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Seychelles is one of the most mesmerizing and mystical islands of East Africa. The best beach resorts and hotels in Seychelles of the world are located in Seychelles. There are several islands located in the most perfect places of Seychelles. They are blessed with nature and spectacular views. Tourists can now enjoy the pristine environment, breathe in fresh and unpolluted air, and soak in the beautiful sunsets of Seychelles. The right Seychelles resort can provide with these amazing experiences.The Seychelles hotel deals are easy on the pocket and value for money. Seychelles hotels rates keep varying and one has to keep a close watch for the best deals. The best places to stay in Seychelles are Mahe, Praslin, and Victoria. The options to stay are much more in Mahe. Some of the best things to do in Seychelles are to indulge in beachfront activities, like water scooting, jet skiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. There are plenty more like viewing the underwater scenery with giant coral reefs.

Special Experiences

Constance Lemuria is one of the best 3-star resorts in Seychelles in Mahe. It is booked throughout the year as Seychelles hotels prices vary each month, and one needs to plan in advance to find accommodation here. However, they have a private beach and access is given only to the guests of the resort. It has earned rave reviews on travel websites for its cleanliness and prompt service, making it one of the best places to stay in Seychelles. In fact, it is preferred more than the five-star resorts in Seychelles. The Spa boasts specialized treatments with sea minerals found in waters around Seychelles are the speciality of the hotels. The beauty treatments and massages provide a rejuvenating experience. Seychelles best place to stay include D&M Holiday Apartment. It is a budget-oriented hotel, which is one among Seychelles small hotels and for people, who like to be on their own even on a holiday. Not everyone prefers the service and amenities and they like to be independent. This is the right fit for people with such a thought process.


The Seychelles hotel rooms facilities at H Resort Beau Vallon is of five-star quality even though it is not rated as one. It is undoubtedly the best place to stay in the Seychelles islands. It is a three-star resort and provides many amenities, including private beach access and high-speed internet, which is available even on the beach. It is one of the 10 best hotels in Seychelles. Their reliable staff ensures that the visitors are well informed about the dos and don’ts in Seychelles and also the best places to visit in the archipelago. The hotels in Seychelles, Africa, are the best in Praslin and even though this resort is a three-star resort, it has earned its name through several means like best service and amenities, good food and cleanliness. They have a private beach and are in the most romantic location of Seychelles.


The dining options are several in all the islands of Seychelles. The best way to enjoy a sumptuous Creole meal is to head to the towns of Victoria or Eden Island. There are many smaller restaurants that are not high on service but serve some amazing food. If tourists prefer the splendor and lavish dinners, they should head to the various three-star and five-star resorts on the islands. Savoy Resort and Spa is a five-star resort and one of the top 5 hotels in Seychelles that has a beautifully designed restaurant and serves specialty dinners. Their menu card is also very impressive. However, their best quality is their hospitality. Avani Seychelles Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels to stay in Seychelles and is a high-class resort that has a super luxurious restaurant with an ideal location. The patio deck, where the guests have their dinner, extends a bit further into the sea. They can hear the waves under their foot while enjoying the sunset views, which later becomes a blanket of stars. This is one of the most romantic settings in Seychelles. Also, the patio is not brightly lit and all the tables are candlelit. Whether it is a family or a couple, they can have some romantic and lovable moments on the deck. It is also among the top ten hotels in Seychelles.


Q1. What so fascinating about Seychelles?

A. Seychelles group of islands is mesmerizing and exotic. The islands offer a plethora of exploring options to its visitors. No other beach destination in the world comes close to Seychelles. It is known for its exotic beaches and has been featured in many movies. The unspoiled beauty of Seychelles makes it a highly attractive destination.

Q2. Are pets allowed in beach hotels in Seychelles Island?

A. Seychelles islands have many beaches that welcome pets and most resorts in these islands allow pets and even have pet care centers. However, some resorts in places like Eden Island may not allow pets. Some hilltop resorts may allow pets. It is a good idea to check with the hotel before deciding to bring a pet.

Q3. Are there any Seychelles hotels close to the airport?

A. Eden Island is the closest hotel to the Seychelles International Airport. However, there are several other hotels, like Bel Air Hotel, Hilton, Bayview Studio, and Victoria Hotel, that are located near the airport and hardly require long commutes to get to and from the airport.

Q4. What is the main food in Seychelles Island?

A. Seafood, shellfish and other seafood are a staple in Seychelles. These foods are often served with rice. Visitors can enjoy fresh fish, which can be steamed, wrapped and baked in banana leaves, grilled, salted or smoked. The cuisine of the island is dominated by curry dishes, which are served with rice.

Q5. What activities do Seychelles hotels offer?

A. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and checking out the coral reefs, which are replete with marine life. Resorts and hotels also have live music and local dance performances. Most have guides to take visitors to attractions like Small Island, where they can see giant tortoises.

Seychelles offers travelers a unique vacation experience. The group of islands boasts a year-round tropical weather that makes it a great beach destination. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, sailing, diving, surfing, and bird-watching. Seychelles hotels provide visitors to the archipelago a wonderful base to explore the natural heritage. These hotels provide guests with modern amenities and provide facilities that travelers expect and demand nowadays. Minibars, in-house restaurant, room service, internet connectivity and performances by local artists are some of the things that Seychelles hotels offer guests. Most beach resorts have their own private beach, making it easy for guests to bask in the sun or swim in the crystal clear water. Tourists can also enjoy a walk or a trek in the tropical forests of Seychelles that is surrounded by the Granite Mountains. Seychelles is a tourist’s treasure chest that has to be explored and each time they will find something new on these islands. Hotels in Seychelles Island ensure that tourists enjoy all these things while they provide them with comfort and luxury.

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