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Escape from all the stress, tensions, and ordinary routine. Make memories and capture moments with friends by heading out a lovely tour across Bangkok. Reside at the best Bangkok resort and chill this mini break. Apart from being the capital of Thailand, one can call Bangkok the capital of temples too.This is because the city has uncountable beautifully designed temples. They provide an insight into the history and architectural styles dominant during the past. The city is also the main center of lovely nightlife. So, if the tourists are party animals looking for upbeat music and the bustling crowd to loosen the muscles. This is the city they are looking for. Indeed, the city is “Venice of the East”. Bangkok is a planned city in Thailand that has well-connected systems via canals and roads. So, go on a hop on and hop off a tour across the waters that flow through the city. The city features the river Chao Phraya that is known for its water rides, festivals, and panoramic views. Also, do not leave this wondrous city without tasting the mouthwatering sushi.

Special Experiences

There are several special experiences that one can avail at Bangkok islands resorts that will surely blow one’s mind. The resort rooms are provided with indoor heated pools with music systems. So, the customers can dive into the Jacuzzi’s as they watch lovely views. The resorts also open to private beaches where tourists are provided with sunbeds, umbrella, and tropical food. Every Bangkok resort also has a spa and relaxation areas that are known to trace all the lines in the body and loosen the muscles. So, get a rejuvenating experience at the ideal massage sessions. Other special experiences include separate dining areas, a poolside barbeque, and candlelight dining in the open. For example, the Anantara Riverside Bangko Resort is well-known for its riverside views, boat rides in shuttle boats, and deep pools. While the Navalai Resort is known for its rooftop pool.


There are also essential facilities that are all-inclusive resorts Bangkok. The resorts come in various room styles which include standard, business, family, connected, club, suites, or villas. The rooms are laid with a wooden interior which includes flooring and furniture. There are closets, lockers, showers, bathtubs, and pools provided within the rooms. Apart from these, the rooms also have blackout curtains, flat screen television, minibars, barbeque, kitchen, living room, and much more within them too. So, get a complete lavish and luxurious feel at these resorts. The resorts have a friendly and kind staff that respond to all requests and queries. Each Bangkok resort also comes with internet, laundry, luggage storage, valet parking, and car hire. The QG Resort is a great example of a wide range of facilities such as clean rooms, transfers to airport, minibar, and shower system.


The resorts do not just offer a luxurious lifestyle throughout the stay, but they also offer luxurious food as well. However, do not worry about the budget because the cheap resorts in Bangkok also provide food that is equivalent to 5-star resorts. At the resorts get to try out several recipes that are served as a buffet and a la carte. The chefs are humble masters who accept special requests for extra flavors. Apart from fine dining, the resorts also have a separate sports bar and lounge where one is served with light comfort food and cocktail fusions. So, dance to rocking music and get to watch thrilling flame throws displayed by the bartenders. For example, the U Sathorn Resort is famous for Library Bar that offers great wine.


Q1. What is the currency of Thailand?
A. The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht.

Q2. What are the drinking laws of Thailand?
A. People above the age of 18 are allowed to consume alcohol. It is mandatory to close all bars by 2 am.

Q3.Can one get a custom visa for Thailand?
A. Yes, one can get a custom visa for Thailand.

Q4. What are the main mobile service providers in Bangkok?
A. The main mobile service providers in Bangkok are AIS, DTAC, and Truemove.

Q5. Can one drink from tap water in Bangkok?
A. Yes, one can drink tap water in Bangkok. However, it is better to drink bottled water.

Make this mini break this year a joyful one by reserving the best Bangkok resort. The resorts have well-trained and professional staff and management who ensure the guests are comfortable throughout the stay. Get to avail special experiences such as Jacuzzi’s in the rooms and also get to bath in private beaches that are provided by these exotic resorts. Relax one’s muscles and freshen up completely by availing massages, relaxation session, and facial treatments that are very therapeutic. Other special experiences that one can enjoy at these resorts include separate dining areas, a poolside barbeque, and candlelight dinners. The resorts also provide guests with numerous facilities. The rooms come in various styles with useful furniture which include lockers and cupboards. The rooms are also provided with blackout curtains, flat screen television, minibars, beverage makers, seating areas, and much more. At the end of the day, enjoy a special dinner that is severed in a multitude of cuisines. So, don’t miss the golden chance and book the best resorts in Bangkok.

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