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The island-city of Singapore has greatly changed itself into a standout amongst the most acclaimed traveler spots on the planet, with the plenty of fascinating and delighting things that is has to offer. Situated right in the center of the city, the town Novena has a variety of hotels and lodging suites.
The best hotels in Novena Singapore are found to be easily accommodative of one’s preferences and strive to make the stay as pleasant as possible. Occasions and get-aways are intended for oneself to encounter something other than what’s expected from the repetitiveness, to offer oneself a reprieve from the everyday happenings of the daily life. Singapore is a brilliant decision for loosening up and breaking the routine. Singapore has ascended into a solid cosmopolitan wilderness, with innovation and refinement in each niche and corner of the previous angling island. The Oasis Hotel Novena, One Farrer Hotel, and Ramada by Wyndham Singapore are some of the best choices for hotels in Novena Singapore. Bedecked with contemporary and Asian feel, these hotels are built with the outlook of a modern luxury and ventures of maximizing existing spaces. Having been a fishing village several decades ago, the city of Singapore has impressively equipped itself with all the modernity and technology and has risen to be one of the top cities in the world.

Special Experiences

The Oasis has a soothing nature’s blanket enveloping its premises, which exude the warmth of mother nature. Its exquisite architecture is the work of the famous Takashi Sugimoto and his insight into interiors, that has greatly fashioned the place with marble, wood, and granite. One Farrer on the other hand, is built is reach great lengths and to reflect a magnificent splendor and an overshadowing aura. Their event ‘Farrer Wonderland’ is a festive blend bringing to life the greatest of dishes and activities which help in showcasing the Christmas spirit. With a corporate vigor and a family charm to its ambiance, the Ramada is another one of the hotels in Novena Singapore with an impressive build and expansive suites that are bound to make one’s vacation, an absolutely delightful one.


These hotels in Novena Singapore with splendor and sophistication are greatly crafted to adhere to all of the customers’ hospitality, laundry, toiletry, management, and dining demands; that they rightly do so. They’re unfettered access to private pools, jacuzzi, steam rooms and sauna are exemplary characteristics of the Oasia, along with its eye-catchy grandeur and immaculate service by the experienced staff. One Farrer harbors an exquisite spa retreat with meditative gardens and therapists, a modernized and fully-equipped gymnasium and their Olympic sized swimming pool is what they take immense pride in. Apart from the exuberating spa wellness care and fine dining services, there is also the common laundry, reception, housekeeping and pool facilities that these hotels grant unlimited access to. The Ramada, on the other hand, has a wider range of services including a multi-lingual staff, handicap accessibility, and a foreign exchange counter.


Singaporean cuisine does not serve as much of a culture shock to a traveler of Asian origin, because their dishes predominantly have a rice, noodles and a seafood foundation The delectable dishes of authentic origin are often the specialties of these hotels in Novena Singapore, who serve it to their foreign guests with a sense of local pride. The Oasia has Club suites and lounges for their exclusive guests, who enjoy an all-day refreshments and beverages amenity. One Farren boasts its sunset bar, their Owen Road diner and the Escape restaurant and lounge; which have a variety of dining experiences in a store like the live food counters, their Victorian café serving teacakes and the confectionary which exhibits he heavenly aroma of freshly made bread. They specialize in local and international cuisine. The Ramada has a history of magnificent dining spreads, that does not seem to disappoint. Their luncheon specials include an Asian buffet spread, an a la carte dinner serving the Flavours of the World and a well-stocked poolside bar. Hotels in Novena Singapore offers some of the best culinary delights to their guests.


Q1. Which is the nearest international airport from Novena and what is its distance from the city center?

A. Changi International airport is the closest airport to Novena, which stands at a distance of

Q2. Do the hotels in Novena Singapore have in-house restaurants?

A. Yes, many hotels feature one or more restaurants serving a variety of delectable cuisines.

Q3. Which are the best hotels in Novena Singapore that are close to the airport?

A. Crowne Plaza, Aerotel Singapore and Capri by Frase Changi City are some of the best hotels in close proximity to the hotel.

Q4. Are these hotels suitable for business travelers?

A. If one is looking for business services, then there a number of great choices in Novena. Ramada is one of the hotel’s that warmly welcomes business travelers and has the appropriate facilities as well.

Q5. Is Continental food available at the restaurants?

A. Yes, for those who prefer Continental delicacies, the hotels in Novena Singapore serve Continental cuisine as well.

The throbbing nightlife and infinite spread of hotels and resorts, as well as street-styled restaurants, are what makes this island-city a sought-out spot for travelers across the world. Its unbelievable extravagance and traditional authenticity are remarkable. Hence, it shocks no one that the city is decked with an ocean of five-star lodgings that wow visitors with the immaculate accommodation and their top of the line staff and administration. However, the city also offers budget accommodations to the guests. Hotels in Novena Singapore are a great place to spend a few leisure days. The hotels offers a plethora of amenities and experiences. One can also find some great dining options at the hotel’s, not only for the adults but the children as well. With so many options to choose from, one can indulge in a new delicacy every day. The staff at the hotels are extremely helpful and assist guests throughout their stay in Novena. One is sure to enjoy a memorable experience in Novena by accommodating in these hotels.

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