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With a population of around 6 million inhabitants and a significant land area, Finland is an important country in the Scandinavian region of the European continent. It is also famous for combining traditional and locally available ingredients with the haute cuisine techniques with contemporary styles of molecular gastronomy. If you love to relish delectable food and scrumptious drinks, then Finland is a place which you can’t miss out on!

Top 10 Restaurants in Finland

Take a look at the best restaurants in Finland that you must visit on your next holiday there for a soul-satisfying experience!

1. Georgian House

Georgian House

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Acclaimed as the first Georgian restaurant in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, this restaurant prides itself on the family-driven business model as well as family-driven ambience. The cosy atmosphere and tasteful decoration along with the charm of home-style Georgian cuisine add to the dining experience of the guests as they experience the beauty of Georgia while sitting in Finland. As a bonus, it also unites Imereti and Margulurian cuisines in its menu. For a slice of Georgia, this is the place to be.

Contact: +358-405158815
Address: Hameentie 62, 00500 Helsinki
Speciality: Authentic Georgian Cuisine and Ambience

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2. Kievari Kahdet Kasvot

Kievari Kahdet Kasvot

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This name may sound a bit traditional. However, the sounding is every bit intended. The restaurant, which also doubles as a pub and bar, serves traditional Finnish food and beer, especially what comprises as traditional Finnish street food. Located in Tampere, it proves that one doesn’t need to be in a posh location to get a taste of Finland. Traditional Finland restaurants are surely proud of this one.

Contact: +358-505818282
Address: Kauppakatu 14, 33210 Tampere, Finland
Speciality: Traditional Finnish street food.

3. Santa Fe Restaurant

Santa Fe Restaurant

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Other restaurants may serve up a Finnish or Continental fare. This one, however, is different. It serves, in the cold Scandinavian environment – a Tex-Mex cuisine-based dining experience, resplendent with the food and Latin American drinks and wines. Located in the middle of Helsinki city centre, this joint also serves up as a popular place for workers to have their lunches on special occasions. Another advantage – this place serves up at a more tourist-friendly cost than many other of its competitors. It is among the best restaurants in Finland.

Contact: +358-503028185
Address: Aleksanterinkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki
Speciality: Tex-Mex fusion street and high street food

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4. Ravintola Suomenlinnan Panimo

Ravintola Suomenlinnan Panimo

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Continuing a long-standing tradition of fusion Russo Finnish restaurants in Helsinki Finland, this premium restaurant serves up a cuisine greatly inspired by Russian and Swedish cuisine, to be paired with exquisite wines from the Brewery of Suomenlinna, which itself is just a 15-minute from Helsinki’s marketplace. In line with current trends in molecular gastronomy, this restaurant prides itself on the freshest of ingredients and artistic dishes to serve.

Contact: +358-9-668200
Address: Suomenlinna C 1, 00190 Helsinki
Speciality: Russo-Finnish and Swede-Finnish cuisine

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5. Oliven Restaurant & Bar

Oliven Restaurant _ Bar

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A part of the four-star Hotel Arkipelag, this restaurant boasts of a team of reputed international chefs which create in seasonal menus. The ingredients are freshly sourced and are based in the Nordic region, on which the ambience is also based. So, if Nordic elegance is the thing desired, this restaurant is a worthy option. If you’re looking got the finest Nordic restaurants in Finland, this may be your place!

Contact: +358-18-24020
Address: Strandgatan 35, Mariehamn 22100
Specialty: Nordic cuisine and ambience

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6. O’Learys Helsinki Bakers

Oliven Restaurant _ Bar

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A renowned restaurant, this one doesn’t just offer exquisite cuisine, but much more. With facilities like a sports bar with many games and stand up nights, O’Learys offers its customers an experience they could rarely have anyplace else in the world. And with top-notch chefs who make sure to serve their customers the most delicious food, this place is bound to be hot with tourists deciding to take a bite at this joint. The special course though is the bakery and the regularly changing theme-based menus, which are sheer hit with the customers.

Contact: +358-20-770-1444
Address: Mannerheiminte 12, 00100 Helsinki
Speciality: Pub Food and Beers

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7. Trattoria Rivoletto

Trattoria Rivoletto

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Rivoletto has been in the Finnish food market since 1971 and is still going strong, as evidenced by a recommendation by the Michelin Guide. The place has been serving the capital’s best pizzas and other Italian delicacies. Every dish over here is made with a big heart, just like in a traditional Italian kitchen. That’s not to neglect their usage of fresh ingredients. The countryside ambience lends a rustic charm to the restaurant, further highlighted by the traditional wine and coffee. It is definitely among the top restaurants in Finland.

Contact: +358-9-607455
Address: Albertinkatu 38, 00180 Helsinki
Speciality: Italian pizzas and other Italian delicacies

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8. Ravintola Bassi

Ravintola Bassi

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Named after a Finnish architect, the nomenclature for this restaurant can be easily mistaken for the ever-favourite Seabass. In the case, this might turn out to be true. The place specialises in fish and seafood dishes and is literally located near the Aura river. The star of the menu might be a seafood sword, but oysters, smoked prawns and mussels are also lapped up here by hungry patrons. The ambience is comforting, and club music sets the tone for the party every Friday and Saturday. For those who might a heightened level of gastronomical experience, no worries – the restaurant has a rooftop terrace dining area on the third floor of the establishment. Counting on good restaurants in Finland? You might want to try this one!

Contact: +358-10-3153025
Address: Lantinen Rantakatu 9, 20100 Turku
Speciality: Fish and seafood dishes

9. Hard Rock Café Helsinki

Hard Rock Café Helsinki

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Finnish cuisine is currently witnessing a rise in the number of fusion-based restaurants, and this joint is no exception. Serving up classic American cuisine infused with local Finnish flavours, this restaurant is unique in the fact that it has a merchandise store for its Hard Rock Café merchandise on the ground floor, while guests are served at the second floor. Add in some hard rock music and local talent and the customers and tourists alike are bound to have a rocking time. It is among the famous restaurants in Finland, for fusion cuisine.

Contact: +358-9-42826888
Address: Aleksanterinkatu 21, 00100 Helsinki
Speciality: American-Finnish inspired fusion cuisine

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10. Kokokana


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This restaurant is more in the style of a bistro than a high-class restaurant, but it serves up quite a delicious menu. Based on a garden theme, with the core literally situated in the midst of a garden, Kokokana specialises in fresh food coupled with a friendly ambience designed to let a group of friends enjoy their time at the joint. The restaurant does serve international cuisine, including classic American, which serves as its plus point. Plus, it hosts a fresh lunch throughout the summer, where it’s a-la-carte menus and fresh salads win over the palates of the crowds.

Contact: +358-20-7808870
Address: Rewell Centre 101, 65100 Vaasa
Specialty: Fresh, Garden-based food, International cuisine

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This sums up the best of the restaurants in Finland which are revolutionizing the culinary scene of the country. All that is needed is an excuse to travel and find a table and choose the perfect dish from the vast Finland restaurants menu to enjoy the culinary experience these places have to offer. So, plan a trip to Europe right away!

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