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Honeymoon places in & outside India

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Almost nothing can override love between two people who decide to spend the rest of their lives with each other. It’s a profoundly pure feeling that forms the very basis of mankind. Perhaps, the only feeling that deserves to be shown off. And what better way to display love towards your loved one than embarking on a romantic holiday to some heavenly honeymoon place in the world! After all, it’s not just a reason for traveling but also a kind of travel experience that stays with you for a long time for it allows you to understand your life partner and explore places. Explore the honeymoon places in and outside India by booking a package with TravelTriangle. Read on as we tell you more about the places that you can visit on a honeymoon vacation.

A honeymoon vacation becomes even better when the destination that the couple is exploring has all the romantic charms. Picturesque scenery, natural beauty, sightseeing, a whole lot of shopping, delectable cuisines, and other romantic experiences - all of this makes for a great honeymoon holiday. Many destinations have got it all and some have a few elements to them - be it any of them, they make a honeymoon experience worthwhile. There are many honeymoon places in and outside India that can be explored by a couple. Go on and read ahead as we tell you about many destinations around the world that are perfect for a honeymoon vacation.

Best Honeymoon Places In India

The country of India has a whole lot of places that can be explored while on a romantic vacation. There are many honeymoon destinations in India that have a whole lot of things to offer to the couples. Majestic mountains, surreal backwaters, ethereal temples and sites of worship, pristine beaches, exotic palm trees swaying along the shores, the royal forts, the enchanting desert, mesmerizing monuments - India has so much to offer. Read on about the best honeymoon places in India.


One of the many enchanting honeymoon destinations in India, Kerala is known for its ethereal beauty. The pristine beaches, mesmerizing backwaters, lush green foliage, majestic hills, delectable local cuisines, and a whole lot of natural beauty. This perfectly sums up the experience in Kerala. A honeymoon vacation here would mean treading through the Western Ghats, exploring the tea, coffee, and spice plantations, checking out the wildlife and sanctuaries, and sailing on a houseboat through the intricate network of backwaters. These elements are enough to categorize into the list of best honeymoon places in India. Check out destinations like Munnar, Kochi, Alleppey, and a lot more.


An enchanting tropical haven, Goa is one of the many popular honeymoon destinations in India. It can be described as the perfect blend of the Indian and Portuguese cultures, sea, sand, spirituality, seafood, and a whole lot of picturesque natural beauty. This destination has a few of the most popular beaches in India, namely Baga, Anjuna, Vagatar, Morjim, Arambol, Palolem, and a whole lot more. A blend of the local communities with their variety of delectable dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, the many museums, art galleries, spiritual retreats, churches, splendid architecture, and the age-old monuments - there is a whole lot that a couple can do on their romantic escapade to Goa. Indeed it is one of the best honeymoon places in India.


One of the many great honeymoon destinations in India, Kashmir is regarded as heaven on earth. It is a part of the Indian state of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. This quaint destination with its beautiful Dal Lake, shikara rides amidst its waters, the floating flower and vegetable markets, the houseboats, and a whole lot of enchanting greenery and beauty around - all of this makes Kashmir a mesmerizing romantic destination. Couple looking for the best honeymoon places in India are in for a treat with these amazing elements at this place.

Plan your vacation to all these amazing honeymoon places in India. Check through the many travel packages offered on TravelTriangle and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.



Yes, travelers can customize these honeymoon packages as per their convenience and plan their vacation according to their requirements.

It’s safe to go anywhere in this world without booking a package only when one knows almost everything about the place from transport, culture, and food, to appropriate places for accommodation. However, it is always recommended to book a package in advance for a hassle-free experience.

Some popular honeymoon places outside India where visa is not required are:

  • Macau
  • Fiji
  • Bhutan
  • Mauritius (Visa on arrival)
  • Seychelles (Visitor’s permit for 3 months)
  • Indonesia (Visa on arrival)
  • Thailand (Visa on arrival)
  • Maldives (Visa on arrival)
  • Cambodia (Visa on arrival)
  • Trinidad & Tobago

Here are some important honeymoon planning tips for enjoying a wonderful time:

  • Research & plan the holiday well in advance
  • Pick the destination that both agree upon
  • Book a customizable honeymoon package
  • Book hotels and air tickets as early as possible
  • Limit the budget of the package
  • Pack a camera and a diary
  • Take a basic medical kit

Here is the list of best car rental service providers in Goa:

  • Go Goa Car Rentals
  • MyChoize Self-Drive Cars
  • Self Drive Car Rentals India
  • Wheels & Wings
  • Urban drive
  • STS Goa Car Rentals

Goa is replete with numerous clubs and bars. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Antares
  • Cafe Mambos
  • Club Cubana
  • Shiva Valley
  • Tito's Bar and Club
  • SinQ Night Club
  • Kamaki
  • UV Bar
  • Silent Noise Club

Some of the best things to do in Mauritius on a honeymoon are:

  • Beach hopping
  • Candlelight dinner at the beach
  • Enjoying a couple's spa
  • Skydiving
  • Kayaking
  • Dolphin watching

While there are an endless number of places to visit for honeymoon both in India and outside, below are the best ones to consider for an utmost romantic experience:

Best Domestic Honeymoon Destinations

Goa - Go partying with pocket-friendly packages

Rajasthan - Visit India’s royalty land with unique itineraries

Andaman -Go island hopping with top packages

Best International Honeymoon Destinations

Maldives - Plan your trip with tailor-made packages

Thailand - Explore the beaches with affordable packages

Europe - Check out most customizable itineraries

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What started as a post-wedding custom of visiting close friends and relatives in the early 19th century, has now a completely transformed meaning. For almost all couples nowadays, the honeymoon is a fantastic way of celebrating the beginning of a new phase of life and the perfect chance to strengthen the mutual bond of love. It’s about enjoying spending some exclusive time with each other while relishing the surrounding beauty and vibrancy of your honeymoon destination. Whether it’s about the honeymoon places in and outside India, there are a plethora of places to see and experience. A comfortable and hassle-free honeymoon is like a dream come true for every couple. With the advent of modern technology in the domain of travel and hospitality, it has become even easier for travel-loving couples to go out for a dream holiday at some of the best destinations in India and also the many honeymoon places out of India.

Honeymoon comes as a welcome post-wedding period for newlyweds, away from all the worldly issues. This is the time when you can just be with your better-half and pamper each other. However, planning a great honeymoon holiday might turn out to be a tricky task as a lot of factors are to be kept in mind, and the most deciding of all is finalizing the best-suited honeymoon destination. Peace, tranquility, safety, adventure, man-made wonders, and natural beauty are some of the many hallmarks of a great honeymoon destination. Thankfully, we are quite lucky as there are a number of enthralling places on the face of this planet that have all such ingredients to play host for a perfect honeymoon. Check out the many honeymoon places in and outside India and plan your vacation accordingly. Countries like Thailand, Ireland, England, Italy, Austria, Mauritius, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the U.S, and India are home to some of the best honeymoon places in the world.

Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India


While booking honeymoon packages outside India, consider the tropical destinations around the world. There are many great places all over and one of the best out of the lot is the Maldives. It is an exotic destination situated in Asia in the Indian Ocean. The country is a perfect amalgamation of over 1000 coral islands. Plenty of beaches, bluest of waters, lagoons, and extensive reefs make it a picture-perfect destination. The scenery here is mesmerizing and breathtaking. Enjoying time here with your beloved over a romantic vacation would make your experience worthwhile. No reason, it is counted amongst one of the best honeymoon places out of India. Couples can head to the capital city of Male for some shopping and culinary options. The market here is buzzing with tourists and becomes for a great place to experience the cultural richness of the country.


While scouting for honeymoon packages outside India, read about the enchanting island country of Seychelles. Essentially, it is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that is composed of 115 islands. A beautiful country laden with hordes of natural beauty and a lush forest cover, Seychelles has become one of the most popular honeymoon places out of India. Most of the country is composed of the natural green cover. This is the reason why there is an abundance of wildlife living peacefully in the country. Couples can check out here many natural reserves, coral reefs, beaches, and rare animals like giant Aldabra tortoises. Mountain rainforests like Morne Seychellois National Park and beautiful beaches like Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka can also be explored here. Plan your trip to one of the best honeymoon destinations outside India and enjoy your romantic vacation.


Out of the many honeymoon places out of India, Pattaya is one of the most popular destinations. The reason why it is so is quite simple. The destination is a great combination of plenty of high-rise condos, glitzy and glamorous nightlife spots, shopping malls, cabaret bars, and clubs, beaches, forest covers, and hiking opportunities. There are also many natural wonders and beauty here to add to the place’s charm. While scouting for honeymoon packages outside India, read about this amazing place from our comprehensive guides. This shall help you select the best package that will be suitable to you and your beloved.

It’s known to almost all couples that some honeymoon destinations outside India are absolutely tempting that see an influx of millions of visitors throughout the year. However, for the people in the Indian subcontinent, honeymoon places in India such as Gulmarg, Munnar, Shimla, Manali, Darjeeling, Ooty, Goa, and Udaipur bring as many surprises as honeymoon places anywhere else in the world. Booking a honeymoon package well in advance makes traveling easy and comfortable. And here, at Travel Triangle, it’s made sure that honeymoon packages are designed such that the tourists remember their first post-wedding holiday experience for the rest of their lives.

So, it all comes down to what kind of start you are looking to give your post-wedding life. Not to say that it’s just a honeymoon that can guarantee a perfect beginning, but with the modern trend, a honeymoon is enjoying togetherness while traveling. It’s a gift from you, to your life partner. Check out the many honeymoon destinations outside India and choose the one that you and your beloved like the best. Happy honeymooning!