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Krabi is one of the most visited places in Thailand. It is famous for its beaches, temples and the weather out there. Finding a suitable accommodation within the budget in Krabi is not quite difficult.

One can easily find good 3 star hotels in Krabi which would not only meet up to the budget expectations but would even make their stay in Krabi a comfortable one. There are many 3 star hotels in Krabi which are famous for their high-quality services and facilities and are often preferred by the tourists for their stay. Some of the most famous 3 star hotels in Krabi are Mama Beach Residence, De Loft hotel, Phi Phi villa resort, the Haven Krabi, PP nice beach resort, Phi Phi Rimlay cottage and many more. The prices of these hotels are budget-friendly and amenities offered are beyond great. These hotels would make anyone’s stay in Krabi a comfortable one. There are many special services too which one can find at the hotels.

Special Experiences

The 3 star hotels in Krabi come with some of the best special facilities, which makes the tourists stay at these hotels a relaxed one. The PP nice beach resort has some of the most amazing facilities. One can get a soothing spa session at the wellness center of the resort. One can also enjoy activities such as fishing for leisure. There are even massages, snorkeling and diving facilities which would fit right into the budget of tourists. While in At Seacondo, one can play a game of golf or can even go for windsurfing. The Rangsiman resort is famous for canoeing and Billiards facilities, which it provides to its customers. Apart from that, the Rangsiman resort even has Jacuzzis and darts too. Booking these activities can be taken care of directly at the hotel. All a guest needs to do is call the hotel and book in advance.


The 3 star hotels in Krabi are famous for their timely room services. The rooms are spacious with air conditioners and come with king size beds and clean sheets. The rooms have blackout curtains too and maintain hygienic conditions. The balcony faces towards the beaches allowing fresh air to enter into the room. The bathrooms are clean and nicely furnished with required amenities. The 3 star hotels in Krabi even offer free Wi-Fi for its customers so that the can stay connected with their loved ones. The room also comes with television and in-built refrigerators. Room services are available 24*7 making it comfortable for the customers. The hotels even have the facility of airport pick up and drop off so that the customers do not have to hassle about getting to the airport.


One can find the different cuisines served in these 3 star hotels in Krabi quite amazing. The dishes in here would serve as a treat for anyone’s taste buds. The kitchens are hygienic and the food is cooked with proper care by the chefs at the hotels. One can get a lot of options to choose from for a meal. The 3 star hotels in Krabi even offers Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine to its customers so that they can get an overall experience of each type of cuisine. The hotels even provide the local cuisine in here. As Krabi has a number of beaches, one can expect good seafood dishes in the hotels. The seafood in Krabi should not be missed. The tropical weather in here is the reason for the growth of some of the tropical fruits which one can savor in some of the dishes. The fresh fruit juices should be tried in here.


Q1. Do these hotels feature a jacuzzi for the guests?
A. Yes, some of the hotels such as Rangsiman have Jacuzzi facilities for the guests.

Q2. What are some of the best 3-star properties in Krabi?
A. The top names when it comes to 3-star hotels are Mama Beach Residence, De Loft Hotel, Phi Phi villa resort, the Haven Krabi, and PP nice beach resort.

Q3. What languages can the hotel staff converse in?
A. The hotel staff is well trained to converse in English with the customers. However, they also know local languages if someone is comfortable with them.

Q4. Are there any complimentary services available in these hotels?
A. The free services available in the hotel are Wi-Fi, room services, television, bathroom accessories, and fitness centers. Most hotels also have a complimentary breakfast service that one can avail at the time of booking.

Q5. Do these hotels have 24-hour room services?
A. Yes, most hotels in Krabi have 24-hour room service facility for the guests.

The 3 star hotels in Krabi are famous for their services. The staff here are friendly and helpful. The rooms are worthy of the price and a visitor never feels as if a hole has been left in their pockets. The friendly staff, the facilities provided and the hygienic conditions along with the special facilities would make up for a wonderful stay in Bangkok. One can easily spend a day at leisure in the hotel itself or ask the staff to book them one of the exquisite experiences only provided by the hotel. Guests can enjoy a meal at these hotels prepared by popular chefs who bring food from around the world on a platter, only for their guests. 3 star hotels in Krabi are a delight and one must make sure, they book it in advance to enjoy a fantastic Thai holiday at this exotic destination.

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