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If you are in Mexico in winter and want to experience the perfect Christmas eve, here it is, your guide to the perfect celebration of Christmas in Mexico. First of all, let us all remember, this festival is all about traditions, and there are some special ones especially surrounding Christmas. But, what are these Mexican traditions? It is basically a mishmash of both Spanish and other cultures that developed out of its particular history. You can plan ahead for nearly a month-long Christmas festivities that will last through much of December. And to be honest, this festive season can’t really get over before February 2nd. So, let’s get to know about the Christmas traditions and celebrations in the country of Mexico.

5 Places To Visit In Mexico During Christmas

Here are the top places to visit in Mexico when you are looking forward to a welcome celebration. Christmas celebration in Mexico is usually a grand affair. However, it might vary from places to places in the entire country. So, here are a few of them:

1. San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

Christmas in Mexico is the winter time. The colorful San Miguel de Allende is situated in the central Mexico highlands. It is not just a celebratory affair but a solemn one too with posadas, piñatas and ponche being a regular affair. As much as the festive spirit, you will also love the time – which is the time of winter in Mexico. The festival and the joyous occasions would give you enough warmth. 

Location: Central Mexico
How to reach: Take a flight to Mexico City airport and then travel via bus

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2. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Christmas celebration in Mexico in December is incomplete without a visit to Puerto Vallarta, located in theJalisco. The town is located on the Bay of Banderas alongside the Pacific Ocean with almost 40 miles of coastline, This city is a popular tourist destination offering several fun activities. During Christmas, you can enjoy shopping, visit the markets and explore the 20th century buildings and churches. Your celebrations also feature piñatas, food and drinks that are holiday themed.

Location: Jalisco
How to reach: The Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport is the major airport serving the area

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3. Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas is located in the Baja Sur state and is a picturesque destination often regarded as the “paradise on earth.”  The town has miles of beachline offering an array of water activities. But one of the finest things to do in Mexico during Christmas at Cabo San Lucas is becoming a part of the activities organized by the restaurants and hotels during the entire season of Christmas.

Location: Baja Sur
How to reach: The Los Cabos International Airport is the major airport serving fights from all over the world

4. Chiapas Highlands

southern town in mexico

One of the most offbeat places to visit in Mexico during christmas are the Chiapas Highlands. You will enjoy the beautiful rivers and gushing waterfalls of the Highlands. The mountainous highlands are full of colonial towns housing indigenous communities, some belonging to the Mayan traditions. The towns feature several holiday-themed activities and the overall decor around Christmas is just superb.

Location: South Chiapas
How to reach: Fly to the Tuxtla Gutiérrez airport and then take cabs or buses

5. Oaxaca


One of the best places to visit in Mexico during christmas has to be Oaxaca. The architecturally beautiful city is a World Heritage Site named by UNESCO for its magnificent buildings. Located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, its archeological sites and colonial structures offer a spellbinding charm. The city offers unique Christmas activities including breaking of the plates and various other games. Between December 16th and 31st are the best times to visit this place. The festive spirit is fun and exciting here.

Location: Oaxaca
How to reach: The Oaxaca International Airport is the main mode of transportation source

How To Celebrate Christmas In Mexico?

Christmas in Mexico is fun to celebrate and rather different. The Mexican style is unique in a number of ways and thus it makes it entirely different and all the more special. While there are a lot of rituals and traditions that surround the festivity of Christmas in the country of Mexico, here’s a list of 9 major events that would offer you a true glimpse of its vibrant culture and celebrations.

  • Nacimientos: Mexican Nativity Scene
  • Mexican Christmas Posada
  • Pastorelas
  • Villancicos
  • Nochebuena Flower
  • Mexican Christmas Food: Buñuelos
  • Fireworks In Los Cabos: Año Nuevo
  • Día De Reyes
  • Día De La Candelaria

1. Nacimientos: Mexican Nativity Scene


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Christmas rituals in Mexico is a different kind of treat, the Mexicans customs are a happy surprise. You see many Mexican families choosing and picking out the Christmas trees but unique thing about Christmas is the nativity scenes. Nearly most of the houses recreate nativity scenes. It’s among the most common Christmas in Mexico decorations. You will find ample Mexican families designing elaborate Nativity scenes on their own backyard, or inside their homes. You also get to see public nacimientos and there are beautiful folk art scenes. Being set up around December 16th, these nacimientos get a detailed makeover and the baby Jesus is added on the night of December 24th, then the three kings are added on 5th January next year. This is amongst the most elaborate Christmas in Mexico traditions.

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2. A Mexican Christmas Posada


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The Mexican Christmas Posadas comes nine days before Christmas day. During the period from 16th through 24th December, various processions reenact the situation of Mary and Joseph when they were on their search for a shelter in Bethlehem. All of these different processions take viewers to a different house every night and culminates the posada in a fiesta during Christmas in Mexico

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3. Pastorelas


Image Source

The next Christmas special Mexican tradition is a unique one called – Pastorelas . These are theatrical representations of the shepherds (los pastores) capturing them when they were on their way to see baby Jesus. These theatrics have a long tradition and they originated during the colonial Mexico. These theatrics were used as a way of expression and native people shared their thoughts on the catholic dogmas through these presentations. These representations have evolved as well and now they are more like light-hearted comedy presentation. The plots generally revolve around these shepherds in the play and they, being the protagonist, encounter numerous dangerous and challenging obstacles on their journey. They also have some room saved up for devils and angels who make guest appearances!

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4. Villancicos

Villancicos in Mexico

Image Source

Christmas without carols are impossible, it’s mundane, it’s sad, it is unimaginable. In Mexico, these Christmas carols are called villancicos, the pronunciation of the word sounds like “vee-yan-see-kose” in Spanish. Some of these songs are familiar translations of English songs, for example the song, “Noche de Paz,” which is basically the Spanish version of the carol “Silent Night”. There are also some unique carols, these are completely different, and these new carols were “Las Campanas de Belen” which is “Bethlehem’s Bells” and the “Los Peces en el Río” which means “the Fishes in the River.”

5. Nochebuena Flower


Image Source

How about spending the perfect Mexican Christmas eve, the Mexican have a name for it, the Christmas Eve in Spanish is “Nochebuena”. Christmas Eve is marked as the very night of the last posada. The eve is celebrated in ample different ways. Many people go for the midnight mass and then have dinner together with their families. Christmas day isn’t much of a fuss and the gifts are not that much of rage. It is generally considered a quiet day. But this is changing and Mexico is getting more and more Santa Claus friendly!

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6. Mexican Christmas Food: Buñuelos

delicious food

Image Source

You cannot have a Christmas without all the right Christmas in Mexico food and if you want to explore the core of Mexican Christmas you have to understand and give yourself in to the serving of Christmas food. Some of the more delicious foods that are especially loved on a Christmas dinner in Mexico is ensalada de Noche Buena and ponche Navideño.

7. Fireworks In Los Cabos: Año Nuevo

Fireworks in sky

Image Source

Most Mexicans celebrate the New Year’s Eve with a late-night dinner with their loved ones. Those who want to party generally go out. So, if you’re looking for a night out in the town, be prepared for things to really get going only after midnight and plan your evening in Mexico accordingly.

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8. Día De Reyes


Image Source

In Mexico, January 6th, the day of the Epiphany is celebrated as Día de Reyes in Mexico, which translates as “King’s Day”. The day is special for children; they receive ample gifts from the three wise men on this day! Many children now get gifts both on Christmas day and the Kings day. The special sweet bread of Mexico has to be there, it is customary to share a Rosca de Reyes with your friends and family during Christmas. This special sweet bread comes in the shape of a wreath and a figure of a cute miniature baby Jesus. One has to find the baby Jesus from inside the bread. Whoever finds it, he or she will have to host the party on February 2nd serving traditional tamales during Christmas in Mexico.

9. Día De La Candelaria

people marching

Image Source

It’s the day when Christmas is finally over. It’s traditionally a sad day, but what is tradition for if not for celebrating sorrows? Candlemas, or Día de la Candelaria comes on February 2nd. This date marks officially the end of the Christmas season. The celebration is enriched with people all dressed up carrying the cutesy Niños Dios, the figures of the baby Jesus. They take the child Christ figure to the church to be blessed and gathered up people all enjoy together plate full of tamales cooked by the person who found the baby Jesus in the Kings Day or Rosca de Reyes.

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Your Mexican Christmas vacation is going to be something absolutely different if you experience the charm of all of these traditions as well as the delicious Christmas in Mexico traditional food on your next international trip with TravelTriangle!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas In Mexico

Looking for more Christmas in Mexico facts? See if these common queries help:

What are typical Christmas decorations in Mexico?

The most authentic decorations and ornaments during Christmas in this city are made up of tin, straw, clay, and other kinds of folk medium. Together these items are used to represent the standard icons of Christmas, such as angels, stars, and balls. Even things like decorated clay pots, cactus, or parrots can be used.

What are some holiday traditions in Mexico?

The history of Christmas in Mexico says that Mexican celebration of this festival is known a Las Posadas and it commences on 16th December. The ninth evening of this festival in Mexico is called the Buena Noche, and this marks the Christmas Eve. on this day, kids lead a procession all the way to the church and upon reaching it, they place a figure of the Christ Child inside the nativity scene there. This is followed by the midnight mass.

What do Mexicans wear on Christmas?

Mexicans usually wear colorful costumes during Las Posadas. Many a times, two children would dress up as Mary and Joseph. The people of the city can be spotted wearing bright colours and vivid outfits with Christmas quotations or pictures on them during the Christmas holidays.

What do they eat in Mexico for Christmas?

Usually items like Ensalada de Noche Buena and Ponche Navideño are served during the Christmas dinner in Mexico. Other things Mexicans eat during Christmas include Tamales, Romeritos, Bacalao, Pozole, Pavo, and Bunuelos.

What are the main holidays in Mexico?

Some of the main holidays in Mexico include the Diez y Seis, Day of the Dead, Christmas, Lent and Easter, Dia de la Raza, the Dia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, and many more.

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