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Grand Gaube is a town located in northern Mauritius on the coast of Indian Ocean with sand colored paths covered by lush tropical plants, a gentle breeze from the palm branches, and a holiday destination of luxury fans. This place was a traditional fishing village where even today one can look forward to fresh fish. In addition to all of this, one will also find the charming village flair that many resorts radiate in this small town.The mesmerizing beauty of this town gets one lost- completely smitten by the beautiful surroundings and amazing ambiance. As luxurious as the city sounds, it has many resorts which one would die to go to. Whether a guest is traveling alone or with friends or family, Grand Gaube Resorts Mauritius offer everything that one can think of. Starting from the luxurious LUX* Grand Gaube, Mythic Grand Gaube, Zilwa attitude, Veranda Paul resorts, which are considered to be the most luxurious ones, there are other budget price resorts to stay and enjoy the vacay too!

Special Experiences

Along with the amazing indoor experiences like massage centers, multi-cuisine restaurants that most of the hotels offer, the beautiful Grand Gaube resorts Mauritius also offer an indoor garden, walking distance from the beach, snorkeling, infinity pools, etc. Along with this, the luxurious resort LUX* Grand Gaube is a golfers dream with its own driving range set within the resorts landscaped gardens. Mythic Grand Gaube is located a few minutes from Grand Bay, one of the most popular sea resorts of Mauritius. The resort is exceptionally close to the beach and follows the guiding principles of space, gentle lifestyle and quietude. Allow the magic to work its wonders… In general, mesmerizing pools and relaxing spa centers are at the disposal of guests.


The main thing that anyone would love about any of the Grand Gaube resorts is their hospitality, making even the non-guests, as well as the in guests, feel at home. The hotels make sure that their residents never want to leave their resorts. As offered by resorts everywhere, these resorts also have gyms, private pools, spa and wellness centers, etc. In particular, LUX resort has something called as a banyan dining experience where a bird song, sea breezes and an ancient banyan tree provide the backdrop for an irresistible dining experience. In Mythic Grand Gaube resort, there is also an outdoor cinema available. The hotel will be available at the beck and call of the guests to fulfill any needs that they have.


The vibrant culture of Mauritius is reflected in its cuisine with its influence from India, France, Chinese, etc. Beach dining is a given when it comes to Grand Gaube resorts. There are many restaurants in the beach side as well, to indulge oneself in. In-house bars are also available with well-trained bartenders. Totally if guests are going with their loved one, it is sure that guests are going to have the best romantic dinner that they have ever experienced.


Q1. What are the most exciting activities to avail in any resorts in Grand Gaube?

A. Diving, snorkeling, outdoor cinemas, watersports are usually provided in most of the resorts here. These hotels will make sure one gets the right kind of trainers who can guide them through the process of water sports without them having to feel scared.

Q2. Do the Grand Gaube resorts have beach-side dining experience?

A. No, not all resorts have the beachside dining experience and it depends on the resort one is going to book. There are many beachside resorts in Mauritius, though, if one needs to book a dining experience for their loved one.

Q3. Can the package be upgraded if pre-booked?

A. Yes, most of the resorts do upgrade the packages but the money may vary accordingly. Sometimes it may not be possible to upgrade if the hotels don’t have the room available.

Q4. Is Indian food available at all restaurants?

A. Yes, most of the restaurants serve Indian food whether in-house, within the hotel premises or outside in the city.

Q5. Does the activities Grand Gaube resorts offer come under the package?

A. That mostly depends on the resorts one has booked and the package they have taken with it. Some packages include all exciting adventures and activities while the others just include the stay and nothing else.

This place is the perfect spot to be a tourist and explore its quintessential tourist places or be a traveler and check out the offbeat destinations at Mauritius. If one is a travel and a luxury freak, then this is the place for one must, must visit. Room service and in-house facilities may vary with the resorts that one is staying at. The hotels also have wifi connectivity, amazing interiors, coffee, and tea maker facilities in the room and a bathroom with a shampoo, a conditioner, body moisturizer, and even a dental kit. To conclude, one who has truly visited this place can only tell about it’s great experience. Good hospitality, courteous and well-trained staff are the things that are most appreciated by the guests and hence recommended. To sum it up, these hotels are worth the money and guests are never going to regret it but would want it more.

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