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Of a colorful vigor of tribes and pagodas, the land of Chiang Mai is the largest city in Thailand. Shimmering with lights and winding lanes, this city also houses the best of Chiang Mai luxury hotels that will give tourists the deluxe vacation they have been yearning. Chiang Mai is a place that is known for foggy mountains and vivid slope clans, a play area for travelers, heaven for customers and a joy for travelers. On an excursion to Chiang Mai, the inquisitive explorer can enjoy a variety of Thai back rubs and cooking courses right from inside their hotels. Others will be amazed by the assortment of handiworks and antiques. The wild tyke will discover a lot of exuberant nightlife, and the epicure can enjoy the magnificent food. In spite of its moderately little size, Chiang Mai genuinely has everything. In addition to this, the high-end Chiang Mai luxury hotels like the Ping Nakara Boutique hotel and spa, Jom Kitti boutique hotel and 137 pillars to name a few, are an absolute delight to those ready to splurge into some extravagance. It goes without saying that the most impeccable staff are hired for their diligent servitude and hospitality directed towards their guests, to make one’s stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Special Experiences

Built with a colonial vigor and a rustic stature, the Ping Nakara Boutique hotel and spa offers limitless access to their library, a riverside garden and ayurvedic spa treatments at the Nakara spa. Reeking of its 19th-century architecture, the 137 Pillar is a boutique hotel with an array of deluxe suites, a multifunctional gym and their swimming pool that overlooks a towering creeper-covered wall. On the other, the Jomkitti Boutique Hotel is a wooded palace with subtle lighting that exudes from the edges, making it seem like an enchanting fortress.


These Chiang Mai luxury hotels are built on the principle of giving travelers their money’s worth and therefore have offered high-end amenities and activities that will make their customers feel like royalty during their visits. The Jomkitti boutique aside from its splendid regale offers services such as a salt chlorinator pool, a concierge at one’s beck and call, fitness center, and their in-house café. They also arrange sightseeing tours into the city with a local guide. Along with their computer-controlled cardio equipment in the gym, the 137 Pillars own a magnificent spa and wellness center, yoga and Tai Chi training is also offered. Indulge in their bespoke plethora of therapeutic essential oils, massage treatments, and exercise programs, in addition to their solid and natural spa food.


Northern Thai food, more often than not, comprises of curry, sausages and a broth base. Some of the dishes such as the Sai Oua, pork and ginger curry and Yellow egg noodle curry are delicacies that one cannot afford to miss out on. With an elaborate a la carte menu, jom kitti presents authentic Thai cuisine, local fusion food, and European or Western cuisine. Of an exotic structure, the dining at 137 Pillars comprises of handcrafted cocktails, decadent Lanna and Thai cuisine and Victorian style tea at the Baan Borneo House. Ping Nakara has a relatively traditional base, and they’re known for their authentic Thai dishes and freshly ground coffee. With a fine taste that offers a considerable glimpse into the local culture and heritage of Thailand, these restaurants also cater to the needs of foreign guests with their continental spread.


Q1. What are the hotels that are closest to the airport?
A. The heritage hotel, Jomkitti boutique hotel, Phra Singh village, The Rim resort.

Q2. What can one do when in Chiang Mai?
A. A shopping haven for shopaholics, prime nightlife, River rafting and waterboarding, cross-country biking, sightseeing of old city temples and other attractions

Q3. When are the hotels in Chiang Mai most crowded?
A. During the months of October to April, the weather is breezy and pleasant which is when all the tourists come here. Hence the hotels are almost fully booked all the time during this season.

Q4. Is Indian food available in the hotels?
A. Yes, there are many restaurants within the Luxury hotels in Chiang Mai where one can get Indian cuisine.

Q5. Are these hotels Pet-friendly?
A. No most hotels in Chiang Mai are not pet-friendly.

The splendor and sheer magnificence of Chiang Mai luxury hotels will have one spoilt for choice and pampered beyond imagination. Apart from vacations, these establishments also have a corporate allure to them which explains the high-end business conferences and meetings that are organized here. However, for vacationers, Chiang Mai luxury hotels prove to be a go-to spot, especially when one is not traveling on a budget and is ready to let one’s heart go, experience the inexperienced and effortlessly cruise through the luxury and comfort.

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