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Meghalaya is a lovely small hilly state in northeast India which has remained unexplored by the tourists for quite some time. This abode of clouds is a living paradise with its matchless natural beauty and awe inspiring tourists attractions. Meghalaya is blissful state full of ambrosial hills entraning lakes, rapturous valleys, bewildering caves and peerless waterfalls.  Things to do in Meghalaya are plenty that’ll leave you mesmerised! Some of the locations and attractions in the state are renowned internationally. Cherrapunji is one such location – which is popular for being the location which receives highest rainfall in the world. Shillong is the capital of the state and unmatchable in its beauty. Due to its natural scenic beauty – Shillong has been called as the Scotland of the East.

Top 18 Things To Do In Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful places in India, and the experience it offers is unparalleled. There are a lot of things to do in Meghalaya and they all eagerly wait for your arrival. From exploring the cleanest village in Asia to kayaking on the cleanest river in India, here is the list of top adventures and things one can indulge in while vacationing at this beautiful land amidst the scenic natural beauty.

  • Trek To Bewildering Living Root Bridges
  • Camping Around Umiam Lake
  • Explore Mawsmai Cave
  • Water Sports At Umiam Lake
  • Walking Along The David Scott Trail
  • Expedition At Siju Cave
  • Trekking At Laitlum Canyon
  • Play Golf At Gleneagles
  • Trip To Mawphanlur Village
  • Shop At Bara Bazaar Shillong
  • Photography At Elephant Falls
  • Visit Don Bosco Museum
  • Lunch At Trattoria
  • Churches Of Shillong
  • Explore The Mawlynnong Village
  • Visit The Dawki River
  • Relish The Local Food
  • Mountain Biking At Sohliya Village

1. Trek To Bewildering Living Root Bridges

Trekking To Bewildering Living Root Bridges

Image Credit: Mario for Pixabay

Living root bridges Meghalaya is one breathtaking scenic mysterious marvel of Meghalaya. The trekking to this imposing double decker root bridge or sometimes known as living root bridge in Cherrapunji is something which will take your breath away. Trekking is amongst the many things to do in Cherrapunji. This wonder of nature is one of the most exotic natural locations among the tourist and something which will leave you jaws wide open in its awe. The trekking way leading to the awesome place is equally exciting as one passes through the dense lush green jungles.

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2. Camping Around Umiam Lake

Beautiful Camping Around Umiam Lake

Image Credit: Felipe Lopez for Pixabay

Umiam lake is another wonder in Meghalaya. Popular for adventure sports and a picnic spot – camping at the Island in Umiam lake will give you an incredible high. One can indulge in lot of adventurous sports including joomering, rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining and many more. The lake is full of amazing historic big trees and lush green scenic beauty. It makes for a perfect laid back vacation – with its serene surroundings, sounds of playful chirping birds, peaceful cool breeze and wonderful house boats in the lake.

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3. Explore Mawsmai Cave

Beautiful Explore Mawsmai Cave

Image Source

Mawsmai Cave in Meghalaya are incredibly popular among tourists and amongst the best places to visit near Shillong. These wondrous caves make for a thrilling adventure in Meghalaya. The caves are dark, deep and very narrow. Going through the caves is a super challenge as there is only one entry and one exit point in a difficult unwelcoming terrain. This titillating experience is one that tourists often find bit scary but they do it anyways due to the high thrill involved. The imposing exquisite stalagmite and stalactite formations in the cave, the startling experience and the adrenaline rush this adventure gives makes it amazingly popular among the tourists. This is one of the best things to do in Meghalaya in December.

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4. Water Sports At Umiam Lake

Water Sports At Umiam Lake

Image Source

The lake is full of ravishing stunning natural beauty. This big wide lake is spread in an area of 10 square km. Due to its sheer size the lake is also popularly known as Barapani locally. This is one place to be at if you like adventure sports – especially the water adventure sports. One can indulge in the adventures of skii, water scooting, kayaking and many other sports.

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5. Walking Along The David Scott Trail

Walking Along The David Scott Trail

Image Courtesy: piqsels.com

David Scott Trail is among the famous trekking trails here among trekkers, climbers and tourists. The trail was discovered by the famous trekker – David Scott – hence its name. This 16 km trail is full of adventures and natural beauty. On your way to climbing up you will encounter incredible sights, green tall magnificent trees, adorable tribal villages and gorgeous waterfalls. The views of the hills and incredible valleys throughout the trail will blow away your mind with stupefying beauty.

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6. Expedition At Siju Cave

Beautiful Expedition At Siju Cave

Image Source

Siju caves are among the first natural limelight caves in the country. These century old lime formations – are among the stunning natural marvels in the state of Meghalaya. These are also known as bat caves as the caves are full of flying bats. Tourista and excavators find these awe-inspiring caves matchless with their uniqueness. A perfect place for adventurers to explore the mysterious wonders of Siju cave.

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7. Trekking At Laitlum Canyon

Trekking At Laitlum Canyon

Image Credit: Dimitrios Gkorilas for Pixabay

Laitlum canyon makes for an incredible trekking trail in the hills of Meghalaya. This is one of the most popular treks in the whole north east. This trek might be short but this ain’t among the easiest of the trek due to its difficult terrain and landscape. The trek is full matchless blissful views – especially the views from the hilltop are ravishing and absolutely gratifying. The trek can be completed in a period of 4 – 5 hours only – and therefore tourists love this adventure. The sunset and sunrise view from this breathtaking trail are astonishingly beautiful.

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8. Play Golf At Gleneagles

Girl Play Golf At Gleneagle

Image Courtesy: pexels.com

Shillong Golf Course is one of the highest, oldest, largest and one of the most adorable natural golf courses across the world. This stunning golf circuit is situated in a scenic valley and is surrounded by oaks and tall pine trees. This ravishing, out of this world golf circuit is sometimes also called Gleneagles of the East’ due to its sheer heavenly beauty and lush green scenery.

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9. Trip To Mawphanlur Village

Beautiful Trip To Mawphanlur Village

Image Credit: Ioannis Ioannidis for Pixabay

Mawphanlur village in Meghalaya are sublime adorable village full of angelic natural beauty and very hospitable local people here. Reach Mawphlang where you will visit the sacred groves before your arrival at traveler’s nest. You will love strolling at , Lum Symper, Mawten,Lum Kyllang, Lum Nohkrek, Rambrai and Mawdoh to cherish the divine scenery.

One of the best places to spend some laid back time in the midst of lush ambrosial scenery, perfect clear sky and adorable people of the village. You can join the local marketplace, sip some incredible hot cup of tea, shop the local art and handicraft, play with kids and soak some sun – this place is full of ravishing colours. One can also enjoy some wonderful adventure sports this place offers. With too much to do here – it makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Meghalaya.

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10. Shop At Bara Bazaar Shillong

Shopping At Bara Bazaar Shillong

Image Courtesy: pexels.com

Shillong – the capital of Meghalaya – popularly known as Scotland of the east – is also famous for its incredible colourful market places. One such bazaar is the bara bazaar at Shillong. Situated amidst the hills and pine trees – the bazaar is full of local artworks, Meghalaya textile works, handicrafts and souvenirs that you can buy here. This bustling market will gratify you like no other place.

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11. Photography At Elephant Falls

Photography At Elephant Falls

Image Source

This is an enchanting beauteous waterfall very near to Shillong peak. The waterfall which looks like a giant elephant – mesmerises with its splendid beauty. These waterfall used to be called Three Steps Waterfall – due to the three prominents steps down which the waterfalls here. But the name was changed by British later – who found the rock here resembling a giant elephant. This remains a very popular tourist destination and its scenic view is something you will cherish for a long time.

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12. Visit Don Bosco Museum


Image Source

The historic Don Bosco museum is one important cultural center – not just in Meghalaya but in the whole north east. This museum which has a hexagonal shape – is regarded as one of the best in the north east. The museum has 7 floors representing seven different states of north east. This museum will give you a glimpse of the rich culture, heritage, art and colourful history of the seven north east states of India. The museum has a splendid collection of paintings, artworks, sculptures and artefacts. The museum also houses a large cultural library, conference hall and a media hall. This is a perfect place to visit and know about the seven sister states of north.

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13. Lunch At Trattoria

Trattoria Castel dell’Ovo

Now that you have explored all adventurous things to do in Meghalaya, you must be famished and looking to try amazing food that relishes your palate and satiates your hunger! Look no further than Trattoria; a tiny but popular cafe located in Police Bazar in Meghalaya. The cafe might be small but it packs quite a punch when it comes to food! Having a meal is one of the top things to do in Meghalaya, and should not be missed. This place is heaven for every food lover. It serves some of the most amazing dishes such as Jakhaw Khasi, Dohnud, Dohjam, Doh Khelia, Tungtap, Ja Doh, and more such finger-licking delicious food.

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14. Churches Of Shillong

Every nook and corner of Shillong is filled with churches, and each church is different from the other one. Each and every church in this city is a marvel of architecture that is bound to take your breath away. The long list of churches in Shillong offers an insight into the world of religion mixed with beautiful and intricate architecture. The Cathedral of Mary Help Of Christians is one of the most popular churches in Shillong and should not be missed. Also an amazing example of architecture is the statue of Mother Mary holding Jesus Christ.

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15. Explore The Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong Village in Meghalaya

The village of Mawlynnong is named as the ‘cleanest village in Asia’ that sets a benchmark for other villages and cities in India as it also promotes eco-tourism. It’s also known as God’s Own Garden that has a 100 percent literacy rate which gives more reasons to visit this village and explore it’s lush green escapades. Plan a visit soon and make sure you interact with the locals or witness the tribal lifestyle of this village. You could also choose to explore the best valleys in Meghalaya and experience the wilderness of Meghalaya to rejuvenate yourself. There are also some amazing resorts in Meghalaya to give you the best views of the surreal beauty of Meghalaya and make sure you have a comfortable stay.

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16. Visit The Dawki River

Dawki River

Not only home to the cleanest village in Asia, but Meghalaya also proudly boasts it’s pristine water bodies, the Dawki River is one such example. Considered as one of the cleanest rivers in India, you can see through the crystal clear waters of the river and see the bottom as you row across the river making it one of the top things to do in Meghalaya. The emerald green waters will captivate your mind and replenish your soul.

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17. Relish The Local Food

steam fish in bamboo shoot

Meghalaya has a distinctive cuisine that is basically divided into three styles of cooking – Garo, Khasi and Jaintia. Being home to an array of amazing local dishes, Meghalaya’s local food comprises rice, stew vegetables, curries, bamboo shoot, and meat. Some of the famous dishes of Meghalaya include Jadoh, Doh-Khlieh, Nakham Bitchi, Doh-Neiiong, Tungrymbai, Pudoh and more.

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18. Mountain Biking At Sohliya Village

experience for thrill loving tourist

Indulge in an exuberant activity of mountain biking and get a chance to witness the stunning sights of the Sohliya village as it’s certainly one of the best things to do in Meghalaya. Immerse yourself in the serene nature of this village, bike through the lush green escapades, the forest corridors, countryside trails and learn about the Khasi tribe while you enjoy a delicious authentic meal amidst the surreal beauty of this quaint village.

How To Reach Meghalaya


By air: The nearest airport is located in Guwahati which is nearly 159 km from Meghalaya. You can take a flight to Guwahati and reach Meghalaya by hiring a cab or taxi from there.

By rail: Guwahati railway station is the nearest station which is well-connected to the other parts of the country.

By road: The road to Meghalaya is well-connected to neighbouring states. If you are planning a road trip from Guwahati then you will be taking NH 40 to reach here.

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Already excited for a ravishing trip to Meghalaya? Don’t wait ! Head to this incredible awe inspiring state to relax and revitalise yourself amidst ambrosial surroundings. Make your trip worthwhile and get a chance to learn the cultural aspects by trying most of the above-listed things to do in Meghalaya.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Meghalaya

Q. What is the best time to tour Meghalaya?

A. October to June is the best time to experience the paradisiacal beauty of Meghalaya. Even in the summer, the overall weather in Meghalaya is pleasant. June to September end is the rainy season and Meghalaya receives very heavy rain.

Q. Does Meghalaya have snow?

A. Meghalaya usually doesn’t receive snowfall. Few places in Meghalaya due to their elevation can have sub zero temperatures in peak winters. This may result in thick frost.

Q. Is Shillong safe to travel?

A. Yes. Shillong is extremely safe for tourists.

Q. What is the popular food in Meghalaya?

A. Preparations of rice, fish and meat are popular in Meghalaya. Some popular local cuisines are Ki Kpu, Jadoh, Bamboo Shoots, Tung rymbai.

Q. What is Meghalaya famous for?

A. Meghalaya is famous for its hills, lush greenery and its natural beauty. Meghalaya is also famous for its huge orchids. There are many varieties of vegetables, fruits and spices that are found here.

Q. How far is Shillong from Guwahati?

A. Guwahati is approximately 100 km away from Shillong. It will take a drive of approximately 3 hours to reach Shillong from Guwahati.

Q. Does Meghalaya have an airport?

A. Capital of Meghalaya – Shillong has its own airport – Shillong Airport. The airport is well connected to major cities in India.

Q. What is the distance between Cherrapunji and Guwahati?

A. The distance between Cherrapunji and Guwahati is 53 kms by road.

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