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Seychelles Islands is the most sought-after beach destination that has never failed to cease the tourist’s bewilderment with its beauty. Seychelles luxury hotels spruce up the stay for the tourists by offering an out of the world experience of Seychelles. Mahe is the most sought-after Seychelles destination by families, couples, and all other types of tourists. All the three islands of Seychelles are unique in their own way. They say there is simplicity in diversity and that is what Seychelles exactly is for tourists.The best luxury hotels in Seychelles offer amenities that are suited for all types of tourists. The price range for the resorts varies as per the rating that they receive. Tourists have a plethora of options to choose from. The tropical islands offer great trekking, hiking, rock climbing, and many more adventure packed activities. While the beaches provide a pristine environment that is calm and serene, the mountains are cooler and offer great views of Seychelles Island.

Special Experiences

Seychelles has various gradations when it comes to luxury like they have small luxury hotels in Seychelles to ultra-luxurious accommodations. The small luxury resorts like Cerf Island Resort offer the luxury and the amenities that are a bit above the average hotel. Not everybody would be able to afford ultra-luxury hotels in Seychelles islands. Cerf offers specialized packages that include high-speed internet access throughout the resort. Almost all resorts in Seychelles offer internet, but some of them only provide it in the lobby. However, visitors to this resort can receive high-speed internet even in their rooms. They can do their own Instagram updates in the total privacy of their room. Banyan Tree Seychelles is located amidst palm groves, right on the beach, and is invisible to the rest of the world. Guests here love to lounge around the groves or relax by the beach in the shade of the palm trees.


The ultra-luxurious hotel like DoubleTree Resort and Spa by Hilton provides 5-star amenities to guests with luxurious rooms that are very spacious and airy. It sports a stately look and guests can enjoy the large flat-screen television with satellite connection in their hotel rooms. It is nice to relax on the bed and catch up with favourite sitcoms after a tired day outdoors. They also provide a considerable spread of breakfast along with complimentary fresh fruit juices. The view from this resort is something that cannot be put into words, and these are some of the visitor’s testimonials. Valmer Resort is located in a remote nook of Seychelles island and is lesser known in the resort community. However, their services and amenities like swimming pool and cleanliness is something that is worth praise. It is also not very expensive and has average prices. It is not exactly a budget hotel either. The resort has limited rooms and a private beach. So the numbers of guests in this resort are reasonably low. People seeking privacy and those looking for peace and solitude will love this resort.


Dining in Seychelles is a total Creole experience that is worth dying for. The world does not know much about Creole cuisine, and they have to visit Seychelles to learn about it. People, who are experimental foodies, can go to the Eden Island Plaza where there are several tiny restaurants that serve different cuisines like Lebanese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Even Arabic and Indian food can be found in this plaza. Also, Victoria is a good option for such foodies. For people, who like lavish spreads, they should visit the Labriz Hilton for a real extravagant dinner. They have some unique items on their menu.


Q1. What are some of the popular luxury hotels in Seychelles?

A. Banyan Tree Seychelles, DoubleTree by Hilton Seychelles, Savoy Resort and Spa, and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles are some of the luxury hotels in Seychelles.

Q2. What activities can visitors enjoy in Seychelles?

A. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, rock climbing, parasailing, and ziplining are available across Seychelles. There are also opportunities to enjoy fishing in Denis. Anglers can go fly fishing to the outer island of Alphonse, which is renowned for its bonefish.

Q3. Are there golf courses in Seychelles?

A. The Seychelles Golf Club is housed in a former coconut plantation in Mahe. It has nine holes and players are warned to be careful as the local crabs can steal their golf balls! The Lemuria golf course in Praslin is a par 70 and 18-hole golf course that is spectacular and challenging.

Q4. What is a unique dish to try in Seychelles?

A. Guests can try bat curry, which is served with rice. This curry is a local delicacy. The dish goes back to the time of slavery and still consumed in the archipelago. Seychelles fruit bats are used for the curry, and the best place to eat it is in Marie Antoinette Creole Restaurant in Mahe.

Q5. Is it legal to buy Coco de Mer?

A. Legal Coco de Mer come with a holographic sticker and permit. The fruit will be hollowed out to prevent it from being replanted anywhere else in the world. Make sure to check for the label and permit as leaving the country with this fruit without the right certification attracts fine and also prison sentence.

Staying in Seychelles luxury hotels is an experience in itself. The personalized attention and the facilities are truly world-class. Each luxury resort has its own persona and visitors should choose their resort based on the activities they want to enjoy. This will allow them to select the best luxury resorts in Seychelles and have a memorable vacation. These luxury hotels are renowned for their amenities and offer better services and experiences compared to budget hotels. Swimming pool, spa, beauty treatments, room service, in-house specialty restaurants, and personalized service make every guest’s stay special. This is why Seychelles luxury hotels are highly sought-after. Also, they are affordable compared to similar standard hotels in other parts of the world.

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