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Considered as one of the busiest towns in the Maldives, Addu Atoll attracts many tourists throughout the year. The city serves as a perfect destination for an ideal holiday. It offers the tourists the beauty of nature along with peace, which is hard to find in most of the noisy and polluted cities. Addu Atoll is one of the least polluted cities and has some of the major tourist attractions. Many Addu Atoll resorts are designed to provide a perfect stay for vacationers. The resorts in Addu Atoll are known to be the best choice for staying while in the Maldives.

Some of the best Addu Atoll resorts are Equator Village Resort, Canareef resort Maldives, Equa Reef Maldives, Jazeera, Zayan Holiday home, Rekidhiye Inn, Fehi Inn, surf Palm Azure Maldives and many more. The resorts have rooms with the most scenic views which are sure to make one’s day. The beautiful sunrise and sunset from the beaches can be easily viewed from the balcony of the rooms in such resorts. The resorts serve the best local delicacies that would make the guests feel the real taste of Maldives. Resorts are designed and managed in a manner so that the guests would feel at home and would be able to view the raw side of Maldives.

Special Experiences

The Addu Atoll resorts provide some of the best special services that would make for a perfect day for relaxing. The Equator Village resorts are known for the authentic interiors and the therapeutic spa that one can get here in the spa and wellness center. The Green Wing is known for its fantastic billiard center and the golf courses that allow the customers to enjoy some outdoor games. The Canareef resort Maldives is famous for its massage services and the sauna center. It even provides incomparable beauty services for the customers at an additional cost. The Jazeera has a rooftop pool and a pool bar which would make for a perfect day at leisure. The sun loungers of the Rekidhiye Inn allows the customers to have a perfect sunbath. Most of the Addu Atoll resorts come with kids centers and gift shops. The resorts are even pet-friendly and come with certain pet services too.


Addu Atoll resorts are known to be the best in the field of basic facilities. One can get high-quality facilities while staying in these resorts. The resorts come with spacious rooms and king-sized beds along with blackout curtains and air conditioners. Most of the rooms come with mini kitchens and in-built refrigerators and bars. There are attached bathrooms and the bathroom accessories offered are of good quality. The guests at the resorts like Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa or the Equator Village Resort are even provided with free internet and telephone services so that they can remain connected with their beloved. the rooms even come with a mini couch, bathrobes, clean sheets, and laundry services. Room services are available 24*7. The resorts even provide transportation facilities to its customers. The hotels even provide guides to its customers for exploring the city. There are even free parking facilities provided to customers who prefer private transport.


The Addu Atoll resorts are known for the tastiest dishes that are served to offer guests an impeccable culinary experience. Top chefs are hired for providing the best meals in the city to the tourists. The customers even get to choose from a variety of cuisines from Indian, Chinese, European and continental. Travelers can also request for certain specific dishes which can be happily prepared by the chefs. Addu Atoll is known for its fresh seafood dishes which should be tried out while in here. The kitchen is hygienic, and the dishes are prepared with utmost care and hygiene. The Canareef Resort Maldives can offer their guests unique beachside dining options where the diners can enjoy a meal with the brilliant views of the ocean. Certain resorts like the Titan Maldives Sunset view offer in-room dining services. The resorts also house a bar which is well stocked with a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The bartenders here are highly trained and can also prepare cocktails as per guests’ choices.


Q1. Do Addu Atoll resorts allow pets?

A. Yes, most of the resort boasts of a pet-friendly ambiance and guests are welcome to bring pets with them

Q2. Do the resorts provide cab services?

A. Yes, the resorts provide cab services to their customers.

Q3. What are the free services offered at Addu Atoll resorts?

A. Some of the free services offered for guests convenience and luxury are the internet, telephone services, bathroom accessories, room services, fitness centers, outdoor pools, sauna services, and sun loungers.

Q4. Are there gift shops and ATM in these resorts?

A. Yes, there are ATM services and gift shops in few of the hotels in Addu Atoll.

Q5. Do Addu Atoll resorts provide laundry and luggage services?

A. Yes, the hotels in Addu Atoll are equipped with laundry and luggage services.

The Maldives is one of the most visited countries in Asia due to its natural beauty. The Addu city serves as the center of tourist attraction and is therefore visited by the majority of tourists. Keeping in mind the travelers’ luxury and convenience, Addu Atoll resorts offer a wide range of facilities and amenities. One can take a pleasurable dip into the outdoor pool or can also hit the on-site gym. Travelers who are fond of water activities can opt for various water sports offered at these resorts including kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, and windsurfing. While offering these exceptional services, the resorts also provide travelers with comfortable accommodation options. The resorts prove to be the best place to stay while in the Maldives.

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