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    A beautiful view of the Andaman that has been keeping secrets to itself

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    Andaman is intriguing in more than one ways. Of 572 islands only 36 are inhabited and that leaves 93.7 percent of it unexplored. It hides within its waters, lands and forests the secrets of fascinating underwaters, layers of political conspiracies, and painful, yet inspiring stories of brave patriotic men. Besides, it also holds dear certain tribes untouched by civilization, and their dying culture, customs, and languages.

    Of many secrets, we bring you some really beautiful and controversial ones. This is a quick run-through of Andaman’s natural wonders, troublesome past, facts about the soon-vanishing tribes and developments in the state in the post-independence era.

    1. Havelock, Port Blair, Neil, Ross and Smith are a few of the many islands in the Andamans, named after British officials who ruled there

    Many places in Andaman are named after British officials

    2. Barren Islands in Andaman are home to the only confirmed active lava volcano of India

    A view of the active volcano at Barren Islands

    Image Source

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    3. And not just the active lava volcano, Andaman also houses the only place in India with mud volcanoes – Baratang

    Many views of the mud volcanoes at Baratang

    4. The biggest wonder, bioluminescence can be witnessed at Havelock Island

    Bioluminescence can be witnessed at Havelock Island

    Image Source

    5. Not many know that Ross and Smith are a single island. Well, sometimes

    The sandbar between the twin islands of Ross and Smith in Andaman

    Image Source
    Pristine islands Ross and Smith are connected by a natural sandbar, which hides during high tide making two separate islands. During low tide, the water recedes from the sand bar making them one single piece of land.

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    6. Had it not been for Ross Islands, Port Blair would have been destroyed in the 2004 Tsunami

    A view of the church in ruins at the Ross island

    Image Source

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    7. The native tribes do not interact with outsiders. The Sentinelese are considered as the most isolated tribes

    Sentinelese tribesman aiming arrow at the relief helicopter

    Image Source
    When the government of India sent relief helicopters after the Tsunami of 2004, the Sentinelese people aimed arrows at them to scare the helicopters away.

    8. In the Chola Chronicles the islands were called Timaittivu, meaning the impure islands, due to the cannibalism that existed on these islands

    Many native tribes of Andaman are known to be cannibals

    Image Source

    9. The native language, Andamanese, is nearly extinct today

    Current situation of the Andamanese family of languages

    Image Source

    The extinction is the result of an epidemic disease that wiped off a major chunk of the native population about 200 years ago.

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    10. Andaman & Nicobar Islands were occupied by Japan for 3 years during WW II

    Men of the Azad Hind Fauj hoist the tiranga at Andaman after it became independent in 1943

    Image Source

    Japan occupied the Andaman Island in 1942. Though they continued to rule for the next three years, the Japanese theoretically gave up control over Andaman and Nicobar Islands handing them over to Subhash Chandra Bose on 8th November 1943. He renamed them as “SHAHEED” and “SWARAJ” islands respectively.

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    11. It is rumored that Japanese made a secret tunnel from Ross Island to Port Blair

    A view of the Ross Island from Port Blair

    Image Source

    While it is assumed that one of the bunkers on the Ross Island leads to the opening of a tunnel to Port Blair, there is no evidence of its existence.

    12. The Andaman Islands were originally a part of Burma and were traded by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in exchange of two districts of Manipur

    Satellite view of the Coco islands gifted to Burma

    In 1948, India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gifted Coco Island of the Andaman & Nicobar group of islands to Burma only in turn to be gifted to China by the Burmese. Coco Islands are the only islands in the Bay of Bengal that are in China’s possession since then. However, Myanmar (erstwhile Burma) continues to list Coco Islands as a part of their territory. Another theory states the presence of Chinese base in the Coco Islands that are still in possession of Burma. The ambiguity continues to exist with no concrete information.

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    13. A view from Mount Harriet, the third-highest peak in the Andaman, features on the backside of the Indian 20 rupees note

    A collage of the 20 rupees note and the real-time shot of the image used on its back

    14. Jal Hans, India’s first commercial seaplane was launched in the Andaman Islands

    The sea plane run by Jal Hans in Andaman

    Image Source

    15. The popular ‘Light and Sound Show’ in Cellular Jail features veteran actor Om Puri narration as the peepal tree

    The peepal tree that is shown to narrate the story during light and sound shows at Cellular Jail

    The light and sound show tells the poignant stories of Kala Pani prisoners, who were tortured to death in the cellular jail.

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    So which of these secrets totally blew your mind? Share with us any similar secrets of the isles that we forgot to put on our list.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Secrets Of Andaman Islands

    Q. Do you need a visa for Andaman Islands?

    A. Indians do not need a visa to go to Andaman Islands, as this place is an Indian union territory. Foreigners not only require a passport and visa to reach this holiday destination, they also need a Restricted Area Permit in order to visit as well as stay in this Indian union territory.

    Q. Which is the best island in Andaman?

    A. There are various amazing islands in Andaman. However, Havelock Island is considered the one that is definitely a must visit.

    Q. What should I not miss in Andaman?

    A. There are some of the best things that can be tried out in Andaman and you surely should not miss out – light show at Cellular Jail, glass bottom boat ride, scuba diving, watching the sunset, and more.

    Q. How do I get to the Andaman Islands?

    A. In order to get to Andaman, you must book a flight to the capital city of Port Blair. This airport is well connected to the major cities of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and more.

    Q. How many days are sufficient for Andaman?

    A. You need 10 days to explore all the best attractions in Andaman and try out most of the activities in this famous tourist destination.

    Q. Is Andaman beautiful?

    A. Yes, Andaman is one of the most beautiful places in India. Since the place is known for its picturesque islands that are enveloped within lush greenery. Moreover, the marine life here is worth witnessing. The beauty of this place is also reflected in some of the most amazing beach resorts where a perfect stay in peace is easily ensured.

    Q. Is Andaman safe?

    A. Yes, the tourist destination is quite safe for all kinds of travelers from friends and families to honeymooners and solo travelers. The place is also ideal for the female solo travelers as well.

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