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Visiting Russia in winter? The country is probably one of the most beautiful places you could visit on your vacations. But when you visit those places in winter, it adds a tint of awesomeness to the entire journey. So, in your next winter, one must make a plan of visiting Russia in January. But the next question that arises is about what to visit. There are many amazing places and attraction in Russia that outdo each other in terms of its aura and architecture. Spanning wide from eastern Europe to the northern Asia, there’s a reason why Russia is reckoned worldwide for being the largest country in the world. And to explore the world’s largest nation, visiting Russia in January has got to be the right time!

Places To Visit In Russia In January

If you are wondering where to go in Russia during winter, we have filtered out some the most gorgeous places in Russia you could take a look at. Check all of these interesting places that will make visiting Russia in winter even more interesting and thrilling. Take a look!

  • Kaleidoscopic Kizhi Island
  • Beautiful Moscow
  • Scenic St. Petersberg
  • Refreshing Red Square
  • Note-worthy Novodevichy Convent
  • Glorious Gorky Park
  • Fascinating Lake Baikal
  • Inspiring Vladivostok

1. Kizhi Island

Kizhi island

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This is not so, famous but a tour-worthy place in Russia in January that you can visit. It has a very gorgeous open-air museum and you might have guessed it that this place is famous for it. It is a very special complex which holds great history as well as the culture of the old times of Russia. The most special thing about it is that it is made of completely wood. And you hardly see any other materials in it. And this structure was built in some time back in the 14th century. The beauty will also expand a lot if you are visiting Russia in January. If you can then better try to take a lot at this place also. January in Russian language is called январь (yanvar’).

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2. The Beautiful Moscow

The beautiful Moscow

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This structure in Russia has a lot and lots of years of history. But in addition to that its rich culture and art are still alive. and when you go to Russia in January you will definitely never miss this place because this is the most famous place or simply structure in Russia. And not only this Moscow is also home to many of the world-famous museums, cultural institutions and finally galleries. There also a theatre in this which you will never like to miss. There is also some or the other thing going on in the theatre. Living, shopping and other stuff that you will definitely want are all first class at this place. This also gives the city a large variety of bars, clubs, fashion stores, and other stuff. This also attracts many people who come to Russia for the main cause of Russia in January tourism. There is also a Pushkin fine arts museum here which is also one of the world-famous museums that are present in Moscow.

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3. St. Petersberg

St. Petersberg

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This is really very know saying that this place is one Russia’s most European looking cities. And this can also be said as one of the forward-looking cities in Russia in January. This is also one of the most awesome travel locations so, when you visit Russia you should never forget to visit this place for sure. If you are a liker of history as well as culture, then you will definitely love visiting this place. This place is a vast collection of 2,000 libraries, 220 museums and also 80 theatres. So, when you visit this place you can also read books all day if you like reading.

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4. Red Square

Red square

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Don’t care what happens only a visit to Moscow is never enough in Russia. Your Russia in January tours can never be completed if you won’t visit the red square. We have already taken a brief description of what can you see in Moscow. And one of the world-famous places to visit in Moscow.

The word red included in this does not specify the colour but is used to describe the beauty. it also is a place which has a troublesome history of its own. But now it is a market square in Russia. In case you are wondering what would be an apt time to explore these beautiful places, winters happen to be the best time to visit Russia, especially for the sightseeing of such attractions.

It always has some or thing other thing going on there like the military parades to the amazing rock concerts. This also gives people an awesome opportunity to be able to show up their skills that may be in any art. And people really enjoy the skating tricks done by artists. This place is also famous for them. The skating dances done by small children will make you feel very awesome. Not only that but other skills showed are also fabulous.

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5. Novodevichy Convent

Novodevichy Convent

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The beauty of this place in Russia winter months is unbelievable. The awesomeness of this will just leave you speechless. Another important fact about it is that it was also made the world heritage site in the year 2004. Especially when you go here to the cold Russia temperature in winter you will be thrilled. This was not always an awesome place, people got to know this place from the year 1524 and this is still rustless until now. In the older years, this was certainly the home for many of the beauty queens and particularly women. And, not any woman but the royal women from the Russian kingdoms.

The women were not living there from their lifetime, then get sent there when they lose their obedience and stuff. So, in simple words, this is a prison for women of royal families. When the prison is so fabulous imagine how the castle will be? If it existed, we would fall apart when we take a look at it because of the fabulous and awesome beauty of it. Russia weather in January is harsh and cold. So plan your vacation accordingly.

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6. Gorky Park

Gorky Park

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The best time to visit Russia may not be in winter for those who like cold weather. Visiting this place in winter will leave you stunned. This was no way this beautiful from the beginning it has been destroyed in the middle by some enemies. But it restored its shape with the addition of even more beautiful by the Moscow government. Thanks to them. And now this turned out to be a tourist attraction and millions of people visit this place a day. You might think why would people visit just a boring part. They do because this is not an ordinary park. People here also conduct some dances and other fun activities for the tourists to see as well as enjoy. If you have a pair of roller skates with you, then better take them with you because you are also allowed to do this here. The architecture which has been spoiled during the wars have been removed and new stalls of hot dogs and some restaurants that provide the most delicious meals have been put up. Visiting this part will also give you a chance of doing some physical exercise.

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7. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Famous across the globe to be one of the best freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Baikal is one of the best places to visit for the couples on honeymoon in Russia. With a profundity of about 1600 meters and being one of the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Lake Baikal is indeed an inspiring and frozen treat to watch for those traveling to Russia in January. While the cameras cannot capture what the naked eyes can, the unparalleled beauty of Lake Baikal is something that is not to be missed when in Russia!

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8. Vladivostok


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Much famed to be one of Russia’s most beautiful port city set on the banks of Pacific Ocean, Vladivostok also happens to be the most gorgeous destinations that serves as the terminus of the iconic Trans Siberian Railway. Considered to be the best urban settlement in the heart of Siberia, Vladivostok ironically lies close to the regions of Japan, China, and Korea than its own Moscow which is set at a distance of about 4000 miles. With many more note-worthy attractions like that of Russky Bridge, Vladivostok Fortress, and Primorsky Oceanarium, exploring Vladivostok has got to be one of the best things to do in Russia in the New Years.

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The 6 places which are shown in this article are probably the most awesome places you could visit. And, some of these places shown in this have a vast history of hundreds of years. Make sure you visit these places on your trip to Russia in January.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Russia In January

How cold is Russia in January?

Russia in January is extremely cold. The temperature plummets down to minus even during the day.

What is the best time of year to go to Russia?

Early June is the best time to visit January if you want to enjoy the pleasant weather.

What is the best time to visit St Petersburg Russia?

Summer is the best time to visit St Petersburg Russia if you want to enjoy the pleasant weather.

What is there to do in Moscow Russia in winter?

All the things listed above are appropriate to do in Moscow Russia in winter.

What is the weather like in Russia in January?

The weather in Russia in January is that of biting cold. The temperature fluctuates from -6 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius with an average of about -8 degrees Celsius.

Is Russia safe for tourists?

Yes, Russia is absolutely safe for the tourists provided they have all the necessary documentation in place.

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