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    Phuket vs Krabi

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    Among the many in Thailand, Krabi and Phuket are two gems in the Asian wonderland. Separated by Phang Nga Bay, these neighbors have kept the travelers on their toes forever. Krabi or Phuket is like having to choose between skydiving and cliff jumping. The identical geographical features, a bounty of adventures to enthrall and splendid serenity – it gets extremely difficult to choose between the two islands. So to the question Phuket or Krabi which is better?, we might just have the answer below to help you save a lot of time and internet scrounging with this Krabi vs Phuket infographic.

    Overview – Phuket Vs Krabi

    An overview of Phuket vs Krabi

    Geography: Both these islands are located in southern Thailand. While Phuket island is spread over 543 sq KM with 30 small islands, Krabi covers a whopping 4708 sq KM divided among 80 pet islands.
    Terrain: Phuket is all about mountains and beaches whereas Krabi has got mangrove forests added to its kitty. Limestone cliffs are added attractions in Krabi.
    Climate: Both the places have a tropical monsoon climate, Krabi gets more rainfall than Phuket.
    Best time to visit: Phuket is good to go from December to March whereas Krabi welcomes more of its tourists between October to April.
    Annual Travellers: Phuket was expecting 7.4 million tourists by the end of 2015 while Krabi hopes for 3 million. Large area and fewer visitors!
    How to reach: Take a connecting flight to either Krabi or Phuket from Bangkok. Phuket has its Phuket International Airport while Krabi has got its domestic Krabi Airport. Approximate time to reach both the destinations is 1.5 hours.
    Average stay: Phuket is relatively expensive as an average hotel stay for 2 people in a 3 or 4-star hotel costs around 10000 THB. Krabi, for the same costs around 5000 THB.

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    1.Things To Do In Phuket And Krabi

    Krabi vs Phuket-attractions

    When it comes to a diverse number of things to do in Thailand, Phuket sweeps it away in any Krabi or Phuket comparison sheet.
    Phuket: Helicopter Rides, some underwater fun and a lot to shop
    In a Phuket or Krabi comparison, Phuket scores better with its helicopter rides provided by Skydance Aero and other adventure activities in Phuket over the beaches of Andaman Sea. One of the other major attractions in Phuket is its underwater aquarium. Recently renovated, this aquarium hosts thousands of colourful, tropical and exotic marine creatures. This aquarium is a hot cake among the travelers who have not seen the marine life so up close. Upside down house at Ban Teelanka and the shopping malls at Patong Beach are majorly thronged by visitors.

    Krabi: Nature Safaris, and natural Jacuzzi

    The nature safaris in the forests of Krabi are the most chosen options. The hot springs at Klong Thom, Thung Teao Forest National Park, Susan Hoi (shell cemetery) and the street markets are the other major attractions in Krabi.

    2. Food Options In Krabi And Phuket

    Krabi vs Phuket-Food

    Any Phuket or Krabi match would be incomplete without a listing of mouth watering delicacies that both the islands have to offer.
    Phuket: Authentic street food to munch upon!

    It is a street food lover’s paradise where Pancakes and fresh fruits such as Pineapples and Guavas are a must try. Variants of cold coffee on the street side stalls are worth trying!

    Krabi: Thai cuisine and seafood

    Serves authentic Thai cuisine and is a seafood lover’s paradise. Located near one of the best fishing ports in Thailand, Krabi offers exquisite Thai delicacies. Laem Sak seafood, Thara Kitchen and Ban Lay Thai Kitchen are some of the best restaurant options to try.

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    3. Activities And Adventures: Krabi Vs Phuket

    With less population density and more forest areas, for a nature lover & wilderness enthusiast, the answer to “Phuket or Krabi which is better” would definitely be Krabi.
    Phuket: Fly like a Hanuman or go island hopping
    Phuket’s major attraction is the Flying Hanuman at Kathu. A zip line through the forests of Phuket with a blend of multiple adventures, Flying Hanuman costs around 2300 THB to 3500 THB. Elephant trekking, ATV Tours, rafting, Canoes, Scuba and island hopping from Koh Phi Phi to Bond Island are other must-try adventures.

    Krabi: Tree-top adventures, fishing and Quad biking

    When deciding upon Phuket or Krabi for family holiday, adventures play a part too. Krabi scores more than Phuket when it comes to adventuring around. If you do not go for the Tree Top Adventures at Ao Luek, you have not completed the ‘adventures to do in this life’ checklist. Fishing in the Andaman Sea is also a lifetime experience to have. Besides all of these, Krabi offers quad biking, go-karting, bungee jumping from its limestone cliffs and snorkeling at the 4 islands of Koh Poda, Chicken Island, Koh Tub, Koh Mor.

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    4. Nightlife: Krabi Vs Phuket

    Krabi vs Phuket - Nightlife

    Phuket: Carabet Shows, Gay Bars and all night clubs

    If we talk about nightlife in Krabi vs Phuket, Phuket scores above Krabi when it comes to a live wire nightlife. With its animated Gay bars in Paradise Complex, Phuket’s nightlife is sensational. Ladyboy Cabaret Shows at Phuket Simon Cabaret, Go-Go Bars in Patong beach and all nightclubs and discs never allow this Thai paradise to sleep. The beaches in Phuket are quite lively all night!

    Krabi: Karaoke Bars and beach parties

    So, the question arises, is Krabi better than Phuket? Though this beautiful retreat is not loaded with fun places for the night crawlers yet Krabi’s nightlife has been catching up to that of Phuket’s. It has got some good Karaoke bars on Maharat road. The revelers enjoy all night beach parties.

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    By now, when we have cleared out a lot for you, plan your ultimate Thai paradise experience according to your choices and let us know which went better. Book your trip to Thailand with TravelTriangle and for a visual understanding, do scroll down for the info-graphic.

    This infographic tells you all you need to know about Krabi vs Phuket comparison

    Frequently Asked Questions About Krabi v/s Phuket


    Q. Are Krabi and Phuket the same?

    A. Krabi and Phuket are two different provinces that are now the most popular places to visit in Thailand.

    Q. How far is Krabi from Phuket?

    A. By land, Krabi and Phuket are 180 kilometers apart and by sea, the distance is three times shorter. Moreover, you will find regular buses running in between these places but there is no railway connectivity as Phuket is a separate island.

    Q. How long is a boat ride from Phuket to Krabi?

    A. There is only one ferry that offers its services between Phuket and Krabi which is provided by Phi Phi Cruiser. The services are rendered 7 times a week and it takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance.

    Q. Which is better Krabi or Phuket?

    A. If you are looking for a well-developed place with all the facilities then Phuket is the place to be. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the bucolic nature and laze around in the natural setting then Krabi is the best choice. 

    Q. Is Krabi worth visiting?

    A. There is no doubt that Krabi is a place worth visiting as it offers a beautiful setting amidst nature where you can treat your eyes with the view of blue waters and tall green trees.

    Q. How many days do you need in Krabi?

    A. For Island Hopping in Krabi, two days will be enough whether traveling with friends, family or alone.

    Q. Is grab available in Krabi?

    A. You will find no cab services in Krabi so have to get around via buses and motorcycle taxis.

    Q. How many days in Phuket is enough?

    A. If you want to have the best look of Phuket then make sure that you spend at least 4 days but if you are on a tight schedule then 2-3 days are enough.

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