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    Cover- Raju Family Trip to Maldives

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    Maldives is truly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, the palm-fringed beaches and the crystal clear blue waters are like a treat to your eyes that will rejuvenate your soul. The underwater world, extensive reefs and more than 1,000 coral islands, Maldives will give you the holiday of a lifetime. Maldives is home to one of the best beaches in the world, and this is what intrigued Payel & Raju Das the most to travel to Maldives with family and witness the blue waters in the lap of luxury on their blissful vacation. Read on to know more about how they had a beautiful escapade to this gorgeous island with his family on 4 days trip.

    I had this destination in my mind for a long time due to the amazing beaches and the blue sea water which attracted me the most to choose Maldives as a destination to wander and enjoy the nature. Maldives is an amazing destination where we wanted to be surrounded by the blue lagoons and our stay at the water villa was an extraordinary experience which made us reconnect to nature in the lap of luxury. It was an absolute moment of serene and tranquility.

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    Details Of Our Blissful 4 Days In Maldives With Family

    Trip type: Family

    Cost: INR 1,61,500

    Duration: 4 Days

    No. of People: 3

    Inclusions: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, airfare

    Exclusions: Travel insurance

    Travel Agent From TravelTriangle: Verma Global Services


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    Weather In Maldives

    The weather was a tad bit hot, but manageable. Maldives has a hot tropical weather all-year round. The monsoon season starts from May to October and the northeast from November to April.

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    Day Wise Itinerary For 4 Days In Maldives With Family

    Here is our day-wise itinerary for our 4 days in the Maldives family vacation. Take a look before you leave for your vacation in Maldives With Family!

    Day 1: Arrival & Leisure Time At The Resort

    Spending Leisure Time
    Standing near coconut palm tree
    spent our leisure day in resort
    Laughing kid

    On day 1, we arrived in Maldives and checked into our resort called Paradise Island Resort & Spa and spent our leisurely hours unwinding in the lap of luxury and comfort enveloped around the blue waters and the coconut palm trees. The property was amazing and the staff was really friendly.

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    Day 2: Scuba Diving

    enjoyed crystal clear waters
    stunning beach
    Explore the Garden
    Cute Baby

    Scuba diving was one of the best experiences during our entire stay. The blue lagoon and the crystal clear waters made the experience really magical. The azure waters and the stunning beaches of Maldives are like the world’s sunken garden waiting to be explored, the colourful coral reefs in the underwater world is like a once in a lifetime experience.

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    Day 3: Swimming & Snorkeling In The Sea

    Special Moments at Water Villa
    Spent Quality Time with Family
    Beauty at the Beach
    Couple sitting at the Beach

    Swimming in the sea and watching the sharks in the night was absolutely magical. The water villa was a retreat, we got to spend our day in the water, snorkeling all day and soaking up the sun.

    Day 4: Bidding Adieu To Maldives

    Family Selfie at Madives
    loving memories
    Exploring the Island
     an absolute moment of serene

    On our final day, we finally said our goodbyes to Maldives after creating lots of loving memories on the trip. We relished a heavy breakfast on our last day and completed the resort check-out formalities leaving behind some good memories at the resort.

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    Travel Tips For Maldives

    Keep these travel tips for Maldives handy with you if you want to enjoy a hassle-free vacation with your family.

    • Choose a family-friendly resort.
    • Make your kid wear sunglasses as the sun can be strong.
    • Put sunscreen lotion on you and your kid to protect them from tanning.
    • Carry enough nappies for your toddler.

    Do’s & Don’ts For Maldives Trip

    Keep these importat things in mind during your holiday in the Maldives if you do not want to get into any unneccessary trouble.

    • Do not carry alcohol, pork, or obscene images in your bag.
    • Do not bring back sand, seashells, or corals with you from the Maldives.
    • Do book your boat transfer beforehand and with a trusted tour operator. If your resort offers boat transfer, opt for it.

    How To Reach Maldives

    The best way to reach Maldives is by taking a flight. However, you would need boat transfer for some of the islands in Maldives. The fligh time from India to Maldives is 3 hours and 30 minutes.  

    What To Pack For Maldives Vacation

    Do not leave your home without putting these things in your suitcase for your exotic vacation to the Maldives.

    • Cotton clothes
    • Flip-flops
    • Beach hat
    • Sunscreen
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Sunglasses
    • Swimwear

    Experience With TravelTriangle

    Our experience with TravelTriangle was wonderful, we would love to visit Maldives again as we truly had an amazing time. The trip was hassle-free and we enjoyed every experience on the trip. I just feel that our property could have been better as there were other amazing options as well, but overall it was a good trip.

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    Looking at Raju’s experience, 4 days in Maldives with family seems like an ideal vacation surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and the white sand beaches. Maldives is an exotic destination that comes with several private island resorts that will give you the chance to unwind and bond with your family. If you want to experience the same joy and adventures on your vacation to Maldives then think no more and plan your escapade to Maldives right away with TravelTriangle!

    Common Queries For A Trip to the Maldives With Family

    How many days you need in the Maldives?

    Maldives is ideal for a short stay unless you’re planning to do specific activities that require time like diving and deep-sea fishing. 4-5 days is usually sufficient for Maldives.

    Is Maldives safe from the tsunami?

    In 2004, the tsunami wave of 5m height hit the Maldives coast with an average speed of 25m/sec. The Maldives is safe from tsunami hazards but not absolutely safe.

    Are the Maldives expensive to visit?

    A budget traveler can be expected to spend $30 a day on a private room in a guesthouse; $10 a day on food; and $10 a day on activities.

    What is there to do at night in the Maldives?

    Apart from the exhilarating nightlife in the Maldives, you can enjoy karaoke at Karaoke Room, Jungle Cinema, Night Fishing and Crab Racing.

    Why you should visit the Maldives?

    Among the top 10 reasons to visit Maldives, water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, jet-skiing, and deep sea fishing make it to the top reason why you should visit the Maldives.

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