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Phuket comes under the top romantic places in the world where one can spend a peaceful, romantic honeymoon. The beautiful beaches, dense forests and the perfect tropical weather and the amazing places that Phuket has to offer, would add more stars to the romantic vacation. A peaceful and romantic vacation which would take a traveler away from all the worries, Phuket would be the perfect destination for one’s honeymoon. There are many Phuket honeymoon resorts that would make for a perfect romantic stay. These resorts are known to be one of the nicest choices while spending a romantic vacation in Phuket. The romantic resorts in here would make the romantic getaway more special. The resorts in here are preferred over the hotels as the resorts provide more openness and space to the couples to spend their vacation on their terms.
Some of the best Phuket honeymoon resorts are the Airport resort & spa, Baan Lamai beach resort, the Kee resort & spa, the Charm resort Phuket, Slowlife Beach, JR Siam Kata resort and many more. These Phuket honeymoon resorts are famous for their amazing services and are usually preferred by visitors from all over the world while coming over to Phuket for a romantic getaway.

Special Experiences

The Phuket honeymoon resorts provide some of the best special facilities that can be availed by the couples during the honeymoon. The couples can opt for a couple spa and massage in the spa & wellness center of the Slowlife Beach. On can even have a sauna session with their partner in the Baan Lamai beach resort. A relaxing sunbath in the sun loungers in the Airport resort & spa would not only calm one’s soul but even one’s mind. Some of the best fitness centers and infinity pools can be found in the Charm resort Phuket and the Kee resort & spa. These facilities can be availed by the couples any time and would make for a perfect relaxing day.


The Phuket honeymoon resorts are preferred for many reasons, one of the main reasons being that high-quality services can be expected in here. The rooms are spacious with air conditioners and blackout curtains. The rooms even have king-sized curtains with dim lights during the night. The sea facing view from the room would make for a perfect breathtaking sunrise and sunset view. The room services are available 24*7 and can be availed for free. The bathrooms are clean and hygienic and come with herbal bathroom accessories. The Phuket honeymoon resorts even provide free Wi-Fi and telephone services to its customers so that they can remain connected with their family and friends back at home. The rooms come with television, FM radio, laundry facilities, and Jacuzzis too.


The Phuket honeymoon resorts are known for their amazing seafood cuisine. One can get fresh seafood dishes while in Phuket. The local delicacies can also be found in the Phuket honeymoon resorts like The Shore at Katathani and should be tried while in here. Apart from the tasty seafood dishes, there are different varieties of cuisine that can be found in these resorts. There are Indian, Chinese, European and continental dishes in here which would give one an overall taste of Asia. The savory taste of the dishes would bring all guests, the unique diversity of the continent and the beauty in it. Some of the most famous tropical fruits can also be found in Phuket honeymoon resorts. The dishes served in the restaurants would make all visitors feel a part of the place.


Q1. When should the booking for the honeymoon resorts in Phuket be made?
A. The booking of the resorts should be made well in advance such as a month before the arrival, however, some resort take last moment bookings as per the rooms available.

Q2. Is last minute booking possible at these resorts?
A. Though all the resorts require an advance booking, some hotels do have the facility of last minute booking.

Q3. What languages do the hotel staff in these resorts speak?
A. The resort staff is well trained to converse in English with the customers.

Q4. What complimentary services are available at these resorts?
A. The complimentary services available at the resorts are Wi-Fi, room services, television, bathroom accessories, and fitness centers.

Q5. Does one have to pay any advance before making a booking at resorts?
Some of the resorts require guests to pay an advance amount and most of the hotels even provide free cancellation with the refund of the amount that has been paid.

The Phuket honeymoon resorts like SALA Phuket Resort, The Surin Phuket, Kata Rocks, and Renaissance Phuket are famous for their perfect romantic accommodations and the amazing facilities that can be availed while in here. The rooms come with all the facilities that would make up for a perfect stay and would be the best stay for a honeymoon. These resorts have many facilities available that can be availed by the couples during their stay like outdoor pools and many more. Some of the facilities are even free of cost. With a variety of experiences and amenities, these Phuket honeymoon resorts would be a great choice for guests planning an exciting holiday. Outdoor pools and exceptional dining only add to the experience of the guests. The proximity to various beaches gives guests an opportunity to indulge in a variety of thrilling watersports making it a great choice for adventure seekers as well.

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