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As much as taking a break or vacation can be fun, finding and booking the right type of hotel can become quite a task. For guests visiting Mauritius, there are so many options for hotels in Tamarin Mauritius, hence booking one will not be an issue as one will be spoilt for choices.
As Mark Twain quoted, “Heaven was copied after Mauritius”, indeed it is true. This beautiful island is home to several lush green vegetation, sandy beaches, marine life, wetlands, shorelines, and rocky coasts. The country incorporates islands of Cargados Carajos Shoals and Agalega Islands apart from the mainland, Mauritius. Hence, it for a wondrous archipelago. It is not just a safe country to settle or visit but it is also a country without any tensions or conflicts with its adjacent nations. Hence, this location doesn’t have a large military force. It is open to all wanderlusts and travel enthusiasts and is also the first encouraged location to visit for a cherishing trip. Visiting this island is a dream come true as it has the world’s best beach destination, Trou aux Biches and also an underwater waterfall. So one must not miss out the best at this pleasing location by compromising on average hotels. Instead, book the excellent hotels in Tamarin Mauritius and commence one’s journey.

Special Experiences

The Hotel Le Tamarin Mauritius is widely renowned to provide its guest with the best special experiences. At these hotels get to dine alongside pools. Guest can have a great time soaking in companions and then following it up with a delicious meal. One can avail the best spa and massage centers that offer Balinese massage or Thai massage along with manicures and pedicures in Hotels like Le Gite de Bonheur. Guests can get facials done and get their skin tightened, by the finest acupuncture treatments. There are also special centers that provide aromatherapy, bubble baths, and heated chairs. One can enjoy watersports with friends or family at indoor heated pools that are lined with private bars and eateries at plush hotels like the Sands Suites Resort & Spa. Guests can also get an insight over the history and folklore of the country through the cultural programs hosted in the hotel.


There is a wide range of intuitive facilities that are provided by hotels in Tamarin Mauritius. The rooms come in various styles which include standard, couple, business, friends, family, or suite. The rooms also have televisions, minibars, tea and coffee making machines, and radio systems. There is also experiential shower facilities that come with steam baths as well. Gym, healthcare, and internet connectivity are 24-hour facilities that one can find in Hotels like the Sofitel Mauritius L’Imperial Resort & Spa. There are also rooms that are suitable for conference and meetings for the business travelers that visit these hotels.


One can explore the food right within the hotel one is staying at, as most of them offer more than three cuisines. The chefs are not just well experienced in hotel management but they are also great food artists who customize food based on the need of the guests. One can avail many such amazing dining services in Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa with its 3 in-house dining areas. Also, the hotels also have great chocolate artists too. Get to try out mouth-watering pastries, brownies, and candies. Every morning, wake up to a delicious breakfast too that include scrambled eggs, pancakes, or French toast.


Q1. Do hotels in Tamarin Mauritius provide airport shuttle services?

A. Yes, almost all hotels in the Tamarin Area provide Airport Shuttle Services.

Q2. Are pets allowed in the hotel in Tamarin Mauritius?

A. No, most hotels in Mauritius are not really pet-friendly and do not have services to cater to the needs of the pets. However, few boutique hotels and a few others

Q3. If one bring their kids along, will they have a good time at these hotels?

A. Yes, the hotels have special kids areas where the children can enjoy themselves as well wide open areas for games and other recreational activities. The chefs in these hotels can also make kids special meals for the little guests.

Q4. What are the charges for an extra bed in these hotels?

A. The charges for the extra bed differ from one property to the other, where some hotels offer this service free of charge while some may ask the guests to pay a little extra.

Q5. Is the private beach area accessible to all the guests at these hotel in Tamarin Mauritius?

A. Yes, visiting guests at the hotel are not allowed to access the private beach area but few hotels have a cost attached to it. Usually, the private beach area is reserved for the in-house guests only. Travelers who are not visiting the hotel, might not have any access to the private beach.

One can enjoy a great holiday in Mauritius by accommodating at hotels in Tamarin Mauritius. Guests can get to choose between more than three styles of rooms. One can customize the breakfast, lunch, and dinner as per their likes, as the staff here is very kind and courteous. They make sure that the guests get the best luxurious and lavish stay at their place. Even the chefs are extremely polite, humble, and creative in terms of food as well. One can rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul at relaxation lounges that have exotic aromatherapy, outdoor pools, steam baths, and massages. The wondrous sandy beaches, coral reefs, and lagoons at Mauritius and talent displays and cultural events hosted by the hotels are sure to leave guests wanting more. One can revive the hidden explorer within their self by booking at one of the Tamarin hotels.

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