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An island nation in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, is famous for its golden beaches, jade blue lagoons, and vibrant and lovely reefs. Arguably the wealthiest island nation of Africa, Mauritius is a tropical paradise like no other. This exotic beauty is well represented in best 5 star hotels in Mauritius. As a beloved honeymoon destination due to romantic beaches and cruise rides into the colorful sunset, and a place of choice for offsite company getaways and quick family trips, the 5 star hotels in Mauritius make all the difference to anyone’s getaway.

From boutique traditional French architecture hotels to ultra-modern hotels with state-of-the-art technology at play to make guest stay hassle-free, these best five star hotels in Mauritius offer some of the most amazing views of the Indian ocean.

If the holiday goal is to just lay on the beach, gather a beautiful seaside tan and just relax or just partake in thrilling activities, venturing deep into the sea and high into the sky, top 5 star hotels in Mauritius make sure that they have all the facilities right at their fingertips.

Special Experiences

Every luxury hotel in Mauritius is a place of utmost refinement and unparalleled service standards, and it will definitely leave one dreaming about returning here for a long, long time. Some of the most spectacular experiences offered by the 5 star hotels in Mauritius include kite surfing, exploration trips to mesmerizing islands of the lagoons and paneling activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and river rafting. Blessed by shallow waters surrounding the islands, snorkeling in the coral reef and exploring the underwater topography, almost all luxury hotels in Mauritius have a tie-up with private reputed companies that allow guests to enjoy these activities as and when they like, per their schedule.

For those who wish to spend time on land, hiking trips through dense evergreen forests, and birding trip are also organized by five-star hotels in Mauritius. White Dolphins and giant tortoises, whales and sharks are all a part of the biodiverse environment here, and most of the 5 star hotels in Mauritius give ample choices of tours and packages to explore this side of Mauritius. One such amazing experience is offered by Marguery Exclusive Villas – Conciergerie & Resort where one can relax in the Saltwater pool.


An unmatched level of comfort and luxury, warmth in service, and a way of making each guest feel like royalty is what makes the hospitality here in the Luxury 5 star hotels in Mauritius such an amazing experience. Accompanying this world-class standard of client servicing, are the ultimate facilities such as dreamy swimming pools, palm shades green grounds, and excellent restaurants. Other facilities that make the visitor stay even more enchanting include pampering and therapeutic spas, designer rooms and championship standard golf courses that can be enjoyed by visiting guests as well. The best examples of wonderful services offered by 5 star hotels in Mauritius are the Paradise Beachcomber and St. Regis Mauritius.


With Indian, Chinese, French and Creole communities having a strong influence on Mauritian cooking, this Island is winning praises from the world for its excellent food. Dining options here range from the chic fine dining restaurants in the 5 star hotels in Mauritius to beachside shacks that serve fish, fresh off the boat. With most of the Hotels offering in-house dining options, cuisines from all around the world can be found on the menu. One such hotel offering multiple in-house dining options is the Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa with 3 restaurants to cater to almost everyone’s taste buds.


Q1. What are the best areas to stay in when in Mauritius?
A. Some of the best areas to stay when in Mauritius are Port Louis, West Coast, Grand Baie and Flic en Flac.

Q2. Do hotels in Mauritius accept foreign currency?
A. Yes, hotels do accept foreign currency, but the exchange rates offered are through the roof. It is advisable to exchange the currency beforehand.

Q3. Are airport shuttle services offered in the Hotels in Mauritius?
A. Yes, all hotels offer an airport shuttle. Though a few hotels may charge additionally, most offer this service free of cost.

Q4. Are shopping options available within the hotels?
A. A few hotels have a sort of mini market within the hotel premises but offer limited options.

Q5. What water sports activities are offered by hotels in Mauritius?
A. Almost all water sports and water-related activities are offered at the hotels In Mauritius such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing, etc.

Mauritius is always up for a drink, and for them, drinking is more of a social event than an end in itself. Though the options provided within all 5 star hotels in Mauritius are excellent, one should definitely step out and witness the happening nightlife of Mauritius in Grand Baie and Le Caudan waterfront.

When traveling to Mauritius during the peak season or otherwise, it is always advisable to book the accommodation in advance. To help guests choose, here is a list of 5 star hotels in Mauritius that one cannot go wrong with: Four seasons Mauritius, The Oberoi, The Saint Regis Mauritius resort and Westin Turtle Bay. Each of these hotels is sure to surprise visitors with its unique style while ensuring that all the experiences and amenities are available for guests as and when they want.

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