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Maldives is an island nation on the Indian Ocean and therefore Maldives safari packages highlight marine safari. Clear sandy beaches and blue waters, mesmerizing moonlit beaches creates a charming nature that tourist get attracted to visit this Island, thereby enhancing its ‘tourism industry’. The country can be considered as ‘Tropical Heaven on Earth’ because of its calm soothing and pristine atmosphere encircling the 26 ring-shaped atolls. It is a Cosmo-mix country where natives from a large part of the world came and settled here, mainly from Asia and Africa. The local music has the flavor of African folklore. The food is mainly of Asian origin and worth every taste of it.

The Exotic Wildlife in Maldives

The charming chain of an island in Maldives is rich in fauna, both aquatic and land and is also home to several exotic species. From fruit bats to green sea turtle, the island is rich with fauna. The outlandish and unique wildlife of Maldives is not only magnificent to witness but it also adds up to the beauty of the white sand beaches and clear waters.

  • Rays: The ocean waters of Maldives serve as home to several species of these gigantic aquatic animals. The Stingray, Manta ray and Eagle ray are the most common species of ray family that dwells in Maldives. One can take a boat ride in the ocean or go snorkeling to literary behold the deadly tailed creature in their natural habitat. There are also few resorts offering feeding sessions to rays which can be experienced.
  • Turtles: Since the island country has more sea than land, the aquatic biodiversity is more prominent here than a land ecosystem. With miles of water to prosper, uncommon sea turtles like leatherback turtles, green turtles, and Hawksbill turtle are found in abundance. One can witness these peculiar creatures swimming amidst the vibrant corals while scuba diving or snorkeling.
  • Whales and Dolphins: The dolphins come complementary when we think about the sea! The country of blue ocean houses some of the rarest dolphins and whales. The tourists can spot the playful beings like Bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and Spinner dolphins while out on a sea tour. The tropical whales like Dwarf Sperm, Pilot whale and False killer whales can also be spotted during the voyage in the clear waters.

Baa Atoll in Maldives has been declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve for its rich coral reefs and animal sightings. The Hanifaru bay located here witnesses occasional gatherings of manta rays and whale sharks which engages a huge number of tourists every year. Though Yellow Tuna is the national animal of the island, the Manta rays surfing elegantly on the corals in search of food in Hanifaru Bay is enough to blow one’s mind.

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  • FAQs for Maldives

    Yes, Maldives is an extremely safe destination for tourists. There is hardly any incident reported by visitors. The Male city is prone to political unrests but the island resorts are always free from any disturbance.

    The places of sightseeing include COMO cocoa island, Baros Island which is extremely popular among lovebirds and honeymoon couples, Emboodhu Finolhu Island, Mihiri Island, and Male Island.

    The Subsix nightclub in Huluwalu is the best in the country. Located 6m below the water, everything here is blue shaded as you sway beneath the waters. Enjoy the delicacies while watching the radiant jellyfishes swim and cherish every moment. Other nightclubs include Club Med Kani, W retreat and Huvafen Fushi. Liquor is not allowed in open areas as it is an Islamic country. A full-moon party is a must for a tourist who visits this country.

    The dolphins, turtles, and whales don’t attack humans. However, one should be careful while snorkeling near the rays as little disturbance might trigger their self-defense mechanism.

    The land animals in Maldives are flying fox, exotic lizards like the gecko and garden lizards and harmless snakes like Wolf snake and Blind snake.

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    • Trip to Maldives

      Awesome trip to Maldives!! Mr. Hemant did a fantastic job for planning our trip to Maldives! This is my 1st trip with Travel Triangle n SHS and we are so grateful that we chose Travel Triangle & SHS for our memorable trip in Maldives. The Trip to Maldives over all was great!! Maldives is truly Amazing !!


      Mumbai, 3 months ago

    • Trip to Maldives

      We had a great trip to Maldives, though the first day went in travelling. The stay in Water villa was really awesome. No words to describe the beautiful Maldives, you can't capture the exotic beauty of Maldives island. overall it was a good experience, will be revisiting Maldives again with family soon. Special mention about Alam, he was a wonderful waiter and a good conversationalist..

      Naveen Panakkal

      Cochin, a year ago

    • Trip to Maldives

      Awesome and memorable honeymoon trip organised by travel triangle to maldives and lanka. We enjoyed our stay at maldives and lanka. Thanks to Divya who helped me a lot in organising the trip. Water villa in Maldives with water actiities, Bentota beach

      Nimish Kumar

      Kolkata, 3 years ago

    • Trip to Maldives

      Saloni from Kesia Holidays helped me immensely with doing the bookings. She offered me the best offer at the best hotel in Maldives. Thanks for making my trip so memorable and seamless. Right from landing in Maldives to leaving for home after four days has been memorable. I have enjoyed each and every moment spent in Maldives!

      Ruchira Dutta

      Chennai, 3 years ago

    • Trip to Maldives

      I booked for maldives from Go In My Way travels. Ayushmaan was the guy who managed everything for us. He helped us a lot as we were in singapore while booking was made and we had to leave for maldives withing next 3 days. He remained in contact with us throughout the maldives trip. Surely recommend travel triangle.

      Ciya Rao Rao

      New delhi, 4 years ago

    • Trip to Maldives

      It was a wonderful trip to Maldives. Thank you Travel Triangle and Holiday to Cherish. Travel agent, Richa was very helpful and provided all the details necessary. It was a time of Emergency in the Maldives and Richa provided complete assurance to travel by constantly giving us an update on position in the Maldives. Overall a very good experience.


      Bengaluru, 2 years ago

    • Trip to Maldives

      Maldives.... Enjoyed the trip very much. Booking the trip from Kesia Holidays was a great help and reduced loads of our effort during our trip. Syed Nadir from Kesia Holidays has always been connected to me during my stay at Maldives and offered me help if any minor issue I've faced. Would recommend Kesia Holidays specially for Maldives in my experience.

      Sarvesh Gupta

      Bengaluru, 9 months ago

    • Trip to Maldives

      Best ever trip I have got it, I missed all the movements what I have spend in Maldives, I will go again I am sure. Beautifull place, food was good, lots of things to do in Maldives,

      Ajay 7576

      New delhi, 2 years ago

    • Trip to Sri Lanka

      It was a well-planned trip. The only problem was getting in touch with the contact person in Maldives. Rest of the trip was nicely planned. We had a good time. Scuba diving in Maldives

      Ranjeet Sinha Sinha

      Bengaluru, 9 months ago

    • Trip to Maldives

      I had booked the tickets to Maldives from Bengaluru through Travel Triangle probably in the month of February. My date of travel to Maldives was June 19th. On June 19th I went to Bengaluru International airport to leave to Maldives. But I was shocked to find that the flights from Bengaluru to Maldives was discontinued since June 1st. Air India also told me that they had sent notifications to all who had booked tickets. Sadly this was not tracked by Travel Triangle and I was not informed. Luckily Air India arranged transit flights through Chennai. Also the accommodation as the flight to Maldives was on the next day. I request Travel Triangle to take care of such things in future. Scuba diving

      Sagarn Nm

      Bengaluru, 3 years ago

    Places To Visit In Maldives

    Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

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    • Kudahuvadhoo in Maldives

      Known for its mysterious hawittas or mounds, ancient temples and urban delights beautifully blended with the rolling blue waters, Kudahuvadhoo in Maldives beckons tourists for a visit to this amazing place. The capital of Dhaal Atoll, this unique tourist spot offers tons of activities that visitors can enjoy, while also bei...

      • Adventure
      • Sightseeing
      • Religious sites
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    • Mirihi Island in Maldives

      Mirihi Island, Male is a small gem of an island lying in the Alif Dhaal Atoll of the Maldives and is the first island in the archipelago that boasted of overwater bungalows. With surroundings that make for a perfect postcard scene, this tourist island with its intact reef is the perfect spot for tourists trying to get away ...

      • Adventure
      • Sightseeing
      • Nature
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    • Veligandu Island in Maldives

      A beautiful lagoon, long stretches of white beach, and a brilliant house reef are just some attractions of the gorgeous Veligandu Island, lying on the Eastern rim of the Rasdhoo Atoll that is part of the Northern half of the Ari Atoll, Maldives. Encircled by an awe-inspiringly brilliant turquoise lagoon, this island indulge...

      • Adventure
      • Sightseeing
      • Nature
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    • Artificial Beach in Maldives

      Attracting hundreds of visitors every day to frolic on sandy stretches along the Indian Ocean, this crescent-shaped Artificial Beach in Malé, Maldives is a man-made beach created from the land retrieved from the sea. A majority of the visitors come here to find some quiet time away from the downtown hubbub of Malé. The beac...

      • Sightseeing
      • Beach
      • Beach Walk
      • Ideal for families
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    • National Museum in Maldives

      The very first museum of Maldives, National Museum was established in 1952 on the National Day of Maldives, to preserve and display the history of this minuscule island nation in the Indian Ocean. The museum exhibits a rather significant collection of historical artifacts and royal antiquities ranging from the Buddhist era ...

      • Sightseeing
      • Culture
      • Historical Tour
      • City Tour
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    Things To Do In Maldives

    Your list of the best things to do, compiled on the basis of actual traveler experiences

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    • Surfing in Maldives

      Maldives, the country of 1192 islands with some of the most amazing waves, is the perfect destination to surf. Though the surfing season depends on Atolls, it will be great to book the travel from April till October to surf in the beautiful ocean. Male Atolls have been quite popular amongst surfers. Explore all the beautifu...

      • Adventure
      • Surfing
      • Watersports
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    • Swimming with Manta Rays in Maldives

      Hanifaru Bay is a sanctuary and people who love snorkeling find this place a perfect destination. It is located in the Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll which is known to be one of the best spots for diving enthusiasts. The best season to visit Manta Rays in Maldives is from May to November as in this season only large groups ...

      • Adventure
      • Swimming
      • Nature
      Read More
    • Visit Underwater Restaurant in Maldives

      On a tour to Maldives, treat your taste buds to a meal that’s not only sumptuous but also an experience in itself. Go to a great underwater restaurant in Maldives while being on a vacation and have an altogether a different experience while eating underwater, where fishes are swimming right in front and the spectacular view...

      • Adventure
      • Seafood
      Read More
    • Water Sports at Kurumba

      Kurumba Maldives is a resort in Maldives that offers not just the accommodations to people but is also a one-stop place for water sports enthusiasts. Travelers get the golden chance to float in the crystal clear lagoon, pamper themselves in a spa or enjoy the experience of Scuba diving. People love the various water sports ...

      • Adventure
      • Surfing
      • Watersports
      Read More
    • Ride the Whale Submarine in Maldives

      Whale submarine in Male is one of the most thrilling ways to discover the beautiful Indian Ocean at Maldives. By planning a tour on this submarine, you book yourself a seat in aserene diver's paradise. You can experience the calmness on the sea depth with a mind boggling feel in the underwater Whale Submarine. FYI, the Whal...

      • Adventure
      • Submarine trip
      • Sightseeing
      Read More

    The country got independence from British rule in 1965 and from Sultan rule in 1968. Thereafter no looking back as per prosperity is concerned backed on value addition of “Tourism Industry”. Besides, marine exports also increased substantially for this island nation. This country can be a place for ‘destination wedding’. Marriages wedding reception parties or normal beach parties on moonlit beaches are bound to cast magical and memorable impressions in the minds of attending guests and tourists. The best time to visit Maldives is November to April which happens to be the Summer-Fall season in the country. Tourists from around the world flock in during this period to enjoy Sunny-beach days and relax in the white sand, away from city hustles. Maldives safari packages let you explore the exotic marine life of Maldives for a totally different experience. One can board any flight to Male International Airport from any metro airport in India. Situated just 2.5kms away from the capital city, Male Airport is situated in Hulhule island.

    Maldives for the Shopaholics

    The island country offers so much more than just blue and white panorama. There are several huge and mini markets selling a plethora of attracting goods. The Male local market attracts visitors as the petite shops are full of gift items, handicrafts adding local flavor to the items. Other markets like the Majeedhee Magu and Chandhanee Magu are a one-stop destination for everything. There are also tiny boutiques like Island Bazaar and Nala Boutique selling choice-able apparels and home décor items. The nightlife here is also electrifying with unusually themed clubs and pubs. From tapping their feet at the jazz beats in Kurumba to spending a wild night in Kuredu, it is an all-in-one place for party lovers.

    Eating out in Maldives

    No vacation is complete without pampering your taste buds and Maldives has so much to offer! Enjoy the tasty Maldivian cuisine in Muraka and South Ari Atoll. One can enjoy a splendid Thai cuisine in Sala Thai restaurant and have colorful salads in Shell Beans together with tandoori items. Try the fascinating roast turkey in an enchanting two-level bistro named Seagull Café House and enjoy every bite of it.

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