular Jail & Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Hotel Sentinel has everything to make your honeymoon more comfortable and memorable!

    Hotel Sentinel, Port Blair

    Image Source

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    Price: INR 9,000 to INR 33,000
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5
    Location: Phoenix Bay, Port Blair, South Andaman Island
    Website | Reviews

    Tips For Your Honeymoon In Port Blair

    • Check the weather well in advance before planning your honeymoon trip to Port Blair.
    • Prefer a hotel room that offers a sea view or is near the beach.
    • If you plan on visiting the Ross Island, make sure you buy the tickets three days in advance.
    • Carry extra warm clothes, since the weather in the city is quite unpredictable.
    • A lot of hotels organize a candlelight dinner with the sea view or on the beach, make sure you don’t miss out on this experience at all.
    • Make a checklist of all the romantic places in Port Blair you wish to visit or things to do, so that you don’t miss out anything during your trip.

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    With the right kind of experiences with your partner amidst a romantic atmosphere, your Port Blair honeymoon will surely be a hit! Make sure you make it even more memorable by customizing your Andaman honeymoon with TravelTriangle just the way you desire.

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