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    highlight Meghalaya's beauty

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    As you move outside, however, you’re introduced to undulating hills, quiet hiking trails and huge natural formations that will leave you awestruck. Check out these places to visit near Shillong that will enrich your holiday.

    From ravishing waterfalls to serene lakes, Shillong is located near gorgeous places. If you are exploring Shillong and are planning to visit the nearby spots, then do go through this list. Add these famous places to visit near Shillong to your itinerary and get ready to have a vacation like never before!

    19 Best Places To Visit Near Shillong

    Shillong is a beautiful place in Meghalaya which is surrounded by equally pretty escapes. Listed below are some beautiful places near Shillong. All of these places are remarkable and offer experiences that one tends to cherish. With something to do for every kind of travelers, places near Shillong are worth a visit. Have a look!

    • Shillong Peak – The Highest One
    • Laitlum – About Deep Gorges 
    • Sacred Grove – A Protected Forest
    • David Scott Trail – Trekker’s Paradise
    • Kyllang Rock – Stunning Rock Formation
    • Nongriat – The Hottest Tourist Place
    • Mawlynnong – The Cleanest Village Of Meghalaya
    • Nongkhnum – A Pristine River Island 
    • Nohkalikai Falls – For An Ultramarine Pool
    • Shnongpdeng – Mini Paradise
    • Cherrapunjee – Wettest Place On Earth
    • Jowai – Mesmerizing Little Town
    • Nohsngithiang Falls – The Seven Sisters Falls 
    • Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary – Perfect Naturscape
    • Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden – Exotic Blend Of Flora And Fauna
    • Umiam Lake – Awe Inspiring Landscapes
    • Elephant Falls – Refreshing Aura
    • Mawsynram – Second Wettest Spot In World
    • Sweet Falls – Haunted Legends 

    1. Shillong Peak – The Highest One

    town's highest point

    A popular stop just a few kilometers out of town, Shillong Peak – the town’s highest point – provides an expansive look at the capital with hills as the backdrop. It is definitely one of the impressive places to visit near Shillong. The area is administered by the IAF and you’ll need to hand in identification at the entrance. You’ll want to carry a good camera to take photos as the air can get hazy. However, there’s a telescope installed to get close-up views of the town. Take time to look around and have a cup of piping hot tea from the local vendors.

    Distance From Shillong: 10.6 Km
    Ideal for: Leisure, hiking

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    2. Laitlum – About Deep Gorges

    majestic hills rising

    Deep gorges and majestic hills rising in the distance await at Laitlum. You can spend hours exploring the meadows or just sitting down on the grass and admiring nature’s handiwork. Although tucked away from town, it’s no longer unfrequented and has become one of the most popular tourist places near Shillong. If you’re up for some pulse-racing adventure, head down the 3,000 or so steps towards the hamlet of Raslong. Seeing the residents effortlessly climb up and down the steep, meandering steps will leave you stunned and more than a little envious!

    Distance From Shillong: 4.1 Km
    Ideal for: Leisure

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    3. Sacred Grove – A Protected Forest

    native flora and fauna

    Image Source

    A ways from the town in Mawphlang is an oasis of sorts with old trees and meadows creating an Eden-like world. The Sacred Grove is a protected forest overseen by a local deity and is one of the offbeat places near Shillong. You can visit and admire the native flora and fauna but you aren’t allowed to remove anything from here – this goes for leaves, stones, twigs et al.
    The Sacred Grove has for long been one of the best places to visit near Shillong especially for those who love nature walks. Local guides will take you in and narrate fascinating tales of lore.

    Distance From Shillong: 27.0 Km
    Ideal for: Leisure, history

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    4. David Scott Trail – Trekker’s Paradise

    overview of the valley

    Here is a little something for thrill seekers. David Scott Trail is one of its kind for those who seek an impeccable trekking experience. One of the oldest routes in Meghalaya, David Scott Trail was once used as a track to connect Assam to Bangladesh back in the 19th century. This is among the adventurous tourist places near Shillong because the trail is not really marked. It is best to take help of locals to find your way around. Although, the cascading waterfalls, thick jungles, majestic mountains, mystical groves, and the pristine streams surely makes this trail worth it.

    Distance From Shillong: 26.5 Km
    Ideal for: Hiking

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    5. Kyllang Rock – Stunning Rock Formation

    huge granite rock formation

    About 50 kilometers from Shillong and around 10 kilometers from Mairang in West Khasi Hills district is a huge granite rock formation that is a treat to climb (steps are built so you don’t need bouldering skills!). It’s believed that you can’t fall off the top of the rock owing to a magnetic field. However, we advise you not to try it anyway! Once at the top, seat yourself down and feel the wind refresh you. Take along a good camera for long-distance shots of villages in the distance.

    Distance From Shillong: 58.1 Km
    Ideal for: Leisure

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    6. Nongriat – The Hottest Tourist Place

    iconic living root bridges

    Nongriat is arguably one of the hottest tourist places in and around Shillong. It’s home to the iconic living root bridges, which are man-made and natural marvels that will take your breath away. The village is accessible by roughly 3,000 steps that wind down from Tyrna. The walk itself is totally satisfying but the reward at the end is what visitors seek. Three living root bridges await, one of which is an impressive double-decker.

    Distance From Shillong: 65.2 Km
    Ideal for: Leisure, hiking, overnight stays

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    7. Mawlynnong – The Cleanest Village Of Meghalaya

    incredible picturesque

    Asia’s cleanest village of Mawlynnong is not just startlingly free of trash but it’s incredibly picturesque. Traditional huts and houses dot the village while gardens create a kaleidoscope of colors. However, it’s not just cleanliness that it lays claim to; it has a high literacy rate at over 90 percent. The once unknown village is today the beacon of what teamwork and attitude can achieve. Walking through, you see it reflected in almost every aspect of life.

    Distance From Shillong: 77.9 Km
    Places to Stay:

    • Vamoose Hotel
    • Ritz Homestay
    • B.E. Kynmawlem
    • Umpohliew Homestay Room
    • Shaiti Homestay cum View Point

    Ideal for: Leisure

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    8. Nongkhnum – A Pristine River Island

    ideal picnic spot

    Image Source

    About three hours from Shillong in West Khasi Hills district headquarters is Meghalaya’s largest river island and the second largest after Assam’s Majuli. Nongkhnum is one of the best places to visit in and around Shillong although it is quite a ways off. It’s located at the divergence of the Kynshi River as it splits into Phan Liang and Namliang. The sandy shores and grassland make for ideal picnic spots so pack a lunch.

    Distance From Shillong: 101.3 Km
    Ideal for: Leisure

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    9. Nohkalikai Falls – For An Ultramarine Pool

    viewpoint of the hill

    One of India’s highest plunge waterfalls is a feast for the senses especially during the monsoon. Nohkalikai Falls, one of the most visited places near Shillong, plunges into an ultramarine pool hundreds of feet below. Viewing points have been built at several areas so you can see the falls from different heights. Keep in mind that low-level clouds frequently roll in and can obscure the view. If this happens, you can head to one of the many eateries nearby where you can sit down to tasty snacks and wait for the clouds to pass.

    Distance From Shillong: 54.2 Km
    Ideal for: Leisure

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    10. Shnongpdeng – Mini Paradise

    adventurer’s mini paradise with camping

    Image Source

    Head towards Jaintia Hills district and beyond the town of Dawki to find a village that is as idyllic as they come. Shnongpdeng is very close to the border with Bangladesh and if you head straight without turning onto the road leading to the village, you’ll reach the border crossing point.
    Shnongpdeng is an adventurer’s mini paradise with camping, hiking and kayaking along the river Umngot some of the activities to indulge in. The village itself is known for its hospitality and there are comfortable homestays where you can spend the night.

    Distance From Shillong: 89.0 Km
    Ideal for: Adventure activities, overnight stays

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    11. Cherrapunjee – Wettest Place On Earth

    Reasons To Visit Cherrapunji

    Cherrapunjee, famous for its living root bridges, is at a distance of 54 km from Shillong and takes around 2 hours to reach from Shillong. A weekend getaway, Cherrapunjee is a beautiful place to explore, due to its natural elements like the living root bridge. Hire a car and enjoy the two-hour road trip from Shillong to Cherrapunjee, to this bridge. The scenic vistas will make up for the time, and this town in itself too is pretty. There are various falls that one can visit in Cherrapunjee after the famous living root bridges, which is the top attraction in Cherrapunjee. Visit the Double Decker Living Root Bridge on your trip to Cherrapunjee from Shillong on your next trip.

    Distance From Shillong: 53.7 Km
    Places to Stay:

    • Sulwado Resort
    • Aisha Guest House
    • Hotel Crescent
    • Hill Top Castle
    • Labana Hotel

    Ideal for: Sightseeing

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    12. Jowai – Mesmerizing Little Town


    Jowai is a picturesque hill station in Meghalaya. It is around 70 km from Shillong and makes for a perfect weekend getaway from Shillong. Located at 2 hours away, the drive from Shillong to Jowai is quite scenic. Call up a bunch of friends and head to Jowai, the pretty hill town this weekend. The border of Bangladesh is a mere 50 km from Jowai making it an important town. This hill town is really mesmerizing and has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the vicinity.

    Distance From Shillong: 65.8 Km
    Places to Stay:

    • Highwinds Lakeside
    • Emma Womsa Homestay
    • Phu ki Homestay
    • Samanlang Homestay
    • Crystal River Camp

    Ideal for: Sightseeing

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    13. Nohsngithiang Falls – The Seven Sisters Falls

    Nohsngithiang Falls

    Also known as the Seven Sisters Falls, this is a famous waterfall in Cherrapunjee. Located 2 hours drive away from Shillong, these falls make for a perfect escape into nature. Head to the falls, early morning and enjoy the scenic road trip between the two cities. Places to visit near Shillong, Meghalaya are not a few, as there is something or the other totally breathtaking at every mile. This is a seven segmented waterfall, which gives it the popular name, Seven Sisters Falls.

    Distance From Shillong: 97.9 Km 
    Ideal for: Sightseeing

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    14. Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary – Perfect Naturescape

    Nahargarh Sanctuary

    If you are looking for a nature escapade then Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary is a great option. Not too far away from Shillong, this wildlife sanctuary is a haven for all nature lovers. The sanctuary has a natural lake called Birbah towards the south. There are two artificial lakes too close to this natural lake in the sanctuary. The summers here are hot and wet while the winter sees a cool and dry climate, making it a better option to visit during the winter.

    Distance From Shillong: 74.3 Km
    Ideal for: Sightseeing

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    15. Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden – Exotic Blend Of Flora And Fauna

    Alipore Zoo in Kolkata

    This is another place to visit when in Shillong. 3 hours away from Shillong, this is an amazing zoo in Guwahati. If one is looking for places to visit near Shillong with kids, then this zoo is the perfect place. Sprawled over an area of 130 hectares, the zoo has a unique biodiversity of both flora and fauna. Built in 1957, the zoo has been welcoming people since 1958. Trip to the zoo and watch various species of plants and animals here.

    Distance From Shillong: 93.2 Km
    Ideal for: Leisure

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    16. Umiam Lake – Awe Inspiring Landscapes
      Umiam Lake

    Image Credits: Srabanti.basak for Wikimedia

    Umiam Lake is among the mesmerizing places to visit near Shillong. This lake is sitting in the proximity of Shillong. It is a man-made reservoir that offers some of the most picturesque and awe-inspiring landscapes one has ever witnessed. This was constructed to generate the hydroelectric power but now has become a popular spot. From locals to tourists, each individual who wishes to escape the city life finds respite here. This lake is surrounded by a thick lush jungle which makes the entire area look right out of a fairytale. There are also various adventure sports that one can be a part of.

    Distance From Shillong: 17.0 Km
    Ideal For: Photographers, adventure activities

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    17. Elephant Falls – Refreshing Aura

    Elephant Falls

    Image Credits: Bito for Wikimedia

    Elephant Falls got its name because of the peculiar stone that used to be sitting at the foot of the falls. However, during an earthquake, that stone was washed away. One of the most refreshing tourist places near Shillong, Elephant Falls is accessible from three different spots. The falls are idyllic to get rid of the fatigue and the stress from workload back at home. These falls never fail to impress. The Elephant Falls are ‘three step waterfalls’ with the first one being broad one nestled amidst the lush greens, the second one being the thin threads of water, and the third one being the most beautiful and clear falls gushing against the dark colored backdrop.

    Distance From Shillong: 12.2 Km
    Ideal For: Leisure

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    18. Mawsynram – Second Wettest Spot In World


    Image Credits: Sharada Prasad for Wikimedia

    Mawsynram is the wettest place on earth followed by Cherrapunji. Nothing less than heaven on earth, this destination is nature lover’s delight. This destination oozes romance from every nook and experiences a pleasant weather all year long. Mawsynram is among the beautiful tourist places near Shillong that is surely worth a visit. The name was derived on the basis of several megalights that were found in the Khasi Hill region of Shillong. The town got its fame by virtue of a stalagmite formation that took the shape of a ‘Shivling’. One can witness thick grass being used by the locals to sound proof their homes from the powerful rains.

    Distance From Shillong: 60.7 Km
    Ideal For: Leisure

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    19. Sweet Falls – Haunted Legends

    Sweet Falls

    Image Credits: Nirolfix for Pixabay

    When it comes to steep falls, Sweet Falls tops in the list. It is one of the fascinating places to visit near Shillong. The Sweet Falls are extremely beautiful yet extremely dangerous. Hence, it is advised for only professionals and thrill-seekers to pay a visit to the falls. The trail to this Falls is a bit treacherous and covered with slippery stones, but the end result is totally worth it. These falls have a haunted legend attached to itself. The locals believe that the odd numbered groups always return in even numbers! The sounds of birds chirping, fresh water gushing, and the serenity oozing out of the lush greens often create a serene atmosphere for a picnic.

    Distance From Shillong: 54.2 Km
    Ideal For: Adventure

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    These places to visit near Shillong truly bring out its natural side and mesmerizing hilly vibes. And if you too want to experience it, then we would recommend you to book a personalized Meghalaya trip with TravelTriangle and include as many places in your itinerary as you would like.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit Near Shillong

    What are some places to visit near Shillong?

    Shillong, popularly known as the 'Scotland of the East,' is a lovely town in Meghalaya surrounded by equally beautiful getaways. Here are some lovely locations to visit around Shillong.
    1. Shillong Peak
    2. Laitlum
    3. Sacred Grove
    4. David Scott Trail
    5. Kyllang Rock

    Is it safe to visit Shillong during Covid times?

    Though there is a curfew in place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. in several sections of Shillong. The government is permitting fully vaccinated tourists to travel, and all activities have returned to normal so it is safe to visit Shillong.

    What is the best time to visit Shillong?

    The best time to visit Shillong is between the months of March and June, when the weather is pleasant and cool, making it ideal for travel.

    How many days are enough for Shillong?

    4 are enough to explore Shillong and visit beautiful sights such as Umiam Lake, the Cathedral, Shillong's lush green golf course, and so on. Keep one day for seeing the popular lakes and hills, another for visiting the Living Root Bridges, another for touring Cherrapunji, and another for a village trip.

    Is Shillong safe for tourists?

    Yes, Shillong is a safe destination for tourists, including female solo visitors. The Police Bazaar and Jail Road areas are among the safest and most convenient places to seek for accommodation.

    How can I go to Shillong?

    Here are the ways to reach Shillong:
    By Air: The nearest airport to Shillong is Umroi Airport in Barapani which is located 25Kms away from the city. But Guwahati Airport (125Kms) is the nearest airport to Shillong, with wider connect to other places.
    By Rail: The nearest railway head to Shillong is in Guwahati (100Kms)2
    By Road: Shillong can be reached from the nearby cities via buses or taxi

    Which is the most beautiful place in Meghalaya?

    Meghalaya is one of India's most beautiful north-eastern states, having a plethora of natural beauty. Here are some of the best places to visit in Meghalaya are:
    1. Shillong
    2. Cherrapunji
    3. Nohkalikai Falls

    What can I buy in Shillong?

    Shillong, often known as the 'Scotland of the East,' has breathtaking vistas, but it doesn't stop there. Shopping in Shillong is a must-do experience. Here are some of the things to buy in Shillong include:
    1. Bamboo handicraft
    2. Scottish-checked dresses
    3. Woolen clothes
    4. Apparels

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