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    nightclub in Patong

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    Party and Patong not only rhyme but are also synonymous with each other. Being a beach destination and home to famous beach clubs, cabaret shows, go-go bars, and discotheques that have been listed in this blog, the nightlife in Patong Beach is a major contributor in making Thailand famous for its never-ending party scenes. Take a look!


    For those who are looking forward to have nothing else but sheer fun in sync with chilled beer, then Soi Bangla is the place to be for you.

    Soi Bangla, Patong

    Image Source

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    Literally translating into “Bangla Street”, wherein Soi means a particular street, the Soi Bangla nightlife in Patong Beach is the one-stop destination of Phuket. From famous go go bars, and restaurants, to discotheques and beer bars, find everything under one roof, only at Soi Bangla.


    This famous and one of a kind theatre boasts to be two decade old and still going on strong when it comes to putting up a grand show. It leaves one with a feeling that you may have experienced at House of Dancing Water in Macau.

    Simon Cabaret, Patong

    Image Source

    The only difference at Simon Cabaret is that, the lovely models dressed in colorful costumes, covered with glitter, and performing in sync, are actually men, or the famous Ladyboys as they’re popularly known. Putting up a brilliant performance that keeps your eyes hooked to the stage, Simon Cabaret & Ladyboy Show is one of the must things to do in Patong.

    Location: 8, Sirirach Road, Patong Beach
    Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
    Entry Fee Per Person: INR 1000 approx.
    Show Timings: 6 pm, 7.45 pm, & 9.30 pm


    Having surpassed the raunchy impression that they once held, the happening nightlife in Patong Beach is pretty much incomplete without these famous Go Go Bars.

    Go Go Bars, Patong

    Image Source

    Unlike the normal beer bars, a Go Go Bar encompasses of unlimited drinks, live ladyboy performances, loud music, and a lot of dancing (of course).

    1. Devil’s Playground

    It will hardly take a moment to spot this renowned go go bar. With an entrance resembling that of a cave, it leads to a dungeon type interiors of a cave which is lit by bright colours.

    Devil's Playground bar, Patong

    Image Source

    Considered to be one of the best party places in Patong, Devil’s playground is nothing less than a fantasy come true for the travelers.

    Location: 23/17-18, Soi Sea Dragon, Bangla Road, Patong
    Timings: Monday to Saturday: 7.30 pm to 3.45 am and Sunday: 7.30 pm until midnight

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    2. Harem A Go Go

    Owned by the Suzy Wong’s Groups, Harem is the largest Go Go bar that one can find in Patong.

    Harem A Go Go Bar in Patong

    Image Source

    Being one of the most famous party places, Harem is class apart when compared to the other go go bars.

    Location: 21/5-6, Soi Seadragon, Patong
    Timings: 8 pm until late

    3. Suzy Wong’s

    Suzy Wong’s A Go Go Bar has been entertaining its guests for more than a decade now.

    Suzy Wong go go bar in Patong

    Image Source

    Getting better with age, one cannot help but notice the attractive lanterns, the stylish autorickshaw, and the Chinese attire of the staff at Suzy Wong’s.

    Location: Soi Seadragon, Patong
    Timings: 10 pm to 2 am


    The nightlife in Patong Beach has earned a reputation of being a party hub for a reason.

    Patong nightlife

    Image Source

    Housing the best of night clubs which are in sync with an international audience, the famous nightclubs of Patong beach are full of good vibes and best party scenes ever.

    4. Illuzion Show & Discotheque

    Located right where it should be, in the heart of Bangla Road, Illuzion Show & Discotheque is the most striking night clubs of Patong beach.

    Illuzion Show & Discotheque, Patong

    Image Source

    Playing a great host to electrifying DJ nights to international festivals, this grand club can house more than 4,500 guests at a time. Impressed yet?

    Location: 31, Bangla Road, Patong Beach
    Timings: 10 pm until late

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    5. Seduction Discotheque

    Enjoying its central location at the nightlife strip of Patong beach, Seduction Discotheque features modern equipments, expansive dance floors, and special areas to chill out during a break.

    Seduction Discotheque, Patong

    Image Source

    Suitable for a young and lively crowd, it is ensured by the professional security that everyone enjoys the party safe and sound.

    Location: Eastern end of Bangla Road, Patong
    Timings: 10 pm to 4 am

    6. Hollywood

    This premium night club at Patong Beach does total justice to its title. Stepping inside this club will feel like entering a hall of fame with all the awards, golden interiors, and amidst the stars.

    Hollywood Discotheque

    Image Source

    Experience how it feels to be a celebrity while you enjoy the special evenings, ladies night, Moulin rouge nights, and much more.

    Location: 7, Bangla Road, Soi Hollywood, Patong
    Timings: 9 pm until late


    Being a beach destination and home to more than thirty odd beaches, the prevalence of Patong Beach nightlife is quite obvious with parties at many beach clubs.

    beach clubs in Patong

    Image Source

    While the sunset does add the much needed charm to the entire party scene, music, food, and drinks also hold equal importance in making the night special for everyone.

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    7. Paradise Beach Club

    Located at a walking distance, Patong Beach activities are incomplete without hitting the Paradise Beach Club.

    Paradise Beach Club, Patong

    Image Source

    Relax by the beach, play volleyball, indulge in kayaking, snorkeling, etc., in the day, and unleash the party animal in you at night. And for when time allows, you can also indulge in shopping at the jewelry outlets and more.

    Location: Muen-Ngern Road, Patong
    Timings: 9.30 am to 7.30 pm
    Cost Of Beach Access As Per Timings: INR 2000 per person
    All Day Beach & Equipment Access: INR 3,000 per person
    Food: Starts from INR 500 approx.

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    8. Dream Beach Club

    Housing four bars, two stunning swimming pools, and about a hundred sun loungers, the Dream Beach Club is the kind of place you don’t wanna miss when in Phuket.

    Dream Beach Club in Phuket

    Image Source

    With cool tracks, jazz music, and smooth rhythm & blues, the in-house DJ gets the party started in no time.

    Location: Layan Beach, Soi 2, Thalang District, Phuket
    Timings: 11 am to 2 am
    Local Beers Cost: INR 250 approx.
    Alcohol: Starts from INR 500 per glass
    Food: Starts from INR 360 to INR 6000 approx.

    9. Iguana Beach Club

    Offering picturesque views of the Andaman Sea, the laid-back party spot of Iguana beach club forms the heart and soul of the 20-meter long Iguana Beach.

    Iguana Beach Club, Phuket

    Image Source

    Located to the south of Patong Bay, one can indulge in exclusive Thai massage, and enjoy snorkeling in the day while you get ready to witness Iguana Beach turning into a party paradise as the sun goes down.

    Location: Phrabaramee Road, Kalim Beach, Patong
    Timings: 11 am to 8 pm
    Beer: Starts from INR 200 approx.
    Alcohol: Starts from INR 350 approx.
    Food: Starts from INR 500 approx.

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    Music knows no language and for those who enjoy live band performances, the nightlife in Patong beach offers ample of talent which ranges from rock music to heavy metal.

    Live music clubs in Patong

    Image Source

    When sippin’ on drink and chilling with friends is on your mind, nothing suits your mood better than some of the soulful live band performances.

    10. Rock City

    A stage, a balcony, round table & chairs, and a bar, is all it takes to make Rock City the temple of rock music and heavy metal.

    Rock City, Patong

    Image Source

    For those of you who can’t stop humming to Led Zeppelin and Bon Jovi, hit the Rock City where a minimum of four bands showcase their talent and wait for your arrival, everyday!

    Location: Rat-U-Thit Road, Opposite Bangla Road, Patong
    Timings: 8 pm to 2 am

    11. Tao Live Music Bar

    When it comes to top live music bars in Patong, Tao Live Music Bar stands undisputed. Nothing surpasses the bar when it comes to Thai music, sophistication and modern decor.

    Tao Live Music Bar, Patong

    Image Source

    A mix of all cultures, themes, and styles, Tao Live Music Bar is also famous for serving excellent drinks at even better prices.

    Location: Bangla Road, at the entrance to Soi Vegas, Patong
    Timings: 7 pm until late

    12. Rockin’ Angels Blues Café

    Love American country music that dates back to the 19th century? Then Rockin Angels is the place to be.

    Rockin' Angels Blues Café, Patong

    Image Source

    From the dim lights, and vintage records, to the famous posters, and walls of red bricks, the entire ambience of Rockin Angels chases away the blues with its soulful music.

    Location: 55, Yaowarat Road, T. Taladyai, A. Muang, Patong
    Timings: 5.30 pm to 1 am; Mondays Closed


    • Entry is free in almost all the clubs and bars.
    • It is advised not to follow any touts as they might charge you extra.
    • Photography is not allowed in any of the go go bars. Follow the rules strictly.
    • Bar hopping is a common practice. All you need to do is strike a conversation and smile.
    • Normally a pint of beer may cost you around INR 300.
    • Possibilities are there that the entry fee for some bars might be around INR 1000 but before you pay, you can check for yourself whether the bar is worth paying or not by touring inside.
    • Mostly all the places offer the same kind of fun and entertainment but in different settings and at different intensity levels, that leaves the choice totally up to you.

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