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      Family Trip

      The best kind of surprise you can give to your kids is an exciting vacation to the kind of place they love. So, Kartik booked himself and his family a fabulous holiday in the Andaman islands that turned out to be their best ever family vacation. See how he turned his simple 5 days trip to Andaman with kids into a thrilling and memorable getaway. Read more

      My family and I have been thinking about taking a trip together for a very long time. Since there were going to be 4 adults and a kid, we were looking for a destination that serves the purpose of a vacation for all the age groups and Bali seemed like the right choice for it. I had heard, read and seen on the internet a lot about the place. Read more

      Maldives is truly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, the palm-fringed beaches and the crystal clear blue waters are like a treat to your eyes that will rejuvenate your soul. The underwater world, extensive reefs and more than 1,000 coral islands, Maldives will give you the holiday of a lifetime. Read more

      It was our first anniversary. So, we wanted to go to someplace beautiful. We chose Sri Lanka because of its scenic beauty and it has many amazing locations to visit. Read more

      Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country that has an exotic landscape with a diverse topography, it boasts a surreal seascape of limestone islands, lush green jungles, and hill-tribe villages. You can explore the world’s most spectacular cave system and get to unravel the local culture by visiting some of the eccentric villages. Read more

      Himachal is an exotic destination adorned with the spectacular peaks festooned with snow and brimming river valleys. This state offers its visitors an assortment of thrilling water sports like rafting and water skiing. The snowy peaks offer travelers a plethora of adventure sports like paragliding, trekking, mountain climbing, and skiing. Read more

      Bali is the most visited island in the archipelago country of Indonesia and for many people the only reason to travel to Indonesia. Read more

      Bali is a nature lover’s paradise. With pristine beaches, volcanic mountains and lush green rice paddies, it is an amazing place to spend time in. Read more

      Bali is a popular island in the archipelago country of Indonesia which offers to its visitors everything that they expect to experience from a holiday in a tropical island. Read more

      Often referred to as the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is the most popular holiday destination in Indonesia and is well-visited by people from all over the world. WIth pristine beaches, mighty mountains and lush green rice paddies, Bali is a treat for every nature lover. A good way to spend a wonderful day at the beach is by visiting a beach club. There are many good beach clubs in Bali. One such beach club is the Sundays Beach Club. One should also explore places to visit near Sundays Beach Club Bali for 5 days. Sundays Beach Club is open everyday from 9 AM to 10 PM. It is advised to come to the beach club as early as possible in order to get the best spot on the beach as the beach club strictly follows the “first-come first-served” rule. The entry to the beach club involves a fees for adults and children above 6 years of age. This entry fees is different for adults and children. You can enjoy the beauty of a crystal-clear lagoon that is within the premises and rock pools that are scattered around. Sundays offers to its customers the opportunity of participating in adventure sports like snorkeling, kayaking, diving, surfing, swimming, etc, absolutely free of cost.

      Best Time To Visit Bali

      The best time to visit Bali include the months of April, May, June and September. This is just before and just after the peak season. So, the island is relatively less crowded during these months. The roads of Bali have less traffic than the usual and the beaches are cleaner. You must definitely try out island activities like snorkeling, swimming, hiking, sunbathing, diving, kayaking, surfing, etc. if you are holidaying in Bali during these months because the weather is very nice during this time and provides the perfect conditions for the conduct of these activities. Also, during this time, you can enjoy vacationing in Bali by not shelling out too much money as it is quite cheap in Bali during these months. Huge discounts are offered by most shops and restaurants and resort and hotel rentals are around 30-50% less than the usual.

      5 Places To Visit Near Sundays Beach Club Bali For 5 Days

      You should definitely visit Sundays Beach Club to enjoy the beach life of Bali. There are also places around the beach club that are worth a visit. Following is a carefully curated list of the 5 best places to visit near Sundays Beach Club for 5 days.

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      1. Jalan Pantai Mengiat

      village Image Source This is a world away from the Bali Collection and the best of oriental shopping in Nusa Dua. A shopping street around 1.5 kilometers away from the Bali Collection, the Jalan Pantai Mengiat is lined with art shops and restaurants on both sides. What it lacks in glitz and glamour, the Nusa Dua village market makes up in freshness of ideas and authenticity. You can get artwork and souvenirs here made by artists in traditions of the Indonesian culture in cities such as Kuta and Ubud. Woodcarvings, Balinese sarongs, brightly colored kites and T-shirts are some of the most popular souvenir items that you can get here. Location: Benoa Best buy:: Balinese street art Read More: Top Places For Shopping In Nusa Dua

      2. Geger Beach

      waters Image Source The Geger Beach in Nusa Gua is listen among the top beaches in Nusa Dua in many travel guides, and unlike other beaches, is hidden away at at the bottom end of a steep stair path. The beaches here are clean, the sand is white and the waters are crystal clear. Another thing that makes it stand out from the rest of the five star resorts in Nusa Dua is the cultural and historic ambience of the beach, as it used to belong to the seaweed farmers before it joined the beach front among several other high end resorts. If you are a photographer, you will simply love engaging in some landscape photography and capture some beautiful panoramic views of the horizon. Location: Desa Adat Peminge, Sawangan | jl Giri Puspa D 1no12 Mumbul, Nusa Dua 80363, Indonesia Read More: Beaches In Nusa Dua, Bali

      Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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      3. Dava Steak & Seafood

      dava Image Source This is a modern take on a seafood grill and steakhouse. The place is top class in its hospitality as well as servings. The background of the ocean along with the mountains just serves to make the dining even more memorable and photo worthy. The many here is innovative and the staff is cordial and hospitable. The seating is sleek and the atmosphere here is really chic. The place also serves gluten-free foods for those who want it. The place is open on all days of the week. In mood for some good seafood, be sure to check out one of the top places to visit in Bali like this one! Read More: Best Places To Visit In Bali

      4. Puja Mandala

      the Image Source Puja Mandala is one of the most unique of all Nusa Dua Temples. It is a perfect example of religious harmony. This grand religious complex includes a Hindu temple, a mosque, a Buddhist temple and a Catholic and Protestant church. Puja Mandala is a major cultural landmark signifying the religious tolerance of Bali. The beauty of this complex lies in its celebrations when people of all religions get together to celebrate each of the festivities and work together to make it a really grand affair. Location: Jalan Nusa Dua, Kuta Selatan, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali. Timings: 07:00 to 19:00 Read More: Nusa Dua Temples That Are Worth Visiting

      5. Level Mall

      level-21-mall-02 Image Source If you want to shop in a trendy spot, you should definitely make your way to Level 21 Mall, a popular Denpasar shopping mall. You can visit the many stores that offer something for everyone. Level 21 is one of the latest modern shopping malls in the city, boasting international brand fashion stores, entertainment spots, food and beverage outlets as well as hair and beauty salons over its four levels. It is not only a great place to shop, but also a fun place to hang out. Location: Jalan Teuku Umar No. 1, Dauh Puri Klod, Denpasar What to Buy: Clothing and accessories from international fashion brands Read More: Best Places To Enjoy Shopping In Denpasar Sundays Beach Club provides the perfect beach experience to its customers and is a great place to spend time in. Now you know that a holiday in Bali is incomplete if you do not visit its beaches. You also know quite a lot about Sundays Beach Club and the places to visit near Sundays Beach Club Bali for 5 days. So, plan a holiday to Bali soon and do not forget to visit Sundays Beach Club and the places around it!

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      Read more

      Bali is a paradisiacal holiday destination in Indonesia to which people from all over the world flock in large numbers every year. It is a beautiful island that is full of natural wonders like serene beaches, volcanic mountains, rice paddies and scenic landscapes. Read more

      Bali is an incredibly resplendent holiday destination of Indonesia. It is a beautiful tropical island and has emerged as a major travel hub of the whole of Asia. Read more

      Bali is a tropical island in Indonesia and a major tourist destination of the whole of Asia. It is one of the 17000+ islands in Indonesia and the most popular among all these. Read more

      Bali is the most obvious choice for a vacation for anyone who wishes to spend time on their holiday visiting pristine beaches, hiking mountains, witnessing culture and heritage, visiting temples, exploring museums and galleries and indulging in scrumptious food. Read more

      If you want to experience living the ideal life in a tropical island, you must visit Bali. Bali is a paradisiacal Asian destination and has something to offer to all travellers. Read more

      Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia and a popular tourist destination in the whole of Asia. There are countless tourist attractions in Bali like beaches, temples, museums and galleries, restaurants, party places, etc. Read more

      Bali is one of the 17000+ islands in the archipelago country of Indonesia and is the most famous of all these islands. Bali is popularly called the “Island of the Gods” and appropriately so. Read more

      Often referred to as the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is one of the 1700+ islands in Indonesia. It is a paradisiacal holiday destination which has gained popularity among travel enthusiasts from all over the world. Read more