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Seychelles is a tiny little dot on the world map and yet so beautiful, and Luxury Boutique Hotels in Seychelles are the perfect place to stay. Seychelles is the best-kept secret of East Africa on the coasts of Indian Ocean. It is one of the most dreamy and isolated locations in the world to visit. The turquoise sand with its white sand shores is surrounded by rain forests and is every traveler’s dream.It attracts all types of tourists like newlyweds, families with children, single travelers and globetrotters. It ranks as the most popular beach destination in travelogues. Seychelles is fascinating for beach hoppers offering a variety of adventures and a fun-packed beach holiday. There several packages for a tourist available throughout the year.

Special Experiences

Some of the best boutique hotels Seychelles offer world-class services like wellness spas and fitness centers. Six Senses Zil Pasyon has a 4-star rating and highly regarded among tourists. It is located on a private island and has a wellness spa and a fitness center. They also offer other things like free Wi-Fi throughout their resort. All the resorts have a flat-screen TV and a private seating and dining area. Guests can enjoy all the other outdoor beach activities and the swimming pool as well. Beach luxury boutique hotels Seychelles are not the only option. Tourists can also choose a hillside resort like Four Seasons Resort. It is located in a quiet nook of the hills and offers beautiful views of the seaside. The beach is close; it is within a 5km radius. Every villa has a private pool and is fully air-conditioned. They also include a mini bar in each of the rooms. They offer free massages and various wellness treatments for their visitors.


A 3 or 4-star luxury boutique hotels Seychelles includes a range of amenities for its guests. Six Senses Zil Pasyon offers complete privacy as it is a private beach. Being a 3-star hotel, the standards are maintained at a high level. A free American plan breakfast is included in the package and is usually a vast spread. The Four Seasons Resort is very similar to other 4 star resorts, but they have private swimming pools and dining areas for guests. The guest rooms are fully air-conditioned so visiting this resort at any time during the year should not be a problem. If people are looking for more budget-friendly options, Rafelle Seychelles is a good one and is located at proximity to the beach. They offer amenities like a beauty salon, Wi-Fi access, Spa and flat screen television with cable access.


One of the most recommended luxury boutique hotels Seychelles that offers fine dining options is the Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and Spa. If splurging is an option, tourists can visit this unique restaurant located in the spa. The backdrop of the resort is fantastic and surrounded by palm trees. The resort offers Japanese, Italian and continental cuisine. It is not precisely a budget-friendly place, but one can splurge in its world-class services. There is also a kid-friendly restaurant only for kids here.


Q1. Why is Seychelles the best beach destination?

A. Seychelles is considered the best beach destination in the world and has a unique location. It can be visited anytime during the year. It is a combination of white sand beaches, mountains and a unique rainforest environment. The flora and fauna here are unique, and the almost extinct Jellyfish tree is found only in Seychelles. A huge variety of orchids grow wild here.

Q2. Is Seychelles a tourist-friendly place?

A. Seychelles is very tourist friendly and welcomes people from all cultures. It is also well equipped with tourist-friendly amenities throughout the country. They are not very strict about the clothing and liquor consumption for tourists. However, tourists are expected to be warm to the tourists as well.

Q3. Does Seychelles have rules against liquor?

A. The boutique hotel in Seychelles offer different types of liquor and in all seasons. They are tolerant and provided the tourists do not become miscreants or create a nuisance. Otherwise, they are very warm and welcoming people.

Q4. What is the capital city of Seychelles?

A. Mahe is the capital city of Seychelles and is located in the heart. It is well-placed destination wise and is at a short distance of the most sought-after islands of Seychelles. Not all islands in Seychelles are accessible for tourists and only a few of them are.

Q5. Which is the best resort to stay in Seychelles?

A. There are many boutique hotels in Seychelles that offer a range of services. Some of the best ones are the Four Seasons Resorts and Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort. They rate very high on the tourist forums and almost have a 5-star rating. There are several other budget-friendly options as well.

The best part about Seychelles is there is no off-season here and it can be visited throughout the year. One of the best ways to experience and absorb this nature’s wonder is by staying in the luxury boutique hotels Seychelles. Guests can have the best experience of their life by choosing the right boutique hotel. A boutique hotel offers all the amenities that a 4-star resort has to offer and also added amenities that nobody else offers. A tourist can never be lost of choices in Seychelles as it has some of the best options of both the hills and the sea. Tourists have a massive range of opportunities to explore. Seychelles attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. For the newlyweds, this is an ideal holiday destination. They can explore a wide range of private beaches for complete privacy for their marital bliss. A variety of visitors find friendly options in Seychelles, and it never seizes to surprise.

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