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It can get quite tiresome to find the best hotels while guests are traveling to a new place. However, when in Mauritius, there are a lot of hotels in Quatre Bornes which are available within one’s budget and also offer the premium quality services which one can wish for.

Quatre Bornes is an extremely beautiful island nation. It is immensely famous and well-known for its beaches, lush green fields, corals, lagoons and the wide array of flora and fauna which this place is bestowed with.

Quatre Bornes is also popular for the various hotels in Quatre Bornes Mauritius which makes accommodation in this little island easy and comfortable. It is a popular tourist destination and also witnesses a huge footfall every year by travelers and visitors. Also, the place is embraced with a highly romantic aura making it one of the most loved honeymoon vacation or holiday destination. Water sports activities here make it the perfect place for adventure and thrill lovers. The place is calm, and the tranquillity can be felt in all the Quatre Bornes Mauritius hotels. Many of the hotels in Quatre Bornes also offer a pristine and stunning beach view. This is the best getaway with the gang of friends. Even if one wants to spend some quality family time with their loved ones head to Quatre Bornes and experience the beauty of this place while staying in some of these hotels.

Special Experiences

Most of the hotels in Quatre Bornes are equipped with extraordinary and unique facilities to give the special experiences while people are on a trip to Quatre Bornes. All of the hotels in Quatre Bornes provide the basic required facilities to its guests, but some unique facilities such as sauna and massage rooms, chic spa with hot tubs, an outdoor pool with a sundeck and a tropical bar are rare and can only be availed in the Aanari Hotel and Spa in Quatre Bornes. The Lux Le Morne also has a spa, pool, and hot tub facilities. Mont Choisy Beach Villa has a BBQ and private kitchen facility for their customers. The Coral Azur Hotel provides a private beach facility. The outdoor pool facilities and the spas will give travelers the perfect options for spending a lazy day in the best way possible. These hotels in Quatre Bornes with outstanding services will give guests the opportunity to experience extreme luxury. To have an extraordinary stay experience while in Quatre Bornes head to any of these hotels and spend a great holiday.


Most of the hotels in Quatre Bornes offer the basic required amenities to its travelers and visitors. Some of the general amenities which one can avail at the hotels in Quatre Bornes are parking facilities, laid-back comfy rooms with free Wi-fi services offering a perfect serene view from the hotel rooms, Satellite TV, minibars and club lounge services. Facilities such as laundry services, babysitting and cleaning can also be availed. The complimentary breakfast buffet is served at either the restaurant or amidst the lush greenery is an add-on to the various facilities provided by the hotels. Many hotels also have a bar wherein people can have drinks to refresh themselves. Cab and shuttle facilities are also offered by most of the hotels in Quatre Bornes. Access to the terrace, spa and swimming pool can also be availed at many of the hotels in Quatre Bornes Mauritius. These facilities offered by the hotels are sure to give one the best vacation experience in Quatre Bornes.


Many of the hotels in Quatre Bornes include restaurant and dining facilities. One can avail a wide variety of food and delectable dishes served at these in-house restaurants. Many hotels include bars to give people the best wine and dine experience during their trip to Quatre Bornes. These restaurants also give the perfect sea facing view so that one enjoys the pretty view while gorging on some delicious food. The chefs and waiters at the restaurants in hotels like Hennessy Park Hotel are highly courteous and even customize the food according to the requirements of spicy and sweet so as to satiate people’s taste buds in the best way possible and further enhance their holidaying experience in Quatre Bornes. Complimentary breakfast facility truly attracts many customers. Well stocked bars with disciplined and well-mannered bartenders are a plus point to that particular hotel. All these superb dining facilities can help the hotel get a wonderful and top rating by its guests.


Q1. When are the hotels in Quatre Bornes most crowded?

A. The best time to visit Quatre Bornes is during the winter season. The winter months in Quatre Bornes is between May to December which is when the hotels are the most booked.

Q2. Which are the best areas to stay in Quatre Bornes?

A. Some of the best areas to find an accommodation in Quatre Bornes is the Flic en Flac, Balaclava, and Trou aux Biches.

Q3. What are some of the special facilities offered by the hotels in Quatre Bornes?

A. Private kitchen facility, hot tub, spa, sauna and massage, private beach facility are some of the rare and special facilities which can be availed in the hotels in Quatre Bornes.

Q4. Is there wifi facility in the hotels in Quatre Bornes?

A. Yes. Most of the hotels in Quatre Bornes offer free Wi-fi services to its guests. Aanari Hotel and Spa and Lux Le Morne are some of the hotels offering free Wi-fi facility.

Q5. What food do the hotels in Quatre Bornes serve?

A. The hotels in Quatre Bornes serve various types of cuisine. They also serve Indian cuisine as well.

Most of the hotels in Quatre Bornes are well-equipped with a number of facilities and services. It becomes highly difficult on choosing a particular hotel for the stay in Quatre Bornes. Some of the best hotels in Quatre Bornes include the Aanari Hotel and Spa, Lux Le Morne, Manisa Hotel, Hotel Ayati, Sea Villa, The Coral Azur Hotel, Mont Choisy Beach Villa, The Hotel Oberoi, The Residence Quatre Bornes, and many other hotels. These hotels look into the requirements of their guests and work hard to make their stay in Quatre Bornes a truly rejoicing and wonderful experience. With their services, they make their stay in Quatre Bornes absolutely amazing and unforgettable.

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