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Chiang Mai is a city in the mountainous regions of Thailand, Bangkok. This is one city that still contains the remains of vintage and ancient walls and moats that depict its cultural history and traditional religious center. It fosters and it a home to many Buddhist temples which have beautifully carved out sculptures with religious significance.Since this place is a tourist attraction, there are many hotels in and around Chiang Mai. There are exotic hotels as well as affordable options for everyone. People on a budget wanting to visit this place have a number of cheap and affordable hotels for accommodation. Chiang Mai hotels provide exquisite services to their visitors. These hotels have very a friendly staff that would make the stay more pleasant and comfortable. The hotels in Chiang Mai are beautifully structured and look very attractive from an external appearance.

Since the destination has a historical influence, Chiang Mai hotels have also incorporated that essence into designing their interiors and exteriors. Some hotels have beautifully made use of ancient artifacts that add more authenticity and makes them look aesthetic. For those wanting more of contemporary and modern hotels, not to worry as one’s choices have also been catered to since there also hotels with a mix of both modern and contemporary look and feel.

Special Experiences

It is very important for Chiang Mai hotels being part of the service industry to provide unique services to attract more visitors. Hotels providing quirky services will not only attract customers but will also result in ultimate customer loyalty. Visitors prefer staying in hotels that entertain and provide them with exquisite experiences. Special features include attractive activities that keep the visitors visiting the hotel entertained. The iWualai Hotel offers a special service of saltwater pool. For those wanting to experience and get a feel of beaches but within the hotel. It makes it an enjoyable experience for both families and couples that gets one’s senses involved and gives a completely relaxing experience. My Chiangmai Boutique Lodge provides unique activities like cooking classes, touring and class about the local culture of Chiang Mai, and also bicycle rentals which will give the visitors a unique experience.


Visitors visiting any destination would have basic expectations from the Chiang Mai hotels they choose to stay in. hotels providing the basic facilities attract more visitors and guests. Facilities here include the basic amenities in a hotel that fulfills the basic needs and wants of its guests. Facilities like good blankets, laundry services, clean rooms and washrooms, and regular room services are few of the facilities that visitors these days expect the hotels to offer as a must. The Chedi Home provides rooms with a blend of both contemporary and modern aesthetic feel. It has air-conditioned rooms, enabled with flat-screen 3G data connectivity with Wi-Fi. The Mhonsa Hotel is another very trending and high demand for accommodations. It also has rooms enabled with air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TV, tea-coffee making facilities, and a fully stocked mini-bar accompanied by all other basic facilities.


Dining is an essential part of a visitor’s hotel experience. Guests expect to be able to order and have good-quality food after a long day of travel regardless of the hour. Chiang Mai hotels serve their customers with exclusive and exquisite cuisine. Hotels in Chiang Mai serve a wide variety of cuisines since they have visitors from all over the globe. Hence to cater to the taste buds they provide with cuisines ranging from Indian to European and other cuisines from across the globe. It’s rightly said that stomachs the path to reach a man’s heart. At Le Pure Chiangmai Hotel visitors get to devour various European and Thai local cuisine. Tipping is not expected from visitors or customers. They also cater to special curated meals for kids. A general tip, in hotels of Chiang Mai service charges, is added to the main purchase and is clearly stated in the bill.


Q1. How to reach Chiang Mai?
A. Bangkok is well connected by airways, and it is accessible to the rest of the world since it has 2 airports namely the Suvarnabhumi Airport and the Don Mueang Airport. It also has frequent and convenient buses and trains from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos.
There are frequent trains from Bangkok’s Hualamphong train station. Chiang Mai has its own train station which easily accessible. The train journey is fairly comfortable.

Q2. When is the best time to visit Chiang Mai?
A. The ideal time to visit Chiang Mai is during the months from October to April, since it experiences a cooler climate. Also visiting Chiang Mai during festivals, it when the city is vibrant and beautiful and one can get to experience Thai traditional culture.

Q3. How safe is Chiang Mai?
A. Bangkok has a low crime rate and hence considered safe. However, small crimes like pick-pocketing or bag-snatching are pretty common. It’s sensible to always be careful and alert to the surroundings and avoiding visits to isolated areas will be safer.

Q4. What are the Drinking laws in Chiang Mai?
A. The drinking age in Thailand, Bangkok is 20 years.

Q5. What are the languages spoken in Chiang Mai?
A. In Chiang Mai, most commonly heard and spoken language would be Kham Muang also commonly called as Northern Thai or Lann. The second most popular language spoken being Central Thai. Languages like English are well spoken by hotel staff and tour operators.

Each city or destination and something unique and exciting to get on the table, so doe Chiang Mai. It one of the most visited destinations visited in Thailand. The hotels in Chiang Mai also offer a wide variety of services will draw more tourist towards Chiang Mai. They offer even purely vegan and vegetarian food catering to those preferring a healthy diet during their visit. The hotels in Chiang Mai also have facilities like safety deposit, services for disabled guests, indoor play area, board games, and puzzles.

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