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During one’s vacations, the accommodation that one finalizes plays the role of a major deciding factor in knowing how the vacations are going to end up like. Koh Tao hotels stand as wise and smart options that assure a comfortable and satisfactory vacation for whoever checks in inside their premises. Enjoy staying at the beautiful accommodations provided by these hotels along with the amazing facilities that they offer. Have fun at the outdoor pools and spa centers offered by the Koh Tao hotels. Savor the delicious food served at the refined restaurants of these hotels and feel content with their heartwarming hospitality and services. The special provisions offered by each of these hotels promise a pleasurable experience for the customers. Feel delighted while being inside the delightful ambiance of these hotels and enjoy the activities that they offer. Come and spend some beautiful days at the Koh Tao hotels and transform the vacation into a pleasurable experience.

Special Experiences

The Koh Tao hotels offer some special services for their guests which are luxurious and exclusive. The Koh Tao Toscana hotel offers fishing excursions and boat trips around the island. The Miracle guesthouse offers various activities to enjoy in its surroundings like diving and snorkeling. It also provides diving courses on discounts for the guests staying at its premises. The Ozo Koh Tao hotel offers a shuttle service, especially for its customers. The One Hotel offers chargeable bicycle rentals. These special experiences offered by the Koh Tao hotels managed by the dedicated and committed staff and management of these hotels leave some beautiful imprints on the hearts of the customers.


The facilities offered at the Koh Tao hotels suffice to impress the customers in many ways. Enjoy staying at the stunning locations accompanied by beautiful accommodations offering the best of the possible facilities like cable TVs, Wi-Fi connectivity, parking facilities, food and drinks, room service, laundry services, outdoor pools, mini bars etc. The Amaeenjeerah Koh Tao hotel has 2 outdoor pools and also provides the facility of concierge services. The miracle guesthouse goes an extra step for the guests and allows pets inside its boundaries. The Ozo Koh Tao hotel provides baggage storage, currency exchange facilities along with non-smoking rooms inside its premises. These facilities, provided for the convenience of the customers help one immensely to have a safe, smooth and comfortable stay.


Koh Tao Hotels have got something for every person’s appetite to relish. The hotels have fine restaurants that serve mouth-watering delicacies from various cuisines. The dining options though are not many at a single hotel but they do suffice when it comes to the quality. The Miracle Guesthouse offers western dishes, coffee, and wine at the Miracle House Restaurant and bar. The Koh Tao Toscana has an airy restaurant and a bar that caters for its customers. Skilled and well-trained bartenders manage the bars at these hotels and leave travelers with no opportunities to regret. Some of the hotels have really nice restaurants located close to their locations.


Q1. Is vegetarian food served at the hotels in Koh Tao?
A. The restaurants at the Koh Tao do serve vegetarian food.

Q2. Are the hotel’s kids’ friendly?
A. Yes, nearly all the hotels in Koh Tao are kids’ friendly.

Q3. Is the provision for air shuttle provided by these hotels?
A. Once can avail airport shuttle service at some of these hotels. It is advised to confirm before checking in.

Q4. Are diving courses available inside the boundaries of the hotels?
A. Yes, these hotels offer diving courses inside their premises. Some of the hotels provide a discount to the customers staying at their accommodations for these courses.

Q5. Can we smoke inside the hotel premises?
A. It is suggested to confirm this beforehand. Some of the hotels do have smoking rooms while others do not.

Spend some time in Koh Tao in a memorable way while staying at the Koh Tao hotels. These hotels, in all their brilliance, take care of every minute detail from the perfection of the rooms to comfort, safety, recreation, and privacy. These hotels put in their best efforts to satisfy their customers and do not give them any reasons to complain about. Enjoy various activities like snorkeling, fishing, and diving within the packages offered by the Koh Tao hotels. Along with their well-managed facilities, one can also get to enjoy the gorgeous scenes and locations that these hotels offer. The Koh Tao hotels, in short, are like that right decision that travelers should take to make the vacation stand out of the ordinary.

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