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While traveling to a new destination, the biggest worry can be finding a hotel that fits one’s budget. A comfortable stay option is considered to be the core foundation of an ideal vacation. Mauritius is a sought-after tourist destination owing to its beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and abundant flora and fauna. It has some very quaint lagoons and reefs to add to the overall charm.
Mauritius is an incredibly romantic place with the perfect backdrop of pristine beaches and hidden lakes make it a top pick for honeymooners across the world wanting to spend good quality time with their partners. The 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius for honeymooners have most of the facilities in place, from the offering mesmerizing views to arranging special dinners and honeymoon freebies, most hotels are equipped with these services that leave romantic couples in awe. Mauritius is also perfect for a family vacation as well, as it has something to offer for all age groups. Families can bond over relaxing on the beaches or take up water sports and have some fun. One can also get a luxurious spa and relax in Mauritius. It is known for its calm and quiet ambiance, where they can unwind in peace, without having to tackle a mob wherever they go.

Special Experiences

At times, people tend to underestimate the 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius in terms of the facilities they are equipped with. Offering all the services that one could hope for, ranging from experiences like BBQ facilities in Mont Choisy Beach Villas to the peaceful ambiance provided by the private beach at Coral Azur Hotel, these 3-star hotels leave people in awe of the variety of services they have on offer. If a fan of Hot tubs, then staying in Tarisa Resort is a must and this will also add to the overall charm of the stay there. These 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius possess the best on-budget facilities that can be enjoyed with impressive views and luxuries at an affordable price.


Most 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius offer the general amenities that are expected by the travelers. A lot of hotels also offer an outdoor pool, along with spa services for perfect relaxation of the guests while their stay. Apart from delicious Mauritian food in the restaurants, most of them also provide Continental or mixed complimentary breakfast platters. Some hotels also provide the facility of a private kitchen. Mont Choisy Beach Villas, for instance, has a private kitchen for its guests. Other facilities include laundry services, babysitting, and cleaning, which are counted as basics and are available at most of the 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius. Rental car options or complimentary shuttle services also act as an easily accessible source of transportation around these 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius. Some of the hotels also offer a bar, depending on the traveler’s choice, particularly hotel could be shortlisted based on the reviews and ratings.


Most 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius have a restaurant to satiate the taste buds of the tourists staying there. Visitors can get a wide variety of food items and enjoy a delicious meal. The restaurants at the hotels offer traditional Thai and International cuisines for global guests. Most 3-star hotels also offer the service of bars, so one can genuinely experience some wine and dine. A good number of hotels provide complimentary breakfast too. The hotels also offer a wide variety of dining areas like sea facing, or near the pool. The bars are well stocked and handled by professional bartenders. The wait staff is courteous and well trained and ensure that visitors have no complaints regarding the service.


Q1. Which area should one stay in Mauritius?
A. The three best areas to stay in Mauritius are considered to be Balaclava, Flic en Flac, and Trou aux Biches.

Q2. What is the best time to visit Mauritius?
A. While Mauritius hosts travelers throughout the years, but the most popular season which is enjoyed by most of the visitors is the winter season that begins in May and goes up to December.

Q3. Which 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius are closest to the airport in Mauritius?
A. Blue Bay Holiday Resort, Chantauvent Guest House, Explora Vacation, Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort, are few of the popular hotels near the airport in Mauritius.

Q4. What are some of the best 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius?
A. Sevilla, Gold Beach Resort, West Coast View, Manisa Hotel, Pearle Beach Resort, are considered to be the most popular 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius.

Q5. Do the 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius serve Indian food?
A. Yes, hotels in Mauritius do serve Indian Food. Some hotels that are known for their Indian food are The Oberoi, Nitzana Mauritius and The Address Boutique Hotel.

Deciding on a hotel in Mauritius is not that easy, but with a wide range of 3 Star Hotels in Mauritius, one can have an unforgettable vacation. If guests want a quiet beachside retreat, then Flic en Flac is the answer to all questions. Flic and Flac is the most extensive beach in Mauritius and has several beachfront properties offering fantastic views. Some of the other best hotels include Seavilla, Gold Beach Resort, West Coast View, Manisa Hotel, Pearle Beach Resort and Spa, Lariyad BnB, Hotel Ayati, etc. All these hotels work hard to make a guests’ stay in Mauritius as pleasant as possible and do not let down the travelers in any way. Also, while staying at these hotels, travelers will for sure have a wonderful time that will make them visit Mauritius many more times.

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