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Nature places in & outside India

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Nature places are everywhere around the world. This natural cover helps us realise the importance of greenery and other natural elements in our lives. In a fast-paced life spent in the big cities and towns, one is bound to forget the value of these elements in our lives. Good thing is that we can always travel to such natural places in and outside India whenever we want to. You could read about the options that TravelTriangle has provided to you in this category and book a vacation to natural places in and outside India.

Top 5 Best Natural Places In India

Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is a picturesque hill destination in India that is known for its irresistible natural beauty and lush coffee plantations. It is famously known as the ‘Scotland of India’. One of the best natural beauty places in India, it is quite popular amongst the tourists who are looking for a natural backdrop to their vacation. This quaint hill station is cozily nestled in the lap of Western Ghats in Southern Karnataka. There are many places of natural beauty in India, but Coorg makes it spot amongst the most popular ones. It has refreshing weather and cascading waterfalls to prove its worth as one of the most amazing natural tourist places in India. Check out the places like Abbey and Iruppu falls, and a diversity of flora and fauna at Nagarhole National Park and Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Munnar, Kerala

Out of the many best natural places in India, Munnar is quite a popular spot for tourists and travelers alike. It is a cozy hill station located in the state of Karnataka. This place is quite famous for its tea and spice plantations. If that wasn’t enough, the many natural beauty places in India are situated here in Munnar. Check out the waterfalls like Valara and Cheeyappara. These points of attractions are laden with breathtaking natural beauty. This attracts a lot of tourists all year round. The sprawling tea plantations, spice gardens, waterfalls, cliffs, and a whole lot of beauty in Munnar makes it one of the best natural tourist places in India.

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

One of the most natural places in India, Khajjiar is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is commonly known as the ‘Mini Switzerland of India’ because of its breathtaking and mesmerizing natural beauty. The place sits at over 1,981 meters above the sea level. There are dense forests, lush greenery, meadows, and beautiful snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. Counted amongst the best natural beauty places in India, it is an ideal getaway for people who are looking for a respite from the monotony of city life. Tourists can enjoy the activities like zorbing, trekking, paragliding, and horse-riding while vacationing at this beautiful destination. Being home to the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary and a wide variety of flora and fauna, Khajjiar can easily be counted amongst best natural places in India.

Chail, Himachal Pradesh

Chail is a mesmerizing hill station located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is nestled cozily in the Shivalik Hills and is one of the best natural places in India. The hill station is a secluded one that is surrounded by an abundance of deodar and pine forests. The backdrop is of the incredibly beautiful Himalayan ranges. A delightful place for nature lovers and photographers, Chail is an ultimate natural travel destination in India. While here, visit places like Sadhupul Lake, Chail Palace, Kali Temple, and the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary.

Alleppey, Kerala

Talking about the places of natural beauty in India, there are plenty. However, there is no place like Alleppey. A city located in the Indian state of Kerala, Alleppey is a nature’s delight and provides respite to the tired soul. Known as the hub of backwaters and lush green foliage, Alleppey is known for its intricate grid of canals. Hence, the tag of ‘Venice of the East' suits well to the identity of this beautiful destination. Amongst the many places of natural beauty in India, Alleppey sure is one of the best.

Plan your vacation to all these amazing natural places in India. Check through the many travel packages offered on TravelTriangle and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.



There might be numerous things that are to be kept in mind before setting out for a tour, but the most important of all is whether a traveler is actually mentally prepared to leave behind the modern luxury and venture out or not. To be ready to go out and explore the beauty of nature, one has to have a clear mind without any doubts.


The list of best places in the world for nature lovers can be really hard to compile as the number of such places are endless. Almost every place in this world is home to one or the other gift of nature that can imprint some great memories in the hearts of visitors. However, to name a few are:

a.) Pangong Lake, India

b.) Kashmir Valley in India

c.) Tea Gardens of Munnar at Kerala, India

d.) Tiger’s Nest monastery Trek, Bhutan

e.) Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

f.)  Mount Batur, Bali

g.) Milford Sound, New Zealand

h.) Bay of Islands, New Zealand

i.) Great Barrier Reef, Australia

j.) 90 Mile Beach, Australia

k.) Masada, Israel

l.) Serengeti, Tanzania

m.) Kruger National Park, South Africa

n.) Cape Town, South Africa

o.) Sarek National Park, Sweden

p.) Saxon, Switzerland

q.) Grand Canyon, USA

r.) Yellowstone National Park, USA

s.) Ile Aux Cerfs Island, Mauritius

And the list, like mentioned before, just goes on and on.


In case, a traveler is looking forward to exploring major attractions of famous natural places in India with ease, booking a travel package for that destination really helps. With planned itinerary and local agents involved, it gets very easy to understand which place one must visit and which one can be skipped. The most important part is the total cost remains same a traveler can save much time for own self during the tour.


It completely depends on individual choice and preferences, but there some “must-not miss” items one must carry for any tour, especially when the tour involves spending a lot of time in the natural places, away from urbanization. Being trip ready with important items like valid passport, air tickets, ID card, debit/credit cards, basic medical kit, suitable clothing, backup batteries for photography & videography, local emergency numbers and a clear budget ensure smooth holidaying experience.


Conservation of nature is the need of the hour in the world of rapid modernisation. A number of organizations, agreements, and initiatives are already in place to take effective measures that help in conservation of natural places. One can connect with such organizations and contribute towards this noble cause. Other everyday acts that can help conserve nature are:

Proper disposal of different kinds of waste

Reduction in usage of non-bio degradable products

Avoiding usage of non-renewable resources of energy

Cutting down on daily carbon emissions

Reducing use of paper in everyday life

Planting more trees

Adhering to rules that are already in place for conservation of nature

Not causing interference in various natural phenomena


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There are many natural places in and outside India that you can enjoy a vacation at. The decision of the final place depends upon the kind of additional experiences that you are looking for. Talking about the elements of nature, every place is one of a kind and provides relief from the dull monotony of daily life.

Top 5 Natural Places Outside India


The Maldives is a tropical exotic destination located in the Asian continent. Situated in the Indian Ocean, the land is composed of several ring-shaped atolls, 26 to be exact. The entire combination is that of more than 1000 coral islands. There are hordes of beaches, blue lagoons, and extensive reefs in the country’s kitty. The natural beauty everywhere around is breathtaking and mesmerizing. These elements are the reasons why this place is counted amongst the best natural places around the world. The capital city of the Maldives, Male City is full of commotion and buzzing with many locals and tourists alike in the fish markets, restaurants, and shops. Most of the parts of the Maldives are quite peaceful though. For a great exotic vacation in a natural locale, visit this beautiful country.


Talking about the exotic natural beauty, Seychelles is a beautiful country that is laden with hordes of natural wonders. It is essentially an archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. Most of the country is composed of the natural green cover. This is the reason why there is an abundance of wildlife living peacefully in the country. There are many natural reserves, coral reefs, beaches, and rare animals like giant Aldabra tortoises. There are mountain rainforests like Morne Seychellois National Park and beautiful beaches like Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka.


Bhutan is essentially a Buddhist kingdom that is located on the eatsern edge of the mighty Himalayan range. The country is home to alpine meadows, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and a whole lot of lush greenery. One would be amazed to know that are around 2,674 glacial lakes in Bhutan. Out of these, only a few are accessible by road, a few by trek, and others are mostly inaccessible due to difficult terrain and topography.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a culturally-rich country in South Asia located in the Indian Ocean right below India. Although most part of the country is buzzing with commotion because of all the development, there is no dearth of natural cover and beauty all around. There are many mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, and forest covers to provide a sense of relief from the commotion of daily life monotony. While you are vacationing in Sri lanka, choose the places and experiences that would provide you with such respite.


Out of the many natural places in and outside India, Pattaya is one of the top-most visited destinations across the world. The reason for it is pretty simple. The place is a combination of great development as well as hordes of natural wonders. Even though there are plenty of high-rise condos, glitzy and glamorous nightlife spots, shopping malls, cabaret bars, and clubs, there are plenty of beaches, forest covers and hiking opportunities as well. Enjoy your vacation in this gorgeous place and enjoy the many bounties of nature.

Go through the many destination options provided by TravelTriangle for a relaxing vacation amidst nature. Check out the many travel packages offered here and book the one that suits your requirement the best.