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Seychelles is a paradise on earth and very tourists dream destination. It is possible to find cheap hotels in Seychelles for those who are looking for budget hotels in Seychelles. For all beach trotters, Seychelles is a dream come true for its pristine and clear beaches and a diverse landscape. Travelers will not find pink sand anywhere else other than in Seychelles. Each beach is different in its landscape, and so are the mountains surrounding this fantastic God’s creation.A guest to Seychelles can also experience the best amenities by choosing affordable hotels in Seychelles to stay. Not all hotels are expensive here to enjoy a beautiful and mesmerizing vacation to remember. Seychelles was originally called the world’s first Garden of Eden, and a globetrotter need not go to heaven as it is available on Earth. It is a wrong notion that Seychelles is expensive and is only for the rich however there are many cheap places to stay in Seychelles. It is affordable for every kind of tourist. So one does not think twice to take a vacation in Seychelles.

Special Experiences

Seychelles offers some of the best experiences for all types of budget and people. There are cheap hotels in Seychelles like Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resorts and Spa, and they offer some of the best deals for a hotel stay. Though it is a budget hotel, it provides all the amenities that any 4-star or 3-star hotel would provide. Some of the special facilities that guests can avail in these hotels include Wi-Fi, swimming pool, and an ideal location. The hotels also offer wellness spa and Turkish baths. These are some of the unique features. The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach is one of the budget hotels in Seychelles that offers world-class facilities like outdoor swimming pool, high-speed internet access, and private balconies too. It is located on the beach with the beautiful views of the Granite Mountain.They also have a wellness spa and gym within the hotel and are free for guests to use. It figures as one of the top affordable hotels in Seychelles. Their room service also has a very high rating among visitors. The ideal location is accessible to most of the top destinations and mountain ranges. The experience will be the same for all kinds of tourists and all types of budgets.


Seychelles is a significant tourist destination, and at any time during the year, there are more visitors than residents here. There are ample cheap places to stay in Seychelles, and there is no need to worry about overshooting the budget. There are some top budget hotels like Coral Strand Smart Choice which can provide world-class amenities and facilities. Some of them are high-speed internet access, free buffet breakfast, air-conditioned rooms, and ideal beach locations. It also offers wellness spa and gym facilities for visitors. There are private balconies in all the rooms overlooking the beach. The bars and restaurants serve drinks and mouthwatering food.


Dining in Seychelles is a different experience entirely and none like the rest of the world. Savoy Spa Resort serves Asian, Continental, and Indian and Arabian cuisine at an affordable price. It is also one of the top cheap hotels in Seychelles to stay and experience a world-class cuisine. All this is available at low costs, and one can enjoy the true eclectic cuisine of Seychelles.


Q1. Is it easy to find cheap hotels in Seychelles?

A. Seychelles is one of the top beach destinations in the world, and it is very much possible to find affordable accommodation here. There are many hotels which run offers throughout the year, and they also provide discounts for online booking. The offers can be as good as finding a budget hotel in any other country but with better amenities. Even though they are cheap, their facilities are world-class and state-of-the-art.

Q2. Does Seychelles have cheaper options for tourists?

A. There are several cheap options for tourists in Seychelles throughout the year. It may be shopping, sightseeing, adventure sports, staying and dining; they are all available all year along.

Q3. How expensive is quality dining in Seychelles?

A. Seychelles is known for its eclectic cuisine options and provides worldwide cuisine to its visitors. Some places are very expensive because of their ambiance, and some are really budget friendly. The same kind of cuisine can e experienced in budget hotels at a much lower price.

Q4. Are the budget hotels available throughout the year?

A. Budget hotels are available throughout the year in Seychelles. The reason is Seychelles is a significant tourist destination, and tourism is the primary source of income for the country. Even budget hotels provide a world-class experience for tourists and are rated quite high on many travelogues.

Q5. Which are the best budget hotels in Seychelles?

A. There are too many budget-friendly hotels in Seychelles, and some of the best known are Savoy Spa and Resorts, Avani Resorts, and even Hilton at sometimes. It is possible to find 3-star to 5-star resorts to stay and dine in Seychelles during sometimes of the year. It is always worth checking all types of budget and non-budget restaurants in Seychelles.

Seychelles is a dramatic place which takes a tourist into a different world altogether. It is sometimes difficult to imagine that such a place exists on this planet with such un-spoilt rainforests and beaches. It is not a very expensive island to stay as there are many cheap hotels in Seychelles that can fit into all sizes of pockets. All hotel rooms, even the cheap ones, are equipped with satellite televisions, ironing board, and a small kitchenette. They also include a free buffet breakfast as a part of the package. It is a favorite destination for many honeymoon couples across the world. A lot of people feel it is costly to visit, but that is not true as there are many affordable hotels in Seychelles. Even couples will find many different deals for Seychelles to enjoy a romantic stay.

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