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While staying in a hotel would limit people to only their room, resorts are more open to nature and would give them the freedom to have fun and enjoy themselves. The Belle Mare Plage resorts are famous for the spacious rooms, fun activities and the closeness to nature that one needs while on a relaxing vacation.Take a walk amongst the beautiful gardens at the resorts or relax in the outdoor pools; the resorts would make one feel at home. The Belle Mare resorts even come with lots of facilities too like spa, sauna, Thai massage and many more. The fantastic tour of Belle Mare would only be an amazing one if the accommodation is excellent and these best selling resorts would make that happen.

As Belle Mare is an island, it is expected that the visitors and tourists would want to stay in the best Belle Mare Mauritius resorts which would offer views of the magnificent ocean. Some of the famous resorts where one can expect a sea facing view are the Long Beach resort, Ambre A Sun resort, Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok resort & spa and many more. These resorts are famous for their fantastic room service, facilities, spas, sea-facing terrace and many more.

Special Experience

One can expect to enjoy some unique features and facilities that are provided at some of the fantastic Belle Mare resorts. One can expect fitness centers in each of the resorts in Belle Mare. Apart from that, guests can even play tennis in the luxurious tennis courts of hotels like LUX* Belle Mare. Some of the resorts also provide free sauna for the guests like the Long Beach Resort in Belle Mare.

Themed spas are also a part of the special facilities in some of the resorts. Fishing as an outdoor activity is also provided in all the resorts. Travelers can enjoy fishing with their friends in some of the fishing areas in the vicinity. Apart from that, windsurfing and other water sports activities are also provided in many of the famous Belle Mare Resorts. Along with that, one can even enjoy a game of golf. All these amazing special facilities would make their stay worthwhile in Belle Mare.


Apart from the aesthetic view and the greenery which is a plus point in the Belle Mare resorts, one can expect high-quality room services and fantastic rooms. The spacious air-conditioned rooms with scenic views from the balcony come under the facilities of these resorts. With free Wi-Fi, travelers can stay connected with their family and friends back home. The rooms even come with a refrigerator and in-room mini-bars. Having a hot cup of beverage on the balcony while enjoying the tropical view of Mauritius is an unforgettable experience.
The bathrooms are hygienic and essential bathroom accessories are also provided like bathrobes, body wash, and other things. One can even find Jacuzzis in Belle Mare resorts like Constance Belle Mare Plage. The rooms come with music systems, television and clack out curtains. Along with that other facility such as telephones, balcony, king size beds and small plants in the terrace.


Guests can expect fine dining while in Belle Mare resorts. One can get a variety of dishes. Indian, Europeans, Chinese, and continental, are some of the famous cuisine available here. The chefs and the kitchen staff are that of well trained and provide excellent services. While in Mauritius, one should try the seafood there. The tasty prawns and fish dishes would give relief to the taste buds. Some of the best resorts in Belle Mare even have fine restaurants which spare the guests from searching for a good restaurant in Belle Mare. Apart from that, one can even get a complimentary breakfast on the first day at the resort. One can get some choices for choosing from. Cocktails and wine are also provided in the in-house bar provided in the room.


Q1. What are the free services that are provided in the resorts?

A. The free services that are provided in the resorts are Wi-Fi, bathrobes, television, telephones and fitness center with tennis courts and swimming pools.

Q2. Which language does the staff communicate in?

A. The staff are well trained and communicate in English, for the convenience of the guests.

Q3. Is last minute booking possible?

A. Last minute booking is a bit difficult. One needs to book through online sites at least in a month’s advance.

Q4. Do Resorts in Belle Mare provide shuttle services?

A. Yes, almost all resorts in Belle Mare provide airport as well as regular shuttle services. Additional charges, if any, can be check at the reception desk.

Q5. What are the types of cuisine that a guest can expect when dining in the Hotels in Mauritius?

A. Apart from the cuisine of Mauritius, one can get Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine too.

The stay in Belle Mare would be accompanied by some outdoor activities that one can enjoy while in the resort. To help out in choosing the perfect resort for a stay in Belle Mare, one can choose to stay at Long Beach resort, Ambre A Sun resort, Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok resort & spa and many more. These resorts come with many services. Good room service, special facilities, scenic views, and greenery would be relaxing for the hectic day tour. Enjoy the stay in Belle Mare in some of the best resorts. These resorts provide the just the relaxation and rejuvenation that one seeks for during a vacation in Mauritius. Exciting water sports and soothing massages enhance the vacation experience for guests. The resorts also offer heated pools as well as fitness centers for health enthusiasts. The restaurants at these resorts offer some of the best fine dining experiences to the guests. Guests at Belle Mare Resorts are sure to enjoy an exquisite vacation of Mauritius.

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