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Mahe is one of the most beautiful stretches of beaches and islands in Seychelles. Mahe resorts that are so many in numbers offer an ecstatic experience for those who visit the group of islands in Mahe. There are so many islands like La Digue, Eden Island, and Glacis that provide a great stay experience. It is difficult to choose any one Mahe island to stay because of its diversity and pristine beauty.Mahe is blessed with abundant natural beauty which is evident from the scenic surroundings of the various islands. Each island is unique, and the coastline is also different at multiple places. For example, some islands have pink sandy beaches while others have golden sandy beaches. Mahe is one of the most photographed islands in Seychelles. It is located close to Victoria and the airport. All the Mahe resorts offer a range of services and amenities to its guests.

Special Experiences

Mahe resorts offer a unique experience to the visitors who come here every day, and resorts like Avani Seychelles Resorts and Spa is very popular among international tourists for whom budget is not a constraint. They offer amenities that are world-class, and they do not compromise quality. There are hundreds of hotels and resorts scattered all over the islands of Mahe. Some of the best amenities that a tourist can expect from the highest range to the least expected are helipads, private butlers, private terrace in rooms, room service, free breakfast, unprecedented high-speed internet connectivity and so much more. Almost all resorts have one or more swimming pool despite the vast Indian Ocean staring at the tourists. Each resort boasts a specialty cuisine that is unique only to Mahe. There are large hotel chains like Hilton and Imperial as well, apart from the hundreds of local Seychelles resorts.


The facilities provided in various resorts differ from each other. 5-star resorts like Hilton and Imperial or Eden Bleu offer specialized services like access to private beach, child entertainment centers, and holistic spas. The 3-star resorts also offer spas, and some of them even have pet care centers so that tourists enjoy their stay in Seychelles without having to worry about their loved ones. Mahe is a very family-friendly place, and most resorts make sure that it has family oriented rooms as well as non-smoking rooms for example. Some resorts also have their own beach adventure activities that are reserved for their guests. These include resorts like Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort, which has the distinction of being the sole hotel in Seychelles that offers guests a casino. There are several options to enjoy their time in Seychelles by indulging in the various beach activities and even exploring the tropical forests. Mahe also has vanilla plantations in places like Beau Vallon. Some of the resorts lie within the plantations and the tropical forests.


Tourists, who are on a gastronomic odyssey, can enjoy the various cuisines offered in the different hotels, restaurants, and resorts of Mahe. Most resorts primarily serve Creole food, but they also add some continental and Indian dishes to their menu to treat their guests’ palette. People do not have the option to have fast food on Mahe Island but they would not need to look for fast food as the selection of dishes in restaurants is mouthwatering and delicious. The best thing about Mahe restaurants is that they also cater to vegetarians and vegans. Places like Savoy Seychelles and Avani Seychelles have a comprehensive menu for vegetarians. People can also explore Arabian and African cuisines on their gastronomic trip in Seychelles.


Q1. Why is Mahe Island such a popular place?

A. Mahe Island is a bustling tourist spot and one of the most sought-after beach destinations. It is vibrant and full of exciting beach activities. There is no shortage for fun here, whether it is a family with children, couples or solo travelers. People are always on the beaches, indulging in their favorite beach sport. The popularity is also because some of the best beach resorts are located here and offer stellar services for down-to-earth prices.

Q2. Are pets allowed in beach hotels in Mahe Island?

A. Mahe Island has many beaches that welcome pets without any hassle. Also, there are resorts across the island that cater to the four-legged members of families. However, not all resorts welcome pets and it is best to find out before booking accommodation.

Q3. Which beach hotels in Mahe are the closest to the airport?

A. Mahe is home to the Seychelles International Airport, and many of the resorts on the island are within the vicinity of the airport. Guests can stay in Le Manglier Guesthouse, which is merely five minutes drive from the airport. It is clean and comfortable. Then there is La Rousette, which also offers quick and easy access to the airport.

Q4. What cuisines are served in hotels and restaurants in Mahe Island?

A. Mahe has a wide range of restaurants that offer varied cuisines to suit all travelers. While most restaurants excel in Creole cuisine, they also tend to serve continental, Italian and Spanish cuisines. Restaurants also serve Indian and Japanese cuisines. Since Mahe is cosmopolitan, there are even American-style fast food outlets scattered around the island.

Q5. Which are some of the best resorts in Mahe Island?

A. Kanbay Beach Resort, Club7 Beach Resort, Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Raffles Seychelles, Hotel Cote D’Or and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles are some of the best resorts to stay while in Mahe.

The resorts in Mahe Seychelles offer the best of the services compared to any other group of islands in Seychelles. Mahe Island is quite a popular beach destination and the default choice for tourists. Tourists cannot stop at one island of Mahe, and usually, they visit all the islands and try to cover the most. The tropical forests that surround the ocean with the backdrop of the Granite Mountains, the coral reefs, the sea life and the well-orchestrated setting of nature attract millions of tourists every year. With some of the best resorts, this destination is sure to impress its guests with the scenic beauty around. Almost all the resorts are family friendly and offer facilities for the entertainment of kids and children alike. Travelers can find every kind of cuisine available in these hotels. Pets are also allowed in most of the hotels. Mahe hotels strive to make the best out of the holiday of the tourists.

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