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Male, previously known as Mahal, is the capital of Maldives. It is renowned for it’s numerous, gorgeous and magnificent mosques. The city is filled with colorful buildings making it look like a concrete jungle. Male is filled with greenery. Male has well-organized roads, tourists’ attractions, and cultural activities. Male is filled with various cultural influences. It has East African, Indian and Arabic influences that can be seen in the food, dance, music, culture and even style of living. Bodu Beru is a cultural dance with African beats. Thaara is also well-known dance music with Arabic influences.

While planning a vacation in the Maldives, one must definitely take a look at budget hotels in Male that have all the facilities that one might need, ensuring that the traveler gets a complete experience of the city and all the islands as well. Being close to the beach, one can always take a dip in the ocean or a swim in the pool. All the budget hotels in Male have all the facilities that a traveler might need to spend a comfortable vacation in Male. One can be assured to have a wonderful holiday even if they are on a budget thanks to these gorgeous budget hotels in Male.

Special Experiences

Being tight on a budget not all budget hotels in Male may not have pools, but they for sure have the ocean in close facilities to the hotel. They have airport pickup services that are complimentary. The hotels also provide activities such as windsurfing, cycle renting, snorkeling and fishing such as in Somerset Inn. The hotels in Male have live music, broadcasting events, walking promenades, etc. Some such as Nalahiya Residence have sauna services as well. The hotels conduct games and activities for the entertainment of guests. They have evening events as well as activities such as water sports and boating. LVIS boutique and The Vilanova Maldives are some hotels in Male where travelers can enjoy these special services.


All the budget hotels in Male Maldives have a very friendly hotel staff that promise a comfortable and welcoming stay for the guests. The budget hotels in Male Maldives have facilities such as toiletries, flat screens, safety deposit boxes, slippers and, much more. These hotels have private bathrooms and wifi all over the hotel premise. They have room service and a 24-hour help desk such as in the Six-in-One hotel. Some have shared kitchens, and some offer tickets to various cultural attractions such as the Hotel Octave Maldives. They have express check-in and a luggage storage area. Some have currency exchange facilities at the hotel. Some of these hotels offer gym and wellness facilities. Some hotels have lifts and wheelchair facilities. Some have a 24 hours room service such as hotel Express Inn.


The food in Maldives has three main ingredients coconut, milk, and starch. One can see these flavors come out wonderfully in all the budget hotels in Male Maldives. A majority of the budget hotels in Male have breakfast included, bars and room service facilities. Hotel Octave offers breakfast to the rooms. Embudu Village Resort is one of the hotels have live events where they serve food and alcohol. The bars at these restaurants serve colorful cocktails truly engaging all the senses in the body. Some hotels such as the Somerset Inn offer a special menu or customize the menu on the traveler’s request. The hotels usually have one if not more restaurants. The rooms at hotels like the Surfview Raalhugandu have tea and coffee facilities, and some have a mini bar as well.


Q1. Do the budget hotels offer spa services?

A. Many of the budget hotels in Male Maldives offer spa services while some offer a private masseuse for the guests.

Q2. Do these budget hotels offer shuttle services?

A. Yes, the hotels offer shuttle services to the airport, however, one may have to check prior to booking.

Q3. Do these hotels offer breakfast?

A. Yes, most hotels offer a scrumptious breakfast buffet. Some hotels also offer in-room dining for the convenience of guests.

Q4. Do these hotels offer travel desk services?

A. Yes, almost all hotels including the budget hotels offer travel desk services for the guests.

Q5. When is the best time to visit Male?

A. The best time to visit Male is between May and November.

The best time to visit Male from May to November. Some do claim that the city is extremely humid. However, with the beach so close and the water so clear, how can anyone complain about the heat? The islands are well connected by roads, and there are shuttle services one can use to reach all the islands. The budget hotels in Male Maldives will make sure one has a brilliant time, and a holiday they can never forget. Some of the popular budget hotels are Somerset Inn, Express Inn, Hotel Octave and a lot more. The rooms do offer the spectacular view of the ocean, and the rooms are well equipped with facilities such as TVs, wifi, kettles, safety boxes, hotel staff that speaks many languages that will ensure the guest feels at home.

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