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With an unimaginably beautiful and pristine serenity, Krabi is a province in the country of Thailand that is nestled amongst beaches and towering cliffs. Here are some of the most affordable and cheap hotels in Krabi that are inevitable, if travelers are planning a strictly budgeted vacation but also want to experience the magnificence of the town.
With an international airport at an accessible distance, Krabi houses a variety of economical hotels like The Chill @ Krabi Hotel, Krabi Golden Hill Hotel and SeaBass Hotel to name a few. These hotels are known for their comfort, hospitality and their inexpensive extravagance that is promised to all their customers. A haven of flora and fauna, Krabi is dotted with numerous islands, waterfalls and crude cliffs with the sole purpose of enthralling the guests. The beachy bodies promise a variety of water sports, whereas the cliffs compel every visitor to grab some rock-climbing gear. Ao Nang, Koh Lanta, and Phi Phi islands remain the popular tourist attractions. Patong, Karon, Kata, Kamala are some of the beaches that one must visit.

Special Experiences

Although cost-effective, cheap hotels in Krabi assure the guests’ certain amenities that diminish the longing for high-end resorts. The Chill promises car rental services for travelers to explore the town and its province, the deluxe rooms and open-air BBQ gatherings at the Krabi Golden Hill come with large promises of getting pampered. The hotels also feature wonderful garden spaces and terraces offering an amazing view of the skyline. With so many leisure sports within these cheap hotels in Krabi, one can spend some quality time with their loved ones. With the theme of the underwater world, Krabi SeaBass offers midnight shuttle services to the night market on weekends. Amongst these, there are a plethora of amusing outdoor and indoor activities that these hotels they take pride in organizing for their customers. For anyone who is a fan of the winding streets of France and Greece, the town of Phuket will satiate the search. Bedecked with walls of brightly splashed paint and lanterns hanging like mistletoes overhead, the streets are the island’s more aesthetic possessions.


Of a 3-star nature, these budget hotels in Krabi, Thailand seldom compromise on their hospitality, cleanliness, and service; therefore Wifi, housekeeping, 24-hour reception services, and other essential facilities. Situated at an accessible location, The Chill @Krabi hotel offers bike and car rental services, along with an expansive swimming pool and a well-stocked bar. While Krabi Golden Hill comes with an open-air BBQ night specialty, Krabi SeaBass offers poolside relaxation with rooms adjacent to the swimming area, along with spa and massage utilities. With comfortable bedding and aesthetic decor, these well-furnished rooms are just the right place to come back after a whole day of sightseeing. The budget hotels also offer daily maid services, ironing services, and laundry services to its guests.


It is almost a shame to come to beach sides and not gorge on the wonderous seafood that it has to offer, for these, it is always best to turn to the local or street food vendors because they sure know how to treat the taste buds right. While the hotels assure one of the local Thai delicacies that they will serve, they also offer western and continental cuisine so that travelers are not restricted only to Thai food, and can reach out to comfort food if one is homesick. Almost all cheap hotels in Krabi offer their guests a delicious menu with multiple choices all prepared by well-trained chefs. The quaint dining areas of The Chill and Golden Hill are situated in the center of the hotel away from the outside hullabaloo; the SeaBass has poolside dining and wining facilities. One truly cannot miss the delectable cuisines served in these restaurants. The local cuisine is another must-try while visiting Krabi.


Q1. Which are the cheap hotels in Krabi that are near the airport?
A. Krabi Golden Hill hotel, Ban Sinai Resort Krabi, Well Timed hotel, Dee Andaman Hotel

Q2. How far is Krabi from Phuket?
A. Krabi is located at a distance of 157 kilometers from Phuket.

Q3. What is the best time to visit Krabi?
A. Between the months of November and March is considered the best time to visit Krabi, and it is considered the tourist season.

Q4. What are the activities offered by hotels in Krabi?
A. As the province is surrounded by cliffs, there are a number of mountaineering and rock-climbing activities offered. Water sports like scuba diving, wakeboarding, Kayaking or canoeing are some of the most sought out activities.

Q5. Is Indian food available in Krabi hotels?
A. Yes, there are many hotels where Indian cuisine is served at the in-house restaurants of the hotels.

Cheap hotels in Krabi promise all budget travelers their fair share of a tantalizing experience in the serenity of Krabi, without going too heavy on their pockets. These hotels are well-kept and have efficacy in service and administration, and are available at affordable prices- as established. With beautiful beaches and thrilling water sports, Krabi has some of the most fun-filled activities that await guests. However, one does not need to incur heavy expenses to experience a wonderful holiday. Guests can also indulge in savory cuisines served at the restaurants on-site. However with the location, one can never run out of dining options to try near the hotel. The budget hotels in Krabi, with their great location and state-of-the-art amenities, ensure that guests enjoy a delightful vacation with all the facilities and experiences they seek. There are so many exciting adventures that await travelers in this exotic destination.

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