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Also known as Southern Miladhunmaduku atoll or Miladhunmadulu Dhekunuburi, Noonu Atoll is also an administrative region in Maldives and consists of 71 islands, making it the major tourists attractions of the country. Noonu Atoll is for all those who love nature and love to have adventures. For a perfect stay in Noonu Atoll, there are many Noonu Atoll hotels which would provide all the comfort that one requires during a trip. The place is full of beauty and is known to be blessed by the beauty of nature. The scenic views, the landscapes, the turquoise waters and the various kinds of water sports and several other activities, makes Noonu Atoll a perfect destination for an adventurous and peaceful vacation. The above mentioned Noonu Atoll hotels are known for the facilities and the extra services that are not found anywhere else. The hotel staff are friendly and makes sure that the customers here have a comfortable stay and enjoy their visit. The interiors of the hotels are that to be praised of, and the facilities given are that of esteem quality.

Special Experiences

The Noonu Atoll hotels even have some of the best special facilities that can be experienced by the customers during their stay. Most of the hotels in Noonu Atoll have special spa and wellness centers especially to make the guests have a relaxing time. The unique facilities are arranged in a way so that the guests don’t get bored during their stay and get to spend a fantastic day at leisure in the hotels itself. The hotels in here even have fitness centers and outdoor pools. The outdoor pools are available throughout the year. There are even rooftop pools which come with sun loungers or beach chairs and pool bars. The Sabba Summer Site is one of the hotels which has the best rooftop hotel along with the best views that a person can experience. The Noonu Atoll hotels even have facilities such as golf courses and billiards centers for the guest who love to play such royal games. Apart from that, the hotels also provide beauty services, massage services, sauna and steam rooms too. One can even get baby centers in most of the Noonu Atoll hotels and gift shops too.


The Noonu Atoll hotels have all the necessary facilities that are required of a good hotel. The hotels have ATM services so that the customers don’t have to be bothered about the currencies. The Noonu Atoll hotels like Cheval Blanc Randheli even have currency exchange programs. The rooms are large, well designed and equipped with attached bathrooms. The guests can expect king sized beds, blackout curtains and air conditioners in almost all the Noonu Atoll hotels. In Island Host, the guests can even get a mini kitchen in the room along with in-built bars and refrigerators. The bathrooms are hygienic and also come with hygienic bathroom accessories. The customers are given the facility of free internet, telephone services, 24*7 room services, televisions and many more. The customers can even get to have the benefit of cab services and airport shuttle services that are provided by the hotels like the Movenpick Resort Kuredhivanu Maldives. The rooms even have the beach facing balconies making it a lot more beautiful for the guests to enjoy the natural view of the place.


The Noonu Atoll hotels serve the best seafood in the country. The Noku Maldives hotel is known for providing some of the best seafood dishes in the vicinity. The chefs hired by the hotels are some of the famous chefs in the country, and one can get to taste the signature dishes prepared by the chefs. The guests even get a variety of choices to choose from. The hotels also entertain a special request from the guests regarding certain dishes. One can expect clean and hygienic kitchens and the dishes are that of good quality from the hotels.


Q1. Do the hotels have laundry services?

A. Yes, the hotels have such services.

Q2. Do the hotels provide passes for individual shows in the place?

A. Yes, the hotels even provide passes for certain cultural shows.

Q3. What is the best time to book the hotel rooms?

A. The best time to book the hotels is in November, a month before Christmas.

Q4. Which language does the hotel staff understand?

A. The hotel staff can converse in English.

Q5. Are there any water activities that the hotels can arrange?

A. Yes, most of the hotels have on-site facility to provide water sports.

The Noonu Atoll hotels are the best choice for staying while in the Maldives. The place is filled with the beauty of nature and is known to be as heaven on earth. People from all over the world come over to visit the area and experience the beauty of nature. Noonu Atoll serves as the perfect place to spend a peaceful weekend after a hectic week. The hotels are designed in a manner so that the guests don’t have to worry about finding the perfect place for staying.

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