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Let the rain spells in Mexico cast a magical spell on you, creating beautiful memories as you wash away your worries with the rains and enjoy this spectacle with your loved ones to experience the whimsical monsoon in Mexico.

That’s right, don’t let the rains ruin your chance to enjoy a vacation in this Northern American country that truly is a spectacle when it comes to witnessing the beauty and charm of rains. This country has picturesque scenery that is best witnessed during the monsoon season and cherished in every drop of rain. The rainy season truly enhances the beauty of Mexico where you can go on trips and enjoy the scenery on road trips across the country with beautiful rains washing down the mountains and creating a lush green topography for you to wander and explore with your friends and family. Mexico rains are one of the true wonders of nature that one should witness and not miss a chance to experience the joy of experiencing the scenic beauty in lightning bolts and ear-piercing thunder that will rattle your bones, and catch you spellbound by its charm.

Mexico is a country between the U.S and Central America that is known for its stunning beaches, diverse landscapes of mountains, forests, deserts and ancient ruins scattered throughout the country, along with Spanish colonial-era towns and villages. A trip down to Mexico in the monsoon will involve intriguing road trips and captivating sightseeing that will offer the visitors a chance to capture the true beauty of this country in a unique way.

Rainy Season In Mexico

mountain peak in mexico

The rainy season in Mexico doesn’t last long and can make for a quite pleasant trip with light showers, thunderstorms and cool breeze to get you in the mood. Mostly, the days are a bit overcast which is not a bad thing at all since the sun is too strong and a bit of clouds can help beat the heat to enjoy a sightseeing tour in this pleasant climate.

The rainy season in central and southern Mexico lasts from May or June till October or November. Although the rainy season in northern Mexico or the Baja Peninsula is not really a concern for travellers.

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Places To Visit In Monsoon In Mexico

Mexico offers a diverse landscape that comprises of forests, deserts, mountains, beaches and ancient monuments. You can capture the stunning natural beauty of the scenic territory during the monsoon the most at these places listed below. The Copper Canyon and the southern state of Chiapas at this time of the year. You can enjoy the vibrant colours and the wonderful fragrance that will evoke good vibes while you’re enjoying a drive along the coast of the Mexico border.

1. Copper Canyon

monsoon sky in mexico

Copper Canyon in Mexico is a series of massive canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, it’s an ideal hiking spot that is absolutely famous amongst trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. Copper Canyon’s beauty is enhanced during the monsoon, especially because of the flora that is in full bloom. You will get to witness one of the true wonders of nature from rocky mountains to amazon jungle in one scenic landscape.

2. Chiapas

Chiapas is a southern Mexican state that is on the border of Guatemala, the mountainous highlands and dense rainforest dotted with Mayan archaeological sites and Spanish colonial towns are absolutely divine to visit during the monsoon. A baroque church and a museum displaying regional artifacts and a marketplace selling colourful items are a must visit in this town.

3. Izamal

You can visit the unique city of Izamal and witness the charm of this city during monsoon. This city is painted in hues of yellow and it literally is the yellow city, there is also a nickname for this town and that is called Ciudad Amarilla (yellow city). This city is one of the best places to visit in Southern Mexico. The colonial charm of this city will give you the vintage vibe, you can find various spots to get your Instagram feed popping with shades of yellow in it.

4. Mazatlan Town

Another place to visit in Mexico in monsoon is the Mazatlan town that was once famous during the mid 20th century and is now a major historical site in the country. You can checkout various museums and gain some knowledge and insight into the destination you’re visiting or relax on the golden beaches while working on that perfect tan.

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5. Guadalajara

Another city to explore during monsoon in Mexico is the city called Guadalajara which is considered to be the second largest city of Mexico with an abundance of museums and cultural spots to enhance your culture driven knowledge of Mexico. If you’re a history buff, then make sure you add this place to your itinerary right away!

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Tips To Travel During Monsoon In Mexico

If you’re planning to visit Mexico during the monsoon season then you have to keep certain things in mind to avoid the havoc and enjoy a blissful vacation unbothered by the heavy storms.

Driving during monsoon in mexico
  • Be careful of the slippery roads, especially when driving on highways, the hair-pin bends and the water clogged areas. Check the traffic on google maps in advance.
  • Drive Carefully On The Mountain Roads. Be extra vigilant when driving on mountain roads, remote roads which can get quite hazardous during rains, soil erosion can cause landslides which may lead to any unforeseen accidents.
  • Carry An Umbrella at all times. This is a must and goes without saying, carry an umbrella at all times to avoid getting drenched in the rain.

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Advantages Of Travelling During Monsoon In Mexico

1. Witness The Torrential Rain

Witnessing the torrential rains in Mexico is an experience of its own, the thunder and lightning along with the rain can be quite a spectacle to watch. Enjoy the sweet, aromatic smell of the monsoon, the damp air and the flora of this beautiful country that in full bloom as you wander along the wavering paths.

2. Breathe In Fresh Air

The air quality also becomes clear and you can breathe in the fresh air. The storms of Mexico are usually a show of lightning bolts, you can see the groundbreaking hurricanes at times in the wild wild west.

3. Pleasant Climate

During the monsoon, the temperatures come down making it a pleasant climate to enjoy a sightseeing tour, the landscapes are lush green which is a treat to the eyes. You could plan a sightseeing tour during the day and have fun on the beach in the morning and if it rains in the afternoon, you could go for some indoor activities.

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The best part about visiting Mexico during the monsoon is that the hotels offer slightly lower fares as compared to the hot tourist season when it’s exorbitantly high. If you book your accommodation and flight tickets in advance, you can get some great deals for your perfectly planned vacation in Mexico. Another good part about witnessing the monsoon in Mexico is that the streets are relatively empty, making the touristy places less crowded and more enjoyable for you and friends to thoroughly enjoy the true beauty of this country.

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